Cuddle-worthy winter books for preschoolers

Looking for some kids books to cuddle up with?  Here’s a list of some of our wintertime favorites.  Below you’ll find a mix of fun books and educational books, some new books and some classics.  But, they’re all great winter books for preschoolers and early elementary-aged children…. oh, and you might enjoy them too!

A pile of picture books for preschoolers to enjoy

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Favorite winter books for preschoolers


Who Like the Snow by Etta Kaner and Marie Lafrance

This is a fun flip book with tonnes of detailed information about snow and winter.  My toddler loved flipping open the inserts, but wasn’t as interested in hearing the story.  On the other hand, my 6 year old loved the details and science this book shared about snow.

In this story kids talk about what they like about snow which leads to the authors explaining how that happens.  This book would be a great accompaniment to any winter or snowy science studies.


Ten on a Sled, by Kim Norman and Liza Woodruff

What happens when 10 wild animals go tobogganing on a super long wooden sled?  Fun times and song of course!  My daughters liked the silliness of this story while I enjoyed the singing rhythm and cute animal illustrations.  This story is in a countdown format making it a good fit for numeracy learning.


Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee, by Chris Van Dusen

In a humorously illustrated story, Mr. Magee and his dog Dee decide it’s time to learn to ski.  Adventure ensues when a moose unknowingly gets involved, both causing catastrophe and saving the day.  This is a cute and entertaining story and would be great to bring along on a family ski trip!


a toddler reading a picture book about skiing
Couch cuddles with Ben’s Song, my daughter, and a kitty

Ben’s Snow Song, A Winter Picnic, by Hazel Hutchins and Lisa Smith

I like the simple truths of this book.  For me, the sound of skiing is such a big part of my outing and the poetic writing of this story does a great job bringing the sounds of skiing alive.  In this story a little guy gets all dressed and is brought out for a family day of cross-country skiing.  If you have littles that you plan to ski with this might be a good book to help build some excitement.


Over and Under the Snow, by Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal

As with much of life, what you see is just a small piece of the story.   And, this is visually demonstrated in this story of a young girl and her father skiing through a winter forest.  As they glide over the snow the illustrations and text tell the story of how forest animals survive under the snow through the winter.

There is a short bonus educational section after the story with additional information and learning.


The Snowy Day, by Anna Milbourne and Elena Temporin

This is a story of three kids and their dog enjoying a day out in the snow.  The illustrations are fun-loving and the words dances across the page as the kids enjoy their snowy day.  While the children are enjoying all the fun snow brings, the narrative adds tidbits of facts about snow and wintertime.


The Snow Knows by Jennifer McGrath and Josee Bisaillon

The whimsical illustrations of this sweet lyrical story tell the secrets of the snow.  The writing in this story is simply a guide through the journey of a snowy landscape filled with wintertime wildlife.

Young children will enjoy finding each page’s clue to the next page’s secret.  Adults will enjoy the melody of the words and the beauty of the illustrations.


The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats

Do you recognize this cover?  I must have had a copy when I was a kid because picking this book up brought back memories of me sitting on my bedroom floor with books scattered all around me.

In this story Peter wakes up to find the world hidden by snow.  He runs outside after breakfast and spends the day exploring and playing.   It is simple, honest, and heartwarming.


The Mitten, adapted and illustrated by Jan Brett

The Mitten is one of many beautifully illustrated stories by Brett.  In this one Nicki asks his Baba to knit him a pair of white mittens.  Baba is rightly hesitant knowing that he’d drop one in the snow and it would be lost forever.

Nicki persists, and Baba, in true Baba fashion, knits him his wish.  But, that first day Nicki takes his mittens out, he does drop one and a whole forest of animals come to investigate.

Do you have a little one that drops their mittens in the woods?  This is a sweet story that young and older kids would enjoy.


Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter by Kenard Pak

The artwork is what shines in this book.  As a young brother and sister go out for an afternoon adventure, they look around and start noticing all the signs of fall’s leaving and winter’s arrival.  As they say their goodbyes, all the signs of winter share why and how they’re making an appearance.


Snowmen at Night, by Caralyn Buehner and Mark Buehner

What do snowmen do after the lights go out?  Do you ever imagine that your snowman would turn to life and dance around your yard?

Well, this is the true account of just that!  It’s cute and fun and kids seem to love imagining what fun snowmen get up to after we’ve left them alone in the yard.  It’s always hard to get this book from the library come wintertime because it’s so popular!


Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft, Richard G. Van Gelder, and Helen K. Davie

Here’s a book all about animals and what they do come the cold weather.  The informative text accompanies realistic illustrations to help you and your kids learn all about a wide assortment of animals, such as: deer, butterflies, squirrels, bats, foxes, and (my personal favorite), pikas.

This book isn’t overly long or in depth, but it is a good addition to a winter unit on animals, hibernation, and animal adaptation.


A few winter books for older kids

Ice is Nice!  By Bonnie Worth

This book is part of the ‘Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that’ series.  And, true to fashion, it is jam packed with educational tidbits, bright illustrations, and a rhyming style.

In this story, the Cat in the Hat, along with Thing 1 and Thing 2, take the two kids on an adventure to the south pole and then the north pole.  They learn about all things snow and ice, weather, the tilting earth, glaciers, adaptation, geography, animal life, and more.

This book didn’t hold my 3 year old’s attention, but my 7 year old was interested the whole time and had many questions to ask as we read our way through.


The Shortest Day, by Wendy Pfeffer and Jesse Reisch

If you’re looking for a book that explains the winter solstice around the world, here it is!  This story explains how people first discovered the moving of the sun and shortening of the days.  It describes various cultural reactions to this discovery and how this evolved into celebrating the winter solstice.

This is a story more appropriate for middle and upper elementary aged children than preschoolers.  This book was a little too educational and not entertaining enough for my 3 year old.


Before Morning by Joyce Sidman and Beth Krommes

This is a lovely piece of poetry and beautiful art that both kids and adults will appreciate.  Simply, it is a story of a pilot being snowed it. But it is also more than that.

Within these pages, the art and writing come together to share a sweet story of a little girl’s wish, a family’s love, and the joy in having both wishes and family.


Some favorite wintertime classics

White Snow Bright Snow, by Alvin Tresselt and Roger Duvoisin

Written and illustrated in 1947, this is a true wintertime classic.  The story is the simple account of winter falling on a small country town.  I absolutely love the vintage colors and style of this book.  While it’s not the fun, flashy story that we usually find between the covers of kid’s books these days, it is still special and has a unique charm.

This book was awarded a Caldecott Medal.


Owl Moon, by Jane Yolen and John Schoenherr

Also a Caldecott Medal winner, this story has won a special place in my heart and probably all those that also choose to give it a read.

A young girl tells the sweet story of going out in the forest with her dad for a night of owling.  While the trees stand watch and the night grows cold, a dad leads his daughter deeper into the dark, silent, winter woods.


I do hope you found a few books to pick up for some cuddles and couch reading this winter.  Whether you’re looking for winter books for preschoolers or older children, these are sure to please!


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