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As the holiday season approaches it can be all too easy to get caught up in all the party planning, present wrapping, and cookie decorating.  So, here’s an outdoor activity calendar that will help remind you and your family to get outside, to have fun as a family, and to bring some joy into your and others’ hearts.

A snow covered tree and an image of a printable december outdoor activity calendar

No excuses.  Use this calendar to make getting outside easier.  Most of these activities are easy and can be done right from home.  And while the majority of the suggested items are suited best for the preschool-aged child, the calendars can be adapted for older children too.

How to use the December activity calendar

  1. Download the calendar – (You’ll be given access to the resource library after joining the newsletter, or grab it in our private resource library)
  2. Print out your calendar
  3. Tape it up on your wall or fridge or beside your family organization board
  4. When you’re finding yourself wondering what to do with the kids, take a look at the activity calendar and head outside!
  5. You’ll notice some days are left blank.. go ahead and fill in your own family’s favorite activities on those days if you like;)

A few notes on these activities for kids

As mentioned above, most of the activities are free or frugal.  They can usually be done right in your backyard or nearby.  You’ll notice that some days are combined… where you go collect supplies on one day and craft / display your crafts on another day.

One activity is to collect pine cones and another is to make pine cone bird feeders.  These are very simple to make.  Just coat the pine cone with peanut butter and sprinkle on some birdseed or unsalted raw seeds and nuts.

Another activity is to make twig start ornaments.  Again, head outside to collect some twigs, then the next day use these and some quality glue to make star shapes out of the twigs.  Add string, twine, or beads… or leave as is.  Then, use them as gifts, decorate your trees or use them around the home.


Make some Festive Frozen Ice Ornaments to decorate outdoors


You’ll also see the suggestion of making ice lanterns.  We like to use these on our dinner table as winter solstice decorations, but they are also lovely on the Christmas table, or any day you’re wanting to celebrate the season and have a little fun with ice and fire!


If you’re wanting to add more December activities you could write in some things like

  • visit an ice castle
  • go to an outdoor hockey game, or enjoy a game yourself
  • take a horse-drawn wagon ride
  • visit a farm to see how they manage in the winter
  • go to a winter fair
  • enjoy the changes at the botanical garden, outdoor museum, or zoo
  • Volunteer to shovel the sidewalks of seniors in your neighborhood


Really, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing outdoors or when.  The important thing is that you’re actually going out and enjoying it as a family…. especially this time of year when we should all be taking time to reflect and be together.

This December activity calendar is just a little reminder to get out there and will give you a few suggestions of winter family activities that you might all enjoy!


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a snow covered tree, with an image of a printable outdoor activity holiday calendar


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