children running on a wet park path

Stories from the Quaran-time: let’s go outside!

This story is our first (in what hopefully will be an entertaining and enlightening quaran-time series) shared by a reader and outdoorsy mom… want to know what other families are during during this very strange, scary, and new time? Read on to see how one family is finding fun (even in the rain) while being stuck at home with the kids. Getting outside during the quarantine by Heather We have[…]

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Learn how to get kids excited and interested in nature with indoor birdwatching

Indoor Birdwatching – Invite Nature Learning & Curiosity

Do you have a little bird-lover in your family?  Want a fun way to nourish that interest with an invitation to quiet nature learning and play? We have a bird enthusiast in our family and I’m going to share with you how we set up an indoor bird watching station so our daughter could enjoy the birds even when she was stuck inside the house. This indoor bird watching station[…]

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an indoor camping blanket fort tent

Camping fun when you’re stuck at home!

Are you one of those families that counts down the days to camping season? Maybe you’ve had your reservations and plans all laid out? And, given the current state of affairs (you know, life as we know it basically being put on hold), have your camping plans been put on hold? And, if so, are you and the kids feeling pretty disappointing about this? If so, this article will give[…]

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Keeping busy with nature activities (bucket list & calendar)

Have you been asked to work from home? Or perhaps your child’s school is cancelled or you’re practicing social distancing… or (and hopefully this isn’t the case) your family has been asked to self-isolate? Or, maybe it’s nothing at all to do with this current state of affairs… you just happen to be stuck at home. Whatever the reason, below you’ll find a list of various ways you can still[…]

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a cup of homemade instant oatmeal out camping on the hiking trail

Instant Oatmeal Recipes – a perfect camping breakfast!

Do you like secrets?  Do you also like oatmeal?  Well, for all you oatmeal-eating, secret-lovers, this one’s for you:  Did you know you can stop buying those overly processed and overly-sweetened pre-packaged instant oatmeals and instead start making healthy instant oatmeal right in your own kitchen? No worries, it’s easy!  You can do this.  These healthy instant oatmeal recipes below are quick, very adaptable, and easily transportable for single-serving meals.[…]

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images from various nature and outdoor subscription boxes for families

Getting outside with subscription boxes (and some indoor ones too!)

Have you heard of subscription boxes?  They’re all the craze this holiday season.  You just pick a theme, order, and voila! These curated themed boxes are taking gift-giving to a whole new level. But, there are so many options available these days. How do you choose?  To make things a little bit easier for you, below you’ll find some favorite outdoor subscription boxes for outdoorsy folk, adventurous families, and nature-lovers.[…]

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tall flames from a backyard open fire pit

17 Fire Pit Accessories (must haves for outdoor living)

With today’s rising trend in upscale outdoor living spaces, having a fire pit is becoming a more popular backyard feature. With increased availability of affordable accessories, tools, and designs, setting up your own fire pit can be a lot of fun. You’ll have fun creating a comfortable and functional space. But, you’ll have even more fun using the pit, cooking all that yummy food, and enjoying all the smiles and[…]

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camping scavenger hunt on a clipboard

Campground fun with printable Camping Scavenger Hunts

Do you and your kids love scavenger hunts?  There was a certain age where my kids adored scavenger hunts!  Just a few scribbles on some scrap paper was enough to get them out and about hunting and discovering.  We’ve done scavenger hunts around home, at the airport, in the woods, and in the backyard.  So, it seemed like it was time to create some scavenger hunts for the campsite too![…]

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a toddler running off to explore the campsite

One epic guide to camping with toddlers (and a checklist)

Are you thinking about heading out the campground with your toddler in tow? Or, does this idea make you cringe? Camping with toddlers is totally doable. I don’t promise it will be easy, but by following a plan, keeping it simple, and slowing down a bit I’m sure you can all have a very (or somewhat very) successful trip! So, read on for your complete guide on how to bring[…]

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