Camping Games & Toys for Kids

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With the holidays coming up, you’re not going to want to miss out on these great camping toys for kids! Being able to plan ahead and figure out your shopping and gift needs before the rush of the holiday season is always a great idea. These gift ideas for kids are not only fun but are a great way to keep the kids excited about their love of camping as well.

various camping toys and games

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Camping, Kids, and Fun

Camping is fun and exciting as it stands but there are always ways that the fun can be increased. Adding in a few camping games or camping toys for kids is an easy and simple solution.

If you’re looking for some simple ways that the kids can get outside and enjoy nature, don’t forget that Mother Nature holds an abundance of free activities, too. From hiking to swimming, the fun seriously never stops when camping.

Looking for toy free camping activities? Check out this article on keeping kids entertained at the campground.

And, you might want to grab this camping scavenger hunt too!

How do you entertain kids camping?

You’ll be surprised that kids are pretty resilient when camping. Give them a stick and a few rocks and you can just see their imagination kick into gear.

However, if the initial excitement of camping wears off, it’s a good idea to have a few backups in place. This is where this list of camping games and camping toys is a good idea to have on your radar.

This list will also give you lots of gift giving ideas for camping kids and families… if it’s holiday or birthday shopping season.

This list of camping toys for kids, is broken it down into easy and simple sections for you. You’ll be certain to find exactly what you’re looking for on this list!

Camping Toys for Kids and Families:

Camping Toys for Toddlers

Learning Resources New Sprouts Camp Out!

Let your little one do all of the things that mom and dad are doing on your camping trip, without the dangers that come with it! With this camping toy set they can roast hot dogs, and make s’mores over their campfire, while you make them the real thing. 

Coleman Kids LED Adventure Mini Lantern

Everyone needs their own lantern or flashlight while camping, don’t you agree? I love this Coleman Kids LED Adventure Mini Lantern because it has great reviews and it is a well known, trusted brand in the camping world. 

And here are a few more fun flashlight options for toddlers and young kids!

Kids Pop Up Play Tent

One struggle we had when camping with our toddlers was encouraging them to stay close to us at the campsite. Until I stumbled upon a very well-loved pop-up play-house at a garage sale while we happened to be staying at a campground for the week. On returning to our site, we set up the house and the little one was entertained for the whole afternoon! Finally, I could sit for a bit instead of chasing chasing chasing!

Make sure you check to see the particular size of these tents… some are much smaller than others. Also, you may want to check if it’s a simple pop up system or an actual mini tent with poles… and then decide which would be best for your family.

Complete Toddler Camping Play Set

Here’s all the toys all in one giant set. I’ll admit, this toddler camping set looks like a lot of pieces to keep track of, but it does look like hours of play!

Camping Stuffies

Maybe your littles would prefer some softer play toys? These sets are super cute and toddlers usually love play toys like this where the animals have homes included.

Camping Toys for Kids

Walkie Talkies for Kids

Do you remember being a kid? Walkie talkies were such an exciting toy back then! The difference is, kids’ walkie talkies work so much better now than they did back then!

The reviews on this walkie talkie set seems overly positive and these are are great way to let kids get a bit more freedom while exploring at the campground and still being able to get a hold of you (or you, them) when needed.

The Noodley LED Gloves for Kids 

I don’t know a single kid who wouldn’t love to play with these super fun Noodley LED Gloves. Watch the kids light up while you are camping in the dark!

Kids Binoculars

Get your little one their own binoculars so that they can keep an eye out for any wildlife or other awesome sights while you are camping. 

2 kids looking at the camera through kids binoculars

We have this set of kids binoculars and they are super affordable and have lasted through a lot of outdoor adventuring. If your kids are young and you’re looking for a pair that can get thrown into the toy bin at the end of the day, I’d suggest these!

Kids Camping Sets

Kids need their own camping gear, too. From pretend play to real life, check out these fun camping sets for kids.

Kids Play Tent Camping Gear Tool Pretend Play Set

While you probably don’t want to have the kids sleep in this tent while you are camping, it will be a fun play area for them during the days! Plus, with all of the other camping gear it comes with, they will have hours of fun on their hands with a camping set like this

Glow in the Dark Sleeping Bags

How fun would it be to have a glow in the dark sleeping bag? This set has just that and I have a feeling that kids are going to love it! There are multiple colors too so your kiddos can choose their favorites.

Kids Outdoor Exploration kit

One of my favorite things about camping is how active your kids can be. Your kids can explore just about anything at the campsite with this awesome exploration kit! 

Spiderman 4 Piece Kids Camp Kit

If you have a superhero fan in the house, they are going to love going camping in this Marvel Ultimate Spiderman 4 Piece Kids Camp Kit! It comes with a tent, a sleeping bag, a flashlight, and a carry sack!

Kids Outdoor Adventure Set

This awesome adventure set includes seriously adventurous stuff like a compass and a bug catcher.  What more does your outdoor explorer need?

Family Camping Games 

These family camping games are so much fun to sit around the campfire and play!

Corn Hole

Corn hole may have a funny name, but it is a super fun game! This set comes with Portable Corn Hole Boards and 8 Cornhole Bean Bags and is a great camping game for families.


Everyone loves a classic, right? That’s why horseshoes make such a perfect camping game for the family to play! This set is made with lightweight rubber playing mats and rubber horseshoes which means that it is better for kids to play with and you don’t have to hammer it into the ground, making it perfect to take along on your camping trip. 

Giant Dice

Want to have some real fun with the family next time you go camping? Grab this Giant Wooden Playing Dice Set with Bonus Rollzee and Farkle Scoreboard!  

gofindit Too 

What is your favorite part of camping? Is it being outside in nature? If so, your family will love Gofindit Too – Outdoor Nature Treasure Hunt Card Game for Families! This game is easy to take along, plus it gives your entire family an opportunity to explore and learn more about the outdoors. 

Camping Themed Card and Board Games

Why not cozy up at the picnic table and play these camping board games? Or, have on hand for a rainy day in the tent.

Spot It! Camping

If you have ever played Spot It!, you know how fun this game is and this version is made just for camping. Plus, it even comes in a sturdy case so you can take it along on your adventures without worry!

Monopoly National Parks

Everyone loves the game of Monopoly so why not pick up this version that takes you through all the National Parks? Educational and fun? Yes, please!

Camping with Sasquatch

Get ready to laugh! Camping with Sasquatch is certain to bring out the family-friendly competition, piled high with a ton of laughs!

YAHTZEE National Parks

What a classic board game! But it’s been given new life now with a National Parks theme. This is the perfect travel game for all your camping trips.

Trekking the National Parks

Explore the National Parks with your family and friends and join in on the journey. This award winning game will be a hit at home as much as it will be on the camping trip!

Camping BINGO

This fun board game makes BINGO possible while camping! Don’t forget to pack up some fun prizes for the first person to get BINGO!

Campfire Cribbage

Tired of packing up clunky boards and games that take up a ton of space? This cribbage board is not only perfect for camping fun but it’s compact, too!

Camp Travel Edition

Travel the world with this fun camping board game. It’s small and perfect for compact camping and playing in small spaces.


This is actually a dice game but still so much fun! Play Bears around the campfire and steer clear of the bears!

See how many fun camping toys for kids and unique camping games there are? You can easily pick out several things to gift or to make your next camping trip a ton of fun.

Do you have a favorite camping toy for kids from the list?

What should you do now?

Looking for other great gift ideas?

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