tall flames from a backyard open fire pit

17 Fire Pit Accessories (must haves for outdoor living)

With today’s rising trend in upscale outdoor living spaces, having a fire pit is becoming a more popular backyard feature. With increased availability of affordable accessories, tools, and designs, setting up your own fire pit can be a lot of fun. You’ll have fun creating a comfortable and functional space. But, you’ll have even more fun using the pit, cooking all that yummy food, and enjoying all the smiles and[…]

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a wooden fairy door on a large tree trunk

Fairy Houses to make, buy, play with, and enjoy!

Fairies are legendary creatures (or mythical beings, depending on how you want to spin it) often depicted in the folklore of various cultures as tiny, beautiful, winged creatures with magical powers who live in nature. The way you choose to use your fairy house is also completely up to you! You may often see a fairy house or fairy garden outside near trees, in pots, or gardens. But you can[…]

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hanging cookie cutter birdseed birdfeeders

Totally Cute & Easy Birdfeeder Ornaments (the perfect teacher gift)

Looking for a fun and easy fall or winter bird activity for your kids? Wanting to make some Christmas gifts for neighbors and teachers while you’re at it? Cookie cutter bird seed ornaments are the answer! These are super easy to make and aside from the time it takes for them to harden and dry they’re pretty quick too. Let’s skip right to the recipe because that’s what you’re here[…]

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7 Easy Family Garden Crafts (simple DIYs to make with kids)

Gardening is a great way to bond with your family while enjoying the great outdoors. No matter young or old, people of all ages can have fun gardening. Fortunately, there are some great family garden crafts that all can enjoy.   Whether you live in an apartment or live in a house, there are many ways the whole family can participate in crafts for your garden. From small gardens on patios[…]

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a bird sitting on a frozen fence wire

Attracting birds in the winter | backyard birding

Are you on the hunt for easy winter nature connections?  Making your backyard and balcony inviting to local birds is one of the simplest ways to bring more nature into your family’s life.  Get your kids involved and make your backyard a safe and inviting place for birds in the winter. Come wintertime it can be hard to get outside.  It sometimes takes longer to get your snow pants, scarves,[…]

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tomato seedlings are easy plants to grow with kids

12 Easy Garden Plants your kids will love growing

I have not met a kid who didn’t like to play in the dirt.  Kids are naturally curious and the wild jungle of a flower bed or patio planter is like new undiscovered territory for them.  You will want your kids’ first gardening experiences to be positive as their enthusiasm for future gardening endeavors will likely depend on how rewarding and enjoyable their first adventures are.  To make this easier,[…]

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Gardening with kids: grow excitement, flowers, and carrots too!

6 Tips to Make Gardening with Preschoolers Fun!

No child is too young to play in the garden.  Not only will early exploration of the garden instill an interest in the growing world, help build stronger bodies and minds, but it could also lead to some yummy meals of roasted carrots and strawberry shortcake in years to come.  So, how do you cultivate your child’s inner gardener to grow?  It’s easy!  You only need to provide some garden[…]

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