Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Nature Craft

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Do you or your littles enjoy collecting leaves?  Do your children like to make their own Valentine’s Day cards?  Here’s an easy Valentine’s Day nature craft card which will combine both activities!

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A love of leaves

When we’re out walking in the fall, sometimes I just can’t help myself.  On returning home, I’ll find my hands are full of beautiful leaves that either I’ve picked up or my kids have handed me along the way.  Sometimes I’ll press and dry them.  Sometimes they dry up and crumble on the shelf where I’ve forgotten them.

I happened to be flipping through my phone book when some pressed leaves fluttered to the floor.  At the same moment, someone on the radio mentioned Valentine’s Day… and an idea was born!


How to make your nature craft Valentine’s Day Cards:

1.  Go on a Leaf Hunt

Take your kids outside to go leaf-hunting.  Hopefully there isn’t too much snow hiding all those fallen leaves.

Or, if you happen to have thought ahead, or have some leaves left over from your fall leaf crafting, then go find your collection and see what you’ve got to work with.

2.  Press and Preserve the Leaves

If you’re just gathering the leaves now, tuck them between pages of an old phone book or some sheets of newspaper.  Then stack a few more heavy books on top.  The paper will absorb moisture and the pressure will make the leaves flat and presentable.  Leave them to dry for a few days.

If you’re interested in other ways to preserve leaves, you might enjoy reading this article by Red Ted Art.

3.  Print and Prepare the Valentine Cards

Download, print, and cut out the Valentine’s Day Cards I’ve designed.

Once completed, they should fit nicely into regular sized 4″x 9″ envelopes.   Try these brightly colored envelopes for a fun way to send valentines to family and friends far away.

Get your printable Valentine’s Day cards here

4.  Get Creative

There are all sorts of ways you can make these cards:

  •  You could coat the leaf with paint and use it to stamp the leaf image onto the card
  • You could paint the leaf or draw designs on them with fine tip markers
  • You could experiment with gluing the leaf directly to the card or using tape. 
  • Once the leaf is glued, you could cover it entirely with clear glue (Mod Podge) to help preserve and adhere it to the paper.

In the video you’ll see how I cut my dried leaves into hearts and then painted them red.

Another option would be to laminate the cards with the leaves already adhered and turn them into bookmark valentines!  I use this small laminating machine for projects around the house and I really like it (it’s affordable, small, and works well).

5.  All Done!

Don’t forget to add names, tuck them into your envelopes (or not) and send off your punny funny nature-inspired Valentine’s Day Cards!

What should you do now?

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  1. We are going to be on a trip home with our kids for Valentine’s day this year. So maybe I’ll do this with my son for the grandparents we are staying with. It will be their anniversary too. And what a great way to get outside too. Thanks so mich for the idea!

  2. Great idea! I used to do this with flowers too and I remember making bookmarks with them. They were a big hit with everyone (young and old)!

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