Best outdoor family subscription boxes for 2022!

Have you heard of subscription boxes?  They’re all the craze these days.  You just pick a theme, order, and voila! These curated themed boxes are taking gift-giving to a whole new level.

But, there are so many options available! How do you choose?  To make things a little bit easier for you, below you’ll find some favorite outdoor subscription boxes, some nature subscription boxes, and just all-round great subscription boxes for families that love adventure.

So, let’s jump right in!

various subscription boxes for outdoorsy women, kids, and families

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But first: Do you have to buy a whole year’s worth of subscription boxes?


The beauty of subscription boxes is that you can choose just one. Or three. Or six. Or years worth.

Read the entire purchase details. Some subscriptions will have you sign up for a minimum of 1 or 3 months, but then the fine print often says you can unsubscribe at any time.  Just read these conditions closely to make sure you understand what exactly you’re ordering, when you’ll be charged, and how many boxes you’re required to purchase.

I’ve also discovered that some companies will sell past boxes at a discounted rate and this way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting (incase you don’t like surprises).

Nature Themed Subscription Boxes for Families

The Think Outside Box

The Think Outside Subscription Box works a little differently than other subscription boxes in that it is best purchased as a series.  The first box will be the compact backpack, and information booklets.  Then, as the months follow, each successive Think Outside Box will include themed activities and items such as fire, shelter, navigation, water, night, nature, and so on.

Do you have younger kids? There is now a Junior Think Outside Box, aimed at kids under 7. Cool!

A diagram of the Think Outside Subscription Box's monthly themes

So, while the initial box would make a nice gift, I would suggest you commit to ordering more than just one month’s worth to experience the full experience of the Think Outside Box.

Just think how much outdoor fun you and your kids would have with a whole year’s worth of the Think Outside boxes?  It’d be great!

Green Kid Crafts STEAM Box

various art and science items in a space themed green kids craft subscription box

These Green Kid Craft boxes are a combination of science and art with the intention to get kids curious and learning about nature.

Mud & Bloom (a wildlife subscription box)

These beautiful Mud & Blooms boxes are full of nature play, forest school activities, and beautiful supplies to supplement the learning.

The description for these boxes suggests they are appropriate for kids 8 and under. However, I would assume the activities could be adapted to interest older kids if you had a variety of ages in your family.

If I had to choose a box to gift this year, this would be the one!

Best Subscription Boxes for Snacks

Snack Sack

all the treats and snacks available in a snack sack subscription box
Always be ready with grab and go snacks!

Do you find yourself digging through the cupboards hunting for some food to bring along to the park or on your family hike?  Subscribing to the Snack Sack or even just ordering 1 or 2 boxes every now and then will really help stock your grab and go snack stash!

Not only will you know you’ve got some healthier options available when you head out for adventure, but you might find that the idea of these snacks are motivation enough to get your kids excited about the hike as well.

In our family, we’ve received a few months of the snack sack and the kids were always excited to open it up and see all the goodies.  But, they also know they’re only allowed to enjoy them when out hiking and biking and such.

(For fellow non-Americans: This box no longer ships internationally! … they tell me they’ll start again, but haven’t yet)

Subscription Boxes to bring Nature into the home

Yes, these next subscription boxes might not get you outside, but they help grow that nature connection which makes getting outside more exciting and meaningful!

The Succulents Box (an indoor nature subscription box)

3 succulents sitting beside a box that reads succulent subscription box

Here’s a super easy way to bring more nature into your home or to gift nature to someone else.  Each month the Succulents Box curators will send you one or more beautiful succulents to green up your indoors.  Included with the plants is an information and care care and a sweet clay pot or accessory.

Unfortunately, this Subscription Box is only available in the United States, but a bit of searching might help you find your own country’s houseplant or succulent box!

The box of Matter

rock, scientific artifacts, and such delivered in the monthly subscription box Matter
Sophisticated Science and Natural Curiosity

The Box of Matter is a truly unique subscription box for the scientifically curious.  Wouldn’t this be a neat box for a preteen or teenager that’s into natural history and discovery?  Or, it’s the perfect way to add to the science collection in your own curiosity cabinet!

