An orange tent in a wooded campsite

Camping in Jasper National Park (updated for 2021)

Every summer tens of thousands of people’s summer vacation includes camping in Jasper National Park.  And what about you? This post will give you some basic starting points for choosing a campground to make sure you get the most out of your trip to this beautiful park. And, in case you’re burning to know the answer to this question- Do you need a reservation to camp in Jasper National Park?[…]

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View from the top of Sulphur Skyline Trail

Miette Hot Springs and Sulphur Skyline Trail in Jasper

What will you see and do in Jasper National Park?  There are mountains, and marmots, and miles to hike… and not enough time to see it all! Have you heard of the Miette Hot Springs?  Yep, Jasper has hot springs too.  And, next to the spring fed pools there is this amazing hike you can do called the Sulphur Skyline Trail.  There are tonnes of big horn sheep living in[…]

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A mountain landscape of the Ramparts from the Tonquin Valley

Hiking the Tonquin Valley- mountains, mud, and poop

Jasper National Park’s Tonquin Valley is known to be one of the most scenic and popular backcountry spots in all of the Canadian Rockies. Find out why this trail is so popular, what you need to know before heading in, and why the Tonquin might be a bit over-rated, maybe. About the Tonquin Valley The Tonquin Valley lies hidden in Jasper National Park’s backcountry, south-west of Jasper townsite. It can[…]

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dad and kids hiking with glaciers and mountains in the distance at wilcox pass in Jasper

Wilcox Pass, Spectacular Views Above the Icefields Parkway

There are so many stops and attractions along the Icefield’s Parkway between Jasper and Banff. Find out below why Wilcox Pass should also be on your list of things to do while making this drive through the Canadian Rockies. A bit about the Icefields Parkway Did you know that the Icefields Parkway is one of the most beautiful highways on earth?  That’s a pretty grand claim to make for a[…]

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A toddler in a pink snow suit walking across Pyramid Island Bridge in Jasper National Park

Your guide to Jasper in the Winter

Rosy cheeks under pompom toques, hot chocolate by the crackling fire, nuthatches clouding the sky, skis gliding through a white forest, and the soft slow fall of big fat snowflakes… these are just a few of my favourite winter things about Jasper! Come wintertime, Jasper is ready to slow down and get cozy (or at least I am!).  If you are planning a trip to Jasper in the winter months, you won’t find yourself alone[…]

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The Ultimate Jasper Bucket List | 100 things to do in Jasper National Park

The Ultimate Jasper Bucket List

Here it is!  A whole one hundred things to do when you visit Jasper National Park.  Sure, this Jasper Bucket list isn’t everything you can do in the park, but it will give you a great idea of how to start planning your trip. Your Jasper Bucket List: (If you want all 100 things to do in Jasper National Park on paper, sign up to get the printable here) Relax[…]

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A dad and three kids approaching a boardwalk over a creek at Valley of the five lakes in Jasper

Valley of the Five Lakes, a hike for everyone

Here it is.  One of the most popular family hikes in Jasper.  Find out when, how, and why you should take a walk around Valley of the Five lakes in Jasper National Park with your family. Jasper National Park is big.  Well, it’s kinda huge actually. Yet, even with the thousands of amazing vistas, hundreds of kilometers of trails, and dozens of lakes and rivers there are still only a[…]

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The deep waterfall at Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park

Jasper in 2 days, a fun-filled family itinerary

You’ve planned a trip to Jasper this summer…. but you’ll only be here for a few days. How do you decide what to do?  This can be a hard decision as there are so many great sites and activities to do in Jasper National Park.  But if you’re ready for a fun-filled two days, this is what I suggest. This itinerary has been created with family travel in mind.  These are kid[…]

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make your next family trip to the town of Jasper even better knowing these 5 jasper family travel tips

Town of Jasper Family Travel Tips You Need to Know

The town of Jasper, a small feel in the big mountains… the perfect family destination.  You can spend your days exploring the woods, climbing mountains, swimming in hot springs, and wildlife watching.  However, at some point, you’ll find yourself in the town just walking around.  It’s lovely; your family will have a great time. But you can all have an even better time if you take note of these following tips.[…]

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