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young girl reading a book laying on a towel at the beach

summer reading challenge

Summertime… the season of Popsicles, lazy mornings, road trips, and days at the pool.  But, what do you do when that sweet summer bliss turns sour? If you’re on the hunt for something get your kid outdoors plus get them motivated and using their brains while school is out, then check out this summer reading …

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a stack of bear books for kids

Best Bear Books for Kids

Are you a book loving family?  Here’s a collection of bear books for kids and preschoolers.  Books are such an easy and fun way to help kids learn about the world around them. You’ll find books with fun bear characters, some fun books that combine both bear learning with a fun story line, and a …

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Fun insect books to get kids excited about bugs

Insect books for kids | Get Kids Excited About Bugs!

Insects are really cool!  Did you know that a woolly bear caterpillar might live up to 14 years as a caterpillar, but then only 5 days as a moth?  Did you know that a slug has retractable eyes?  How about the scarab beetle who lays its eggs in a ball of poop?