Easy DIY Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments Decorations

At a time when we should all be trying to conserve our plastic consumption, I walk down the Christmas decoration aisle and cringe. 

Sorry to put a damper on all the cheer, but have you considered the carbon footprint to all this holiday decorating?  Instead, here is a handful of natural Christmas tree decoration ideas.

Sure, some of these still use plastics and such, but making these ornaments from natural treasures or repurposed materials is a much better option than buying newly made decorations.  Some of these following ornaments could even be composted instead of thrown out.  How cool is that!

A collage of natural Christmas ornaments made form pine cones, bark, and oranges

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General supplies for crafting natural Christmas ornaments:

Bark Ornaments

These bark ornaments by Rain or Shine Mama are a unique idea that all different ages of kids can do.  Just remember not to pull bark from standing trees.  Try looking around wood piles if you can’t find a fallen tree.

Reindeer Leaf Natural Christmas Ornaments

Aren’t these sweet?  I think you could probably use little red pompoms for the reindeer’s noses too!  visit Little Fish to see how these reindeer ornaments are made.

Bark, Feather, and Mossy Ornaments

This is a quick video tutorial on how to make a few different ornaments using natural materials.  These look great!

And you should watch the video – there’s a cute little visitor half way through!

Seeing this pine cone angel craft brought me back to a Monday evening way too many years ago where a tiny version of myself in an itchy brown dress sat with a group of other little tiny women in matching itchy brown dresses.  In this memory, however, the little pine cone angels we were making had milk weed pods wings that Brown Owl had painted gold for us.

Pine Cone Ornaments

Or if Fairies are more your style, check out these pine cone fairies by Maggie at Red Ted Art.

Here’s one last pine cone ornament idea.  These look so easy that even toddlers could get in on the fun… and the lovely thing about that is that even if a 2 year old made them, I’m sure they’d still look just as elegant!

Hop over to see how Angela at Projects with Kids made these elegant yarn-wrapped pine cone ornaments.

Craftify My Love also has her own version of yarn wrapped pine cones.

Ornaments made from Oranges

I wonder how long these orange slice ornaments hold onto their sweet smell?  I might have to make a few of these this year to find out for myself.  I love that these can be thrown into the compost when they break… not into the landfill!

Head over to Thimble and Twig to find out how these particular orange slice decorations were made.

Those orange slice ornaments got me thinking about pomanders… which got me surfing on YouTube.  Then, when I found this, I just couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

I think I made pomanders once when I was probably as young as she is… but I don’t remember mine looking as nice;)

Wood slice ornaments

Connect 3 wood slices to make a wood slice snowman.  Genius!  Wouldn’t your kids love these?  They’re so cute and just look at those pom pom earmuffs!

The complete instructions for making these wood slice snowmen are found here at In the Kid’s Kitchen.

Looking for more unique wood slice ornaments?  Angela at the Inspiration Edit has some very cute deer faces on wood slices that she’s made with felt.  You should go check these out too!

Saved the Best Idea for Last… The Random Beautiful Creations your Kids will make from their own Imagination!

What can be more precious hanging from the Christmas Tree, but those beautiful unique ornaments that the kids made all on their own…

Head outside and help your littles collect some treasures. Then, lay out a bunch of lovely accompanying items like craft paper, string, stars, and glue and see what happens!

How could you go through this list of natural decorations and not find one perfect for your own Christmas Tree?  These would also make great DIY Christmas Gifts for the kids to give the grandparents, as teacher gifts, or even as sweet embellishments to tie onto your gift wrapping.

Other holiday nature crafts and winter activities:

A collection of natural ornaments to hang on your chrismtas tree

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