A camper RV parked in a snowy campsite

How to heat a camper without electricity

Camping is a favorite hobby of many, especially in the summer. But when the weather turns chilly, especially at night, sometimes you have to get creative in the way you stay warm. When your camper doesn’t have electricity, how do you heat it? Quite a few inventive RV heating options exist, so go ahead and plan that cool weather trip! But first, here are a few things to think through[…]

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girl wearing a pink hat and shirt climbing a tree

Tree Climbing with Kids :12 Best Tips and Tricks

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. Time, relationships, nature, freedom, and family are some of the most valuable assets in our lives. One experience that combines all these elements is spending time with children outdoors. For instance, you can plan an exciting tree climbing expedition! Tree climbing comes with multiple benefits – quality time spent with kids, it also creates a space for them[…]

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A sandwich and glass bowl waiting to be covered with beeswax wraps

Beeswax Wraps: FAQs / Pros & Cons

Entering left field is plastic wrap… versatile, indestructible, mindless, and easy… a destroyer of the environment and filler of landfills.  Entering right field is beeswax wrap… the new kid on the block, ready to go head-to-head with our old time standard and armed with a gold ribbon in eco-consciousness.  Who wins? Imaging this:  You’ve been gifted an infant-sized zucchini.  You’ve made 4 loafs of chocolate chip zucchini bread, but that[…]

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Fun Map Activities for Kids (and some learning too!)

Maps provide awesome guidance for learning! Despite GPS, map reading and map skills are still super important skills for kids to learn. Plus, map skills for kids are something they will use their entire lives! Map Skills for Kids MapQuest was the beginning of the end, am I right? Mapping programs and now GPS made map reading seem ancient and outdated. But there are still a lot of very important[…]

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A toddler playing outside in the leaves during the fall

Fall activities for Toddlers

The fall season is such a beautiful time of year. The weather is cooler and the days are still long enough to get out after supper. When it comes to this time of year many families start looking for seasonally fun activities. Leaves and pumpkins and fresh apple cider. The fall has so many great outdoor (and indoor) sensory opportunities. And, this list is full of fun fall activities for[…]

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a pink reblooming orchid in a white pot, sitting on a wooden table

Orchid care for beginners- it’s easier than you thought!

“Orchids don’t make good houseplants; don’t buy an Orchid”.  That was Grandma’s advice.  And since I considered Grandma a gardening expert, I believed her.  Yet, I couldn’t resist those tall exotic blooms and one day found myself leaving the grocery store with a beautiful white Orchid in hand.  “Oh well I thought, I don’t know how to take care of orchids, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts” Well, Grandma[…]

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a toddler wearing a pink snowsuit making snowballs in the snow

(Easy) Outdoor winter activities for toddlers and kids

It’s winter! Snow and cold and ice and the possibilities of new and different play! Below you’ll find a list of all sorts of outdoor winter activities for kids and toddlers that you can set up right in your own backyard. How I miss the days that my littles would wake up to a freshly painted white world… oh, and the excitement in those eyes when they heard the snowplow[…]

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A vintage travel trailer set up at the campsite

10 must read travel trailer tips for first time campers

Heading out camping for your first time can be both a scary and exciting experience. If you’re new to travel trailer camping you’ve probably spend a lot of time reading and asking and learning how best camping should be done. But, there’s no better way to learn than by doing. Here you’ll find one mom’s story of what they learned and why you should take note of these first time[…]

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