32 Outdoor and backyard scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great activity for kids. It’s lots of fun to race against each other, trying to find every item on the list. Plus they’re also a fun to do without a group or can give kids a bit of structure if they’re needing some direction or encouragement to get outside exploring.

This list of outdoor scavenger hunt printables provides all you need for some outdoor fun that you and your kids will surely enjoy!

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Before we jump into the great printables I’ve found, I wanted to share this easy option for you. You’ll get a hunt for each season plus a few that can be used any time of year. These are great for a variety of ages, for birthday parties, for walks in the park, for forest school, for community events… go ahead and enjoy!

image of 8 different outdoor scavenger hunts most in black and white lists

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pinecones in a small child's hands

Backyard Scavenger Hunts

The following printables are appropriate for your backyard or nearby green space.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt by Play Party Plan 

This is another take on the “neighborhood walk” style of scavenger hunt. Kids can look for the various items on this colorful printable while getting some fresh air. 

image of printable scavenger hunt with items found around the neighbourhood

Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt by Simple Everyday Mom 

The nice thing about this printable is that it’s designed around a simple nature walk, or maybe even a visit to the local park. The entries are universal enough that most, if not all, should be available in most areas. 

image of nature scavenger hunt printable

Printable Colour Scavenger Hunt by Messy Little Monster

Need to keep things simple, especially for younger kids? This scavenger hunt printable lists multiple colors, with an area for kids to place or write the items they find that match. Great for kids who are learning about their colors. 

image of printed scavenger hunt with different coloured circles

Nature Scavenger Hunt Printables by Oh My! Creative 

This set of printables covers multiple different outdoor activities, with a scavenger hunt for each. Whether it’s a zoo trip to see exotic animals, or just a walk around the garden, these printables will keep kids engaged. 

images of printable outdoor nature scavenger hunts

Outdoor Sensory Scavenger Hunt by Simply Well Balanced 

This outdoor scavenger hunt printable has another list of likely objects to find outdoors. But where it puts a spin on things is with the suggestions for the hunt, such as a sensory list. 

image of a printable scavenger hunt list

Outdoor Barbecue Scavenger Hunt by Two Kids and a Coupon 

Not everything has to be an outdoor walk, either. This printable is specially designed for kids to complete while at a backyard barbeque. Give the kids something to do while parents get a chance to talk to other adults for a bit. 

image of printable bbq scavenger hunt with bbq foods and cooking items like a flipper and roasting stick

Outdoor Rainy Day Fun Scavenger Hunt Printable by The Crazy Outdoor Mama 

While most outdoor scavenger hunts would be ruined by a rainy day, this one embraces it! Kids can still get out in the rain and have loads of fun, so long as they have proper rain gear on. 

image of printable playing in the rain scavenger hunt with rain item graphics

Getting Excited about Insects and Bug Scavenger Hunts

These are also perfect for the backyard, local green space, or for more adventuresome outdoorsy adventures.

Bug Bingo by The Best Ideas for Kids 

Besides having such a fun name, bug bingo is a great game for kids. The included printable can be used with an outdoor scavenger hunt for bugs. 

image of printable bug bingo cards containing various insects and bugs

Free Printable Bug Scavenger Hunt Set by Barley & Birch 

Here is a bug scavenger list that is perfect for most areas. The illustrations on the printable have an old-school science book feel to them, which lends it some extra charm. 

image of printable insect nature hunt with colour pictures of various insects

Free Butterfly Scavenger Hunt Printable by Homeschool of 1 

Planning a trip to somewhere with a butterfly enclosure? Be sure to print up this butterfly scavenger hunt and bring it along to make things extra fun. 

image of printable butterfly scavenger hunt with various pictures of butterflies to find

Seasonal Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable by In the Playroom 

For anyone who’s itching for some outside time after winter is over, this printable list is loaded with things that usually first come out in springtime. With a focus on observing nature without disturbing it, kids can get an early start in life as good stewards of the planet. 

image of a printable black and white scavenger hunt with images of nature elements

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt by Mombrite 

This scavenger hunt printable includes lots of Earth Day-related content, and goes beyond the outdoors. Kids can look for things like metal straws and rechargeable batteries, as well. 

image of printable earth day scavenger hunt with a smiling earth and themed pictures

Counting in the signs of fall scavenger hunt by Take Them Outside

This scavenger hunt is perfect for number recognition for preschoolers and young children. Use it as a family or in your daycare or forest school.

