Family zoom meeting Fun with nature-themed conversation starters

Make meaningful dinner time conversation (or family zoom meetings) easy with these printable nature-themed family conversation starters.  No more awkward silences when the extended family visit (or meets virtually).  No more redundant “how was your day?” and “what did you learn today?” type questions!

Instead, get everyone sharing, using their brains, and having fun by being prompted to think about various scenarios, answer nature trivia, remember past adventures, or use their imagination.

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What are conversation starters?

There are many different types of conversation starters available out there.  You can get ones geared towards singles, teens, men, or just kids.  This particular set of discussion prompts were created with young families in mind.

Each slip of paper will have a question, a piece of trivia, an imaginative scenario, or even a joke printed on it.

Some examples of these nature-themed conversation cards are:

  • Would you rather have night vision or super ultra hearing?
  • How many feathers does a wild turkey have?
  • Describe your dream backyard.
  • Who at the table has traveled the farthest south?  Describe that trip.

How do you use these conversation cards?

You can use them any which way you like!

This is what we have done in our family:

  • made up the conversation question jars by printing them out and cutting them into individual pieces of paper
  • at dinner every night we take turns pulling one or two slips of paper from the ‘new’ question jar
  • the paper will be read and we’ll take turns answering the question or allowing the conversation to flow from that prompt
  • our favorite time to use these conversation starters is when we’re gathering as a large extended family or have other family guests over
  • once a paper has been read we put it into the ‘used’ jar so that the same questions aren’t being repeated
  • then in a year or two we can recycle the questions – it’s so fun to see how the kid’s answers change as they get older!

You don’t have to only use these at the dinner table!  These family conversation starters are also a lot of fun around the campfire, at family reunions, during long family car trips, and as distraction on long family hikes.

Or, for our new normal of physical distancing and a reliance on virtual family gatherings, when you’re face-timing and zooming with the Grandparents.

(I know my parents are happy to have some focus for the virtual chats; otherwise, zoom time seems to be just my 5 year old zooming around the house for an extended and exhaustingly detailed show and tell)

Bring nature to the dinner table

Almost all of these questions / prompts / jokes are about nature, animals, plants, or science.  Use them to help spark conversation and meaningful dialogue about the natural world we live in. 

Trivia questions have the answer on the same slip of paper, but you might find some questions will lead you to googling and trying to learn more or discover additional information.

Encouraging discussion and consideration about nature at the dinner table is an easy way to increase curiosity and awareness of the outdoor world…. and growing that awareness will transfer to an increased curiosity when outdoors and a wider appreciation of nature and adventure in general.

Grab the nature-themed family conversation starters

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Psst:  These prompts make great gifts too!  Just print out a copy for your sister and voila, an affordable, useful, easy, and cute gift!

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