a collection of natural christmas tree ornaments to make and decorate with

Easy DIY Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments Decorations

At a time when we should all be trying to conserve our plastic consumption, I walk down the Christmas decoration aisle and cringe.  Sorry to put a damper on all the cheer, but have you considered the carbon footprint to all this holiday decorating?  Instead, here is a handful of natural Christmas tree decoration ideas. Sure, some of these still use plastics and such, but making these ornaments from natural[…]

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a white pet bunny on a child's lap

Bunnies are the perfect pet for your kid to love & care for!

Pets are one of the easiest way to include more nature and animal learning into your child’s life. But, getting a pet shouldn’t be taken lightly. Any pet needs space, love, care, and dedication… and if kids are involved, then supervision is also needed! Are you thinking about getting your child a pet? Rabbits are very cute, affectionate and child friendly pets. They are relatively easy to care for. Rabbits[…]

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A toddler playing with indoor nature elements: sea shells and drift wood

15 Easy Indoor Nature Activities for Kids

Getting your kids outside isn’t always easy.  Maybe it’s blizzarding and raining buckets, you live miles from a park, or your kids just simply refuse to go out. (Or, updated that time the world was forced to stay home…) Or, sometimes you’re not actually allowed to stray far from home or even leave it unless necessary! Then what? Then what do you do with the kids to keep them learning[…]

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Learn how to get kids excited and interested in nature with indoor birdwatching

Indoor Birdwatching – Invite Nature Learning & Curiosity

Do you have a little bird-lover in your family?  Want a fun way to nourish that interest with an invitation to quiet nature learning and play? We have a bird enthusiast in our family and I’m going to share with you how we set up an indoor bird watching station so our daughter could enjoy the birds even when she was stuck inside the house. This indoor bird watching station[…]

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Printable Valentines Day Nature Craft Cards on a floral tablecloth

Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Nature Craft

Do you or your littles enjoy collecting leaves?  Do your children like to make their own Valentine’s Day cards?  Here’s an easy Valentine’s Day nature craft card which will combine both activities! (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through my link I receive a small commission at no added cost to you. I only recommend stuff I use and enjoy. See my policy[…]

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a preschoooler playing with playmobil animal toys

The best nature toys for preschoolers (to inspire adventure & learning)

Let’s be honest.  As much as you’d like your kids to go outside all the time, they probably don’t.  Unless they’re in some sort of fantastic forest kindergarten or you live freely on a farm or in the woods, chances are your kids are inside more than you’d like.  But, that doesn’t mean they can’t be playing with nature, learning about nature, and getting inspired by the outdoors when they’re[…]

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The book, look what I did with a leaf! sitting on a table surrounded by dried leaves

Finding inspiration for simple leaf art with kids

Are your old phone books stuffed with leaves just waiting to be loved?  Seems when we’re out crunching through the autumn streets we can’t help but come home carrying leaves destined for some unplanned leaf art project.  More often than not, those lovely leaves just sit on our front hall table until brittle and forgotten about. (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through[…]

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Two leaf Christmas Trees

Leaf Christmas trees | Natural, simple, and rustic holiday decorations

Looking for natural Christmas decoration ideas?  Have you tried making dried leaf Christmas Trees?  You can make them into Holiday ornaments, festive mobiles or garlands.  They can even be attached to cardstock for natural Christmas Cards too! (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through my link I receive a small commission at no added cost to you. I only recommend stuff I use[…]

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a collage of leaf art project ideas

Leaf art projects every crafter should try once!

What do you do with all those beautiful (and not so beautiful) leaves your littles collect up on their fall adventures?  Or, maybe you’re like me and it’s not just your kids collecting those leave.  I can’t help but see visions of endless dried leaf art projects as I crunch my way down the sidewalk. So, to resolve this leaf-collection addiction, below is a collection of art with dried leaves[…]

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An ice lantern filled with pine boughs, berries, and pinecones

Ice Lanterns: 4 creative ways to celebrate winter

Winter sometimes gets a bad rap.  Frozen windshields, slippery walks, grey skies, and red noses.  But, it happens.  It’s going to happen again next year.  Let’s learn to celebrate it and take advantage of this snowy cold season.  You can’t make ice lanterns in July, right? So, when that temperature falls, get out your tubs, round up some of nature’s treasures, and take your littles outside to help you put[…]

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