Are You Ready for Stress-Free Camping?

If you’re an amazing mom that loves to wow her kids and family with fun activities, yummy meals, and a totally stress-free camping trip, then you’ll be interested in this!

Join the hundreds of moms who have used this playbook for tear-free camping (and we’re talking mom-tears here!)

Only $18

Okay, this all sounds great, but what exactly are you getting?

This 35+ page package is your go-to-guide for all your family camping needs.

Do you struggle with packing… knowing what to pack, if you’ve packed it already, or how to organize your gear?

  • The Camping Packing lists will help you stay organized, make sure you’re packing the essentials, and get your kids involved in packing their own things too!
  • The camping basics guide will give you tips and strategies for camping organizing and planning

Do you stare into the cupboards wondering what food to bring along on your trip?

  • Use the meal planning guide, template, camping meal ideas, and suggested weekend menu so you can plan your foods quickly
  • Print out the cute camping shopping and to do lists to keep track of everything that needs to be done and picked up

Do you get to the campsite and wonder how you’ll keep everyone happy and entertained?

  • Use the camping activities list as a go-to for ideas when the kids get bored
  • Keep the crossword and word search on hand for a rainy day activity

Have you ever wanted to journal your camping trip or time outdoors?

  • Print out the journal pages to encourage your own nature journaling
  • Have your kids use the kid’s camping diary to remember their camping trip
  • Use the campground review form to keep track of all the details of each campground so you reference back to this in the future.

Are You Ready for Stress-Free, Super Fun Family Camping? 

For only $18

Hey there, I’m Jenn, just a regular mom that writes too many lists, always has a few activities up my sleeve, and loves camping… and thus was born this playbook… which has been helping¬†other regular moms:

  • Keep their cool while packing for the trip because they had planning strategies to stay focused and on task
  • Avoid that sinking feeling that the entire planning and packing process is their responsibility because they now have lists and a system to help distribute the work to other family members
  • Have more time to sip tea by the campfire because they’re spending less time prepping food at the campsite or being the main activity leader
  • Realize that camping can be easy and fun, for everyone!

Don't want the whole book?

If you have any questions about this playbook, please don't hesitate to contact me [email protected]

Get Organized

Enjoy the ease of planning, packing, organizing, and getting ready for your camping trips.

Tame the Overwhelm

Feel confident that you've done all the prep work, planned all your meals, and ensured you've brought all the essentials.

Have Fun!

Take pleasure in knowing you and your kids will have a fun-filled camping trip... full of activities, games, journaling, and more!