Fall Leaf Scavenger Hunt Activity by Fox Farm Home 

Instead of a list of specific items, this activity focuses on matching colors. This is great because even very young children can participate. 

image of printable leaf colour matching activity sheets

Winter Wonderland Outdoor Scavenger Hunt by Take Them Outside

This is a fun activity to get the family out for a walk around the holidays. Use coupon code HAPPYCAMPER for 20% off at this shop… where you’ll find all sorts of great outdoorsy stuffs!

Neighbourhood Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Neighborhood Outdoor Scavenger Hunt with Sidewalk Chalk by Saving Talents 

Such a fun idea that gets the whole neighborhood involved! Each household chooses an item from the printable list, then draws it on their own sidewalk. Kids can walk around the neighborhood and try to spot all the drawings on the list. 

image of printable black and white scavenger hunt with words and checkboxes

Getting familiar with your community scavenger hunts by Take Them Outside

These printable hunts are the perfect afternoon activity for your family or class. One is a very typical scavenger hunt with a list of items to spot when you’re out in town. The other is a list of activities to help children get familiar with their community by completing small tasks and activities.

neighborhood scavenger hunt printables for kids

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt by A Little Pinch of Perfect 

This scavenger hunt is tailored to exploring neighborhoods with young children. The focus here is on spotting the items, not collecting them. Kids can look for items like swing sets and sprinklers, pool and garden, and check each off each item as they see them. 

image of printable outdoor scavenger hunt

Unique Scavenger Hunt Activities

These following hunts need a bit of prep work or community engagement, but they’re both fun ideas and will get your kids outside.

Fairy Treasure Hunt Clues by Lock Paper Escape 

One way to put a fun spin on a scavenger hunt is with a complete hunt challenge with matching clues, activities, and a fun fairy theme. This could be a perfect for a birthday party!

image of colourful printable fairy activity page

Emoji-themed Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt by Fireflies & Mud Pies 

This is a neighborhood cooperation project, but it’s so much fun! The printable emojis are displayed on people’s houses and around the neighborhood for kids to find and check off their lists. 

image of printable, various emojis in a list

Specific location or themed Scavenger Hunts

Here you’ll find some outdoorsy scavenger hunts for specific adventures. Remember, you can always make one up yourself if you don’t see the theme you’re looking for!

Printable Beach Scavenger Hunt by Dear Creatives 

A beach printable is definitely a bit area-specific, but it can still be a good time for any kids out there. Turn an everyday beach walk into a fun activity for the kids. 

image of printable beach scavenger hunt with beach items

Free Printable Farm Scavenger Hunt by Life with Darcy & Brian 

This list is perfect for a trip to a farm or a petting zoo. The adorable printable is full of cute pictures, so even non-readers can play along. 

image of farm scavenger hunt with pictures of farm animals

Zoo Scavenger Hunt by Loving Homeschool 

Zoos are a perfect place for an outdoor scavenger hunt. A zoo trip is full of walking and looking for or at various animals already. Plus this printable includes two different options; one of animals to find, and one of behaviors to find animals doing. 

Image of printable zoo scavenger hunt with lots of various zoo animals on it

Playground Scavenger Hunt Printable by 3 Boys and a Dog 

This playground scavenger hunt printable comes in precolored or black and white colorable versions. Both are loaded with playground equipment for kids to find, which makes a trip to the playground even more fun. 

image of playground scavenger hunt with various playground pieces

Did you find what you were looking for?

Hopefully you found some printable outdoor scavenger hunts that will inspire you and your kids to get outside for a bit of adventure!

images of a variety of printable outdoor scavenger hunts

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