Get your kids excited and curious about nature with a family nature challenge | #naturechallenge #getoutside #naturelovers #outdoorfamilies

5 Day Family Nature Challenge

Here it is!  Another nature challenge!  Except this isn’t your typical nature challenge.  This family nature challenge was made with busy lives in mind.  Is this the challenge for you and your family?  Read on to decide. As much as I would like to call myself an adventure mom, I am not.  Sure, I probably get my kids outside a lot more than some parents.  And yes, while we are[…]

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Gift Guide for Outdoor Families & Adventuresome Kids

  Do you have any outdoor families or adventuresome kids on your shopping list this year?  Or maybe, you’re an outdoor family and are looking for practical gifts to help get you and your kids outside.  Well, I’ve put together a gift guide for outdoor families filled with some of our favourite toys and gear…. all sorts of things that we use when we’re outside exploring, playing, or just hanging[…]

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eco-friendly gift guide

Beautiful Handmade and Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mom

Looking for gifts that any woman would be happy to have in her kitchen?  I’m talking about gifts that are beautiful, reusable, and gifts that didn’t come from a factory half the world away. Here it is: Your eco-friendly gift guide, the kitchen edition Reusable Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mom – or any kitchen lover! All these items have been hand-crafted by small business owners.  The best part is you won’t[…]

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How to make Frozen Sun Catchers

Frozen Sun Catchers | Capturing Nature in Ice

If your family is like mine, we need extra motivation to get outside when the temperature drops below freezing.  Perhaps this craft will be just the thing to get your kids outside.  These frozen sun catchers can be made with a variety of items, are interesting to look at, and sparkle beautifully in the sun.  Plus, they were super easy to make; winter did most of the work for us![…]

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How to Care for Orchids

Easy Ways to Take Care of Orchids | Indoor Gardening

“Orchids don’t make good houseplants; don’t buy an Orchid”.  That was Grandma’s advice.  And since I considered Grandma a gardening expert, I believed her.  Yet, I couldn’t resist those tall exotic blooms and one day found myself leaving the grocery store with a beautiful white Orchid in hand.  “Oh well I thought, I don’t know how to take care of orchids, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts” Well, Grandma[…]

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View from the top of Sulphur Skyline Trail

Miette Hot Springs and Sulphur Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park

What will you see and do in Jasper National Park?  There are mountains, and marmots, and miles to hike… and not enough time to see it all! Have you heard of the Miette Hot Springs?  Yep, Jasper has hot springs too.  And, next to the spring fed pools there is this amazing hike you can do, tonnes of big horn sheep living in the area, and the old crumbling ruins[…]

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raising confident children

Raising a Confident Child | How I Failed Her by Thinking She Couldn’t Do It

Have you ever stopped your child from trying something because you were afraid they might get hurt or because you thought they’d fail?  Does this sound familiar?  “Get down off that rock.”  “Don’t go so high in that tree.” “How about you try an easier sport?”  I know I’ve said these words before.  And you know what, every time I stop my child from attempting something new, risky, or challenging…[…]

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How to pack your mom purse

How to pack your purse for outdoor adventure | Moms ready for play

You can spot a first-time mom from across the playground… fancy stroller, watching attentively, drink and snack ready in hand, and that huge diaper bag parked on the bench beside her.  Then there’s the third-time mom, slouched on the bench, slurping her coffee, book or phone in hand, purse thrown down at her feet.  She might look exhausted, but she’s no longer dragging around the change table, snack bar, and[…]

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Planning an easy family picnic

The Secret to a Perfect Family Picnic is Easier Than You Think

Have you ever flipped through the pictures of a Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook? Well, for starters, if the food in those cookbooks will make my thighs look like hers, then let’s get cooking.  But what I really covet (and you might too) are the glamorous family picnics she and her kids enjoy: hand-stitched quilts, laced napkins, antique tins, and smiling, well-groomed children frolicking in golden fields… My family picnics are not[…]

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