small dog looking out the window of an RV

RVing and camping during a pandemic (summer 2020)

It’s the summer of 2020 and maybe you’re feeling a bit adventure-starved? Many families are starting to struggle with adapting and finding ways to adapt to living and going about as before, but within the parameters of this “new normal”. And, for many, camping and RVing is an activity they are desparate to get back to. Is this you? Hoping into your RV and hitting the road is one way[…]

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An orange tent in a wooded campsite

Camping in Jasper – What are your options?

Every summer tens of thousands of people’s summer vacation includes camping in Jasper National Park.  And what about you? This post will give you some basic starting points for choosing a campground to make sure you get the most out of your trip to this beautiful park. And, in case you’re burning to know the answer to this question- Do you need a reservation to camp in Jasper National Park?[…]

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A vintage travel trailer set up at the campsite

10 must read first timer tips (when camping with travel trailers)

Heading out camping for your first time can be both a scary and exciting experience. If you’re new to travel trailer camping you’ve probably spend a lot of time reading and asking and learning how best camping should be done. But, there’s no better way to learn than by doing. Here you’ll find one mom’s story of what they learned and why you should take note of these first time[…]

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jasper townsite is closed

Is Jasper Open? …the mountains are calling…

As of publishing this, May 10, 2020, no, Jasper is not open. Yes, the mountains are calling. But, no, you still can’t go. Sorry. When will the National Parks be opening? Who knows! Rumor on the street is Parks Canada has been looking at staffing options and hiring for the summer. So, this could be interpreted as good news. And, the provincial parks are starting to open across Canada and[…]

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nature-themed family conversation cards cut and ready in a jar on a wooden table

Family zoom meeting Fun with nature-themed conversation starters

Make meaningful dinner time conversation (or family zoom meetings) easy with these printable nature-themed family conversation starters.  No more awkward silences when the extended family visit (or meets virtually).  No more redundant “how was your day?” and “what did you learn today?” type questions! Instead, get everyone sharing, using their brains, and having fun by being prompted to think about various scenarios, answer nature trivia, remember past adventures, or use[…]

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reusable and eco-friendly kitchen items, bamboo cutlery, reusable shopping bag, reusable drink bottles

Handmade and Eco-Friendly Home Gift Guide (updated for 2020)

Looking for gifts that any woman would be happy to have in her kitchen?  Here’s a collection of beautiful, reusable, and practical eco friendly gifts for mom that didn’t come from a factory half the world away. Here it is: Your eco-friendly gift guide, the kitchen edition All these items have been designed or hand-crafted by small business crafters.  By shopping on-line with small businesses, you both get to financially[…]

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a white pet bunny on a child's lap

Bunnies are the perfect pet for your kid to love & care for!

Pets are one of the easiest way to include more nature and animal learning into your child’s life. But, getting a pet shouldn’t be taken lightly. Any pet needs space, love, care, and dedication… and if kids are involved, then supervision is also needed! Are you thinking about getting your child a pet? Rabbits are very cute, affectionate and child friendly pets. They are relatively easy to care for. Rabbits[…]

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all the items in our family day pack

Tips For Packing Your Backpack & A Daypack Checklist

You’re heading out for a family walk in the woods, not packing for Armageddon.  It’s good to be prepared, but surely there’s a limit to how much you can comfortably carry!  When I’m out for a family day hike, I absolutely hate carrying a heavy backpack.  And, if you’re like me, you hate it even more when your back gets all sticky and sweaty and your shoulders start to ache…[…]

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Handmade pizza box solar ovens for cooking smores in your backyard

Yummy Fun with Pizza Box Solar Oven Smores!

Hands up if you like smores!  I like smores.  My kids love smores!  Really, you can’t go wrong with stuffing melted chocolate and gooey marshmallow into your mouth, right? Perhaps I’m getting a little too excited about all this.  But, I have reason.  For our family, smores are an eat-outside-only food, so that means we get them only when we have a campfire.  So, what do you do when there’s[…]

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Father and son backpacking in the mountains

Top 10 Tips for Hiking with Kids

Have you ever been out in the woods, enjoying a lovely family hike when all of a sudden someone stops and refuses to walk one more step?  If you’ve done much hiking with kids, chances are you’ve experienced the stone footed child!  But really, can you blame those little people for their complaints?  Hiking can be hard sometimes.  Heck, I’ve been on hikes when I’m the one who starts crying[…]

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