Summer reading outside challenge (and a free printable!)

Summertime… the season of Popsicles, lazy mornings, road trips, and days at the pool.  But, what do you do when that sweet summer bliss turns sour?

If you’re on the hunt for something get your kid outdoors plus get them motivated and using their brains while school is out, then check out this summer reading challenge!

young girl reading a book laying on a towel at the beach and image of printable summer reading challenge

What is this summer reading challenge? 

This summer reading challenge is a little different than many other summer reading challenges out there.  It’s not just about how many books you and your kids can read.  Instead, this challenge is about including nature into your summer reading time.

Not only will this challenge encourage your kids to pick up a book instead of the remote, it will also encourage you and your family to get outside for some fun, educational, or introspective reading and creating.

If you and your family choose to do this challenge, you’ll find yourselves heading outside with books in hand.

How does this outside reading challenge work?

The challenge is set up in a grid so you can make it into a bingo competition.  Have you ever played Bingo?  Either you fill a line, all corners, the window frame, or the whole square.  Your choice!

You could complete a challenge as a whole family or print one off for each family member.  If you are into friendly competition (or not friendly in the case of my kids) maybe you could offer a prize for the first kid to get a reading ‘bingo’!  Or, for a more cooperative win, offer a family prize when the whole family helps complete the entire grid!

If you’re a family that enjoys routine and scheduling, you could add the reading challenge to your weekly summer schedule.  For example, if you use this particular weekly summer planner, you would include reading challenge activities on Thought-Filled Thursdays!

Would you also like a summer reading log?

When my kids did their first summer reading challenge a few years ago, my son wanted some way to record the title of each book he read.

With this in mind, I’ve created and included a reading challenge log to keep track of which books are read and where those particular books were read outdoors.

How do you get your hands on this printable reading challenge and summer reading log?

Simple!  You’ll get access to the private printables resource library after subscribing to the Take Them Outside Newsletter.  I’ll send you a link and password and you’re welcome to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.  But, once you start getting the emails and seeing how much good stuff is in them, I’m sure you’ll stick around!

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Looking for a few nature-themed books to read outside with your kids?


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