Getting ‘into’ Nature

Getting ‘into’ nature isn’t just about getting outside… it’s also about incorporating nature appreciation, and nature play into our lives even when we’re stuck indoors.

Here you’ll find all the fun ideas, tips, gear suggestions, and inspiration you need for outdoor family fun.   Get both indoor and outdoor nature play suggestions. You’ll read about scavenger hunts, outdoor games, nature appreciation, backyard play, nature crafting, gardening with kids, books, nature study, and more!

Outdoor Nature Play and Activities

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A young girl having fun outside with a printable nature scavenger hunt
melted marshmallow and chocolate being cooked in homemade pizza box solar ovens. text reads get outside with solar oven smores
Young toddler wearing a pink sunhat petting a baby goat - text reads: 10 tips to get kids outside because it's not always easy

Outdoor Activities for you and your kids

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Nature in the Backyard

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