111 Screen free activities for Screen Free Week

Are you addicted to your device?  Do your kids play too many video games or does your husband watch too much Netflix?  Have you ever challenged your family to put screens away for a whole seven days?  Have you ever done a screen free week?

families doing screen free activities outdoors

Have you even heard of Screen Free Week?

Of course you don’t need to wait for the official Screen Free Week to turn off your technology.  You can challenge your family to this any time of the year.  But, sometimes an actual organized event can help motivate and provide supports for these types of family challenges.

Officially, Screen Free Week happens between May 3-9, in 2021.

What is Screen Free Week?

The official Screen Free Week is a nationally organized week-long event where you challenge yourself and your family to put all screens away and find enjoyment in life that doesn’t involve staring at a device!

For the entire week you and your family will be asked to fill your free time with screen-free fun.

Do you need to sign up?

That’s up to you.  You can register with Screen Free week, you could make a family commitment, or challenge your family friends to join the challenge with you.

Also, if you’re wanting to use the screen-free week as an opportunity to bring more nature into your life, you might want to join this Nature Connections challenge.  You’ll receive daily emails that will challenge you to bring more nature into your family’s life.

If you do join the challenge, you can use the daily emails as inspiration for that day’s screen-free activity.  Many are outdoors, but not all.  The goal of the Nature connections challenge is to help grow a greater appreciation for nature within your daily routine and family’s life and it pairs well with Screen Free Week.

111 Things to do during Screen Free Week:

  1. Take a book outside
  2. Visit a local museum
  3. Go for an ice cream cone
  4. Offer to rake your neighbor’s lawn or mow the grass
  5. Go on a nature scavenger hunt
  6. Take a walk around the neighborhood
  7. Bake cookies and gift them to a teacher or librarian
  8. Have a picnic
  9. Play a game of Frisbee baseball
  10. Pull out the board games
  11. Try finger knitting
  12. Go fly a kite
  13. Volunteer to walk dogs with the local animal shelter
  14. Find a new recipe, go grocery shopping, and make that new recipe
  15. Have a game of cards
  16. Use sidewalk chalk to write happy messages around the block
  17. Have a backyard camp out
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Go for a scenic drive and sing show tunes together in the car
  20. Do a little gardening
  21. Pick up litter around the community
  22. Visit the local library
  23. Join a drop-in exercise class
  24. Turn the radio on
  25. Have a game of charades
  26. Wake up early and make waffles for breakfast
  27. Invite the Grandparents over for tea
  28. Hand make thank you cards
  29. Take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy all the flowers
  30. Go to the pool or beach for a swim
  31. Try hula-hooping
  32. Bring a basketball to the local courts and shoot a few hoops
  33. Read bedtime stories cuddled up on the porch
  34. Make smoothies
  35. Attend a local concert
  36. Go bird watching
  37. Pull out the dress-up clothes and do a photo-shoot
  38. Play follow-the leader
  39. Make an obstacle course in the backyard
  40. Go for a bike ride
  41. Visit the zoo
  42. Organize your junk drawer
  43. Have a bubble bath
  44. Wash the dog
  45. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers
  46. Visit a farmer’s market
  47. Go for a coffee or treat and have a family conversation
  48. Pull out the coloring books and crayons
  49. Quiz each other with trivia questions from a game or book
  50. Do a puzzle
  51. Take a hike
  52. Wash the car
  53. De-clutter the garage
  54. Wash the windows
  55. Go through your closets and donate un-wanted clothing
  56. Brows a local bookstore or comic shop
  57. Make bread or cinnamon buns
  58. Get a haircut
  59. Make some fresh lemonade
  60. Go play at the playground
  61. Hang out at the beach
  62. Go frog hunting
  63. Stay up late for stargazing
  64. Paint your toenails
  65. Climb a tree
  66. Get up early and watch the sunrise
  67. Plan a camping trip
  68. Stop into your local information center and find new places to visit
  69. Read the newspaper at dinner
  70. Write a letter to a cousin
  71. Do origami
  72. Go for a bug hunt
  73. Pull out the paints and paint a picture or some rocks for the garden
  74. Press leaves or flowers
  75. Make bookmarks as gifts to friends
  76. Learn how to do fancy braided hair
  77. Make friendship bracelets
  78. Play with clay or playdough
  79. Make slime
  80. Listen to old records or CDs
  81. Organize your shoe closet
  82. Have a dance party or learn how to line dance
  83. Play twister
  84. Have a game of soccer or football
  85. Do a crossword puzzle
  86. Learn to use a compass and follow a map
  87. Go to the theater
  88. Make or play musical instruments
  89. Hide a treasure and make a map for your friends to follow
  90. Rent a paddle boat or canoe
  91. Put on a shadow puppet play
  92. Try horseback riding or feed the cows at a local farm
  93. Bring your bottles in for recycling
  94. Try roller-skating or ice skating
  95. Learn how to change a car tire or fill and check the air pressure
  96. Air out your home and change the linens
  97. Have a pillow fight
  98. Play dominoes
  99. Do yoga or stretching
  100. Make sock puppets from old socks
  101. Make popsicles and eat them outside
  102. Have a Lego competition
  103. Pull the weeds from your garden
  104. Give or go for a massage
  105. Take a nap
  106. Play hide and seek or tag
  107. Make a bird house or birdfeeder
  108. Use leaves to make collages and cards
  109. Gift a meaningful book to a friend
  110. Visit a local farm or botanical garden
  111. Get close and give your time to your loved ones

And there you have it!  111 screen free activities for your screen free week!  I’m sure if you sit down and think about it you and your kids can come up with even more great ideas.  You could even make a screen-free bucket list and tape it up on the wall.  That way when any of you are feeling tempted to reach for a remote, you can take a look at  your list instead.

So, go for it!  Turn off that computer and enjoy life screen-free!

What should you do now?


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