a woman looking out over a mountain valley, text reads gift guide for the outdoorsy girl

47 Gifts for Outdoorsy Women! (updated for 2022)

Are you looking for gifts for the outdoorsy girl?  Below you’ll find all sorts of gift ideas in all sorts of price ranges.  You’ll find tops and jewelry, pretty things, practical outdoor gear, and some reading suggestions too! And, here’s a tip: Send this post to your mom or partner if you’re wanting to unwrap some of these treasures yourself! Outdoorsy Women will love these tops! Happy Camper Tee by[…]

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reusable and eco-friendly kitchen items, bamboo cutlery, reusable shopping bag, reusable drink bottles

Handmade Eco Friendly Gifts for Her & the Home (updated for 2022)

Looking for gifts that any woman would be happy to have in her home and kitchen?  Here’s a collection of beautiful, reusable, and handmade environmentally friendly gifts for her that didn’t come from a factory half the world away. Shopping Etsy for Eco friendly gifts – the kitchen and home edition All these items have been designed or hand-crafted by small business crafters.  By shopping on-line with small businesses, you[…]

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Toddler's hand with a campsite number written on it

5 Camping with Toddler tips you absolutely need to know!

How do you know your toddler is ready to go camping? How do you know you’re ready to take your toddler camping? For some parents this idea is either super exciting or super daunting.   Below you’ll find our absolute best tips for camping with toddlers. (Seriously, these are good tips!) And, if you’re still looking for more guidance, check out this article: Your ultimate guide to bringing toddlers camping[…]

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ice sun catchers with berries and leaves hanging from a tree

Wonderful Wintertime Ice Suncatcher Ornaments

Do you need extra motivation to get outside when the temperature drops below freezing?  Perhaps this craft will be just the thing to get you and your kids outside.  These frozen sun catchers can be made with a variety of items, are interesting to look at, and sparkle beautifully in the sun.  Plus, they are super easy to