Or, maybe the Box of Matter is the perfect gift for your uncle Anders that smokes a pipe and reads books on metaphysics?… because he’s always so hard to buy for when you pull his name in the family gift draw;)

Outdoor Adventure Subscription boxes

The Wild Women Box

outdoor gear, adventure swag, and goodies delivered in the outdoor woman subscription box
Check out all the awesome outdoor swag in the Wild Woman Box!

Are you looking for a gift for your lady hiking friends?  Or, maybe you’re looking for something to put on your own wish list?

These Wild Woman Subscription Boxes look like a nice combination of practical outdoor quality gear and indulgent extras.

I’ve really contemplated buying myself one of these boxes for a personal treat, but instead decided to add it to my own holiday wish list… so we’ll see… maybe I’ll be unwrapping my own Wild Woman Box this December?

Freestone Fly Fishing Box

Fly fishing gear and supplies in a carboard box
Fancy surprises in the monthly Fly Fishing Subscription Box

Do you have a fly fisher in the family?  Maybe you’re into fly fishing and would be delighted to surprise yourself with this Freestone Fly Fishing Box?  The lucky box recipient will receive a year’s worth of the Trout Unlimited Magazine, fancy lures, and fishing fancies.

To be honest, I know nothing about fly fishing!  But this box looked nice and had good reviews! …and lots of outdoorsy folk sure love fishing!

The Cairn Subscription Box

This outdoor subscription box is full of adventure gear, apparel, food, skincare, and more.  There are two levels of Cairn box to choose from:  the regular monthly box, or you can order the quarterly Obsidian Premium Cairn Collection (which is very premium and the cost reflects the quality of items in this option).

This hiking and backpacking subscription box is known for containing top quality gear and products.

The Happy Glamper Subscription Box

camping gift items found in the happy glamper subscription box

The Happy Glamper Subsciption box is all about camping and adventure, but with a hint of style and luxury.

Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes

The greenUp Box

reusable bathroom and household products contained in the greenUp Subscription box
Look at all these Earth-friendly goodies!

Here’s a subscription box that almost everyone could use and appreciate.  The green Up subscription box is curated with the intention to reduce plastic consumption in our everyday lives.  Each month’s box is created with one household theme in mind.

The Earthlove Box

all the eco friendly items packed into one earthlove subscription box
Earth loving goodies found in the Earthlove Subscription box

Here’s the ultimate in luxury earth-minded giving.  All the items in these Earthlove Subscription boxes are zero-waste, natural, and earth-friendly.   This subscription box is a quarterly box, but depending on your order date they can arrive in time for holiday gift-giving.

Here’s what the description says:

Discover 6-8 full size eco-friendly products and one book delivered to your door each season, The box includes items spanning different categories like snacks, tea, wildcrafting, wellness, apothecary, aromatherapy, beauty, outdoor, gardening, home decor, apparel, accessories, and more! Box value is always $100+

Another idea would be to order this Earthlove box and then divide up the items for various hosting gifts and or other small gifts given throughout the holidays.

How do you choose the best nature themed or outdoors subscription box?

Browsing through subscription box possibilities can be a bit overwhelming… here are a few tips:

  • Take a close look at the box’s contents. 
  • Read a few reviews
  • If possible, take a peek at pictures of past boxes that particular company has sent out.
  • Before purchasing, make sure to read the description fully

It’s also very important to make sure the box can be shipped to you or the recipient.  Not all boxes are shipped internationally.

You should also find out how late orders can be processed for holiday delivery if you are in fact hoping on making the subscription box a gift and hope for it’s arrival by a certain date.

Have you fallen down the subscription box rabbit hole?  Just a little bit of browsing and it seems before I know it, I’m looking at stationary and stickers, Korean treats, tea and bath duos, so many book boxes, and dog pampering boxes too (and I don’t even have a dog!).

There are just so many intriguing subscription boxes out there!

Hopefully this list will help you find your way through the subscription box jungle. Some of these really are just perfect for the outdoorsy kid and family.  I do hope you’ve found a few that appeal to you and some gift recipients on your list this year.

What should you do now?

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