13 Giant outdoor games for families (and how to DIY your own!)

When the weather turns nice, it’s always a joy to get outdoors, isn’t it? The kids need some open space to run off all that extra winter energy and we all need some vitamin D to perk up from the gray doldrums of cold weather. Maybe some large outdoor games and oversized lawn games to get everyone outside?

If you’re looking for some comically fun giant backyard games for both kids and adults, here are some awesome ideas that will keep your group entertained no matter what the age range, skills, and interests.

These are perfect for guests of all ages at birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events, community events, summer camp, and all sorts of other outdoor parties and events!

The following selection of giant games can be purchased online if you need something quickly. But many of these classic games are fairly easy DIY projects, if you want to put in the time. Go ahead and check out these giant outdoor yard games.

Our Favourite Giant Backyard Games for Outdoor Fun:

Just looking for our top 3 suggestions? Here they are! You’ll notice there’s a giant inflatable soccer ball here… and that’s because any regular ball game becomes so much more entertaining when you switch out the ball for a giant one!

Giant Yard Games

Many of the ideas for the following giant outdoor games are very easy to DIY if you happen to be a bit handy! Check out the ‘DIY it’ tips for our suggestions on how to easily recreate these popular games in giant form for lots of backyard fun!

1. Kerplunk

While Kerplunk can be time consuming to set up, it is so fun to play! I love this this giant DIY version!

You can also purchase a larger-than-usual Kerplunk game, but it just doesn’t hold the same WOW factor as the homemade version!

DIY it: Check out the video shown above. I think you could also probably use a large garbage can as the base instead of making a table for the wire cage… maybe?

2. Pick Up Sticks

DIY it: If you made your own Giant Kerplunk, then you’re already mostly done with a DIY Giant Pick Up Sticks game! If you don’t want to purchase a set, you can make your own with dowel rods or bamboo garden stakes and some paint. Making your own also means you can make the sticks even bigger!

3. Twister

You can get yourself an Ultimate Twister with double the dots. Or, check out the DIY twister suggestion below!

DIY it: It’s easy to make an outdoor Twister. All you really need is a big old sheet, spray paint, a stencil, and maybe some rope to help keep your lines straight. Keep in mind, if you’re making this grid for kids, keep the spots around 7” or less and fairly close together, otherwise they won’t be able to reach the different colored dots! A great way to keep the spray paint from getting everywhere is to use a 5-gallon bucket with a hole cut in the bottom as your stencil. Then make some dice for your hand and feet placements.

4. Ring Toss

A great game for all ages, ring toss can be a great outdoor activity! While this version isn’t extra large, you can DIY a giant ring toss that will be sure to include lots of laughter!

DIY it: All you’ll need are some pool noodles, ground stakes, a utility knife, and some duct tape. Use the duct tape to create circles out of at least 2 pool noodles. Then cut one in half with the utility knife. Decide where you want the stick goals and put the stakes in the ground. Put the half noodles on top of the ground stakes and you’re ready to go! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

5. Croquet

A big fun take on the classic game, this giant lawn game of kicking croquet is sure to be a hit at your next backyard game day. Instead of using mallets, all you need are your own legs! You can move the wickets around to change the difficulty of the game.

DIY it: To create your own giant croquet set, grab some pool noodles at the dollar store plus some sturdy ground stakes. Push one stake into the ground, then decide how wide to make your pool noodle wicket and push the other stake into the ground. Place the pool noodles on top of the stakes and use soccer balls and your feet or hockey sticks! Don’t forget to use two extra stakes as the posts end goal posts! I think you could also cut open a hula hoop and use these as well.

6. Oversized Bowling

This giant, inflatable bowling set looks like tons of fun! You can set it up just about anywhere in the yard and enjoy trying to knock down the huge pins with the even larger ball. But, I admit, I would worry about them falling over too easily. It might be better to come up with your own homemade version.

DIY it: It’s pretty easy to DIY a giant backyard bowling set, too! You can follow this tutorial below or you can grab some empty 2-liter bottles (sans labels, you have a blank canvas to be creative!), some rice or beans to weigh them down a little, and a ball… and you’re all set!

Giant Board Games for Outside

7. Lawn Yahtzee / Farkle – Dice Game

The classic dice game- Yahtzee/Farkle – this one becomes even more fun when playing with giant dice. Some sets come with a large bucket, which makes rolling the dice all together a little easier (or use one you have at home). This particular set also includes dry erase score cards, which allow for endless play!

DIY it: Or, if you’re handy, you can put in the time and energy to make your own outdoor yahtzee game, too. I’d think it could be pretty easy if you took a 4×4 and cut cubes, sanded, and added the dots!

8. Giant Dominoes

Great for all ages, especially for young kids learning numbers, giant yard dominoes is a fun way to pass the time. If you don’t want to play the actual game, lining them up on a flat surface to knock down is always a fun pastime, too. 

DIY it: I’d assume that if you’re handy with wood working tools, this set would also be easy to replicated for yourself! I think if I needed to make a set, I’d get myself a deck board, cut that into 8 inch pieces, and have my kids paint the dots onto them!

9. Connect 4, Four in a Row

A great game for kids and adults alike, Connect 4 is a fun, competitive game that will be even more fun when it’s a giant game played outdoors. This particular Outdoor Connect 4 game is made of wood and would be a beautiful accessory to your backyard patio. There are also plastic ones available for purchase.

10. Tic Tac Toe

A simple game to create yourself, Tic Tac Toe is a classic, two player game that will keep both kids and adults busy competing for top dog. You can buy it or likely create a board and pieces to use from things you already have around your home. 

This particular set looks quite nice: comes with a rope frame, finished wooden pieces, and a carry bag.

DIY it: If you’re like me and forget to mow your lawn, you could maybe cut the grass into the tic-tac-toe boxes or mow frames, then use whatever you have around home to mark your spots… like chairs or buckets or bikes or anything unusual – creative fun!

11. Chess

While this chess set may not be the largest giant board game you’ve ever seen, the king is 12 inches tall, so the pieces are still six times larger than a normal sized chess set. The board is 4 feet 7 inches square, so it will take up a little yard space, but it will be incredibly fun to play!

a man playing with a giant outdoor chess set game

DIY it: I bet with a bit of searching you might be able to find a checkered patterned outdoor rug… and maybe it will have the exact number of squares you need… or paint your own… or you could use alternating paving stones and grass to make a more permanent board! Then, head over to the garden section and buy a whole bunch of cute garden statues… squirrels, bunnies, fairies, and frogs, the gnomes could be your king and queen. It could be totally awesome!

12. Giant Jenga

Some pretty unique versions of giant outdoor Jenga are available. You’ll find everything from patriotic blocks to rainbow colored blocks to LED lit blocks. Jenga is a great game for all ages! Although this particular Jenga game can grow up to 5 feet tall, so if young kids are playing, they may have to get creative with how they get their pieces on the top.

DIY it: Making your own Jenga game is really easy if you have a circular saw. You just need wood, a sanding block, and a circular saw! You can stain or paint the blocks, too, if you want your game to have some personality. 

13. Checkers

This 4 feet by 4 feet giant checkers board will have you moving all over to jump pieces. A few bonuses of this set, it comes with a carrying case plus the reverse side of the mat is a tic tac toe board! 

These giant backyard games for outdoors are awesome and I hope you’re able to use them at your next outdoor party!


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