A mountain landscape of the Ramparts from the Tonquin Valley

Hiking the Tonquin Valley- mountains, mud, and poop

Jasper National Park’s Tonquin Valley is known to be one of the most scenic and popular backcountry spots in all of the Canadian Rockies. Find out why this trail is so popular, what you need to know before heading in, and why the Tonquin might be a bit over-rated, maybe. About the Tonquin Valley The Tonquin Valley lies hidden in Jasper National Park’s backcountry, south-west of Jasper townsite. It can[…]

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dad and kids hiking with glaciers and mountains in the distance at wilcox pass in Jasper

Wilcox Pass, Spectacular Views Above the Icefields Parkway

There are so many stops and attractions along the Icefield’s Parkway between Jasper and Banff. Find out below why Wilcox Pass should also be on your list of things to do while making this drive through the Canadian Rockies. A bit about the Icefields Parkway Did you know that the Icefields Parkway is one of the most beautiful highways on earth?  That’s a pretty grand claim to make for a[…]

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a pink reblooming orchid in a white pot, sitting on a wooden table

Orchid care for beginners, it’s easier than you thought!

“Orchids don’t make good houseplants; don’t buy an Orchid”.  That was Grandma’s advice.  And since I considered Grandma a gardening expert, I believed her.  Yet, I couldn’t resist those tall exotic blooms and one day found myself leaving the grocery store with a beautiful white Orchid in hand.  “Oh well I thought, I don’t know how to take care of orchids, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts” Well, Grandma[…]

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A young girl climbing a tree in the winter

11 Tips – how to keep kids warm in the snow

We all need to get outside in the winter… there’s so many fun things to do in the snow! But, how do you stay warm and make sure your kids are staying warm in all that winter play? Read on for some simple tips to keep warm in the cold weather this season. Coaxing kids out the door in the wintertime It can be hard enough sometimes to motive ourselves[…]

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Printable Valentines Day Nature Craft Cards on a floral tablecloth

Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Nature Craft

Do you or your littles enjoy collecting leaves?  Do your children like to make their own Valentine’s Day cards?  Here’s an easy Valentine’s Day nature craft card which will combine both activities! (This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through my link I receive a small commission at no added cost to you. I only recommend stuff I use and enjoy. See my policy[…]

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An orange tent in a wooded campsite

Camping in Jasper – What are your options?

updated January 1, 2020 Every summer tens of thousands of people’s summer vacation includes camping in Jasper National Park.  And what about you? This post will give you some basic starting points for choosing a campground to make sure you get the most out of your trip to this beautiful park. And, in case you’re burning to know the answer to this question- Do you need a reservation to camp[…]

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little girl sitting on a picnic blanket beside her red wagon, text overlay reads Take Them Outside's Guide to Gift Guides

The best gift guides (for outdoor families)

Are you looking for some awesome outdoorsy gift ideas?  Take Them Outside has tried hard to put together the best gift guides to make choosing the perfect present easy and quick. And, making these gift guides has been a lot of fun too! All of the outdoorsy gift guides we’ve put together have outdoor families in mind.  You’ll find some for outdoor toys, and some for indoor nature play.  You’ll[…]

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a bird sitting on a frozen fence wire

Attracting birds in the winter | backyard birding

Are you on the hunt for easy winter nature connections?  Making your backyard and balcony inviting to local birds is one of the simplest ways to bring more nature into your family’s life.  Get your kids involved and make your backyard a safe and inviting place for birds in the winter. Come wintertime it can be hard to get outside.  It sometimes takes longer to get your snow pants on[…]

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a toddler wearing a pink snowsuit making snowballs in the snow

Easy, outdoor winter activities for Toddlers

Below you’ll find play and outdoor activity ideas to keep your toddlers outside and having fun this winter. You wake up and the world is covered in white.  And then your little one spots the snow, and if they’re like my kids were, they suddenly don’t care about cartoons and cereal.  They just need to get outside and try out their new Paw Patrol snow shovel, slide around in their[…]

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a few nature books in a pile outdoors on a wooden stump

17 books about nature (from bookshelf to backyard!)

Below you’ll find 17 great nature book recommendations for you and your kids. These books are great for homeschooling moms, wildschooling families, or any amateur naturalist – young or old! If you can’t be outdoors with your kids — whether it’s due to work, timing, mosquitoes, blisterng heat, or blizzards — the next best thing is curling up with a good book about the outdoors.  (This post contains affiliate links[…]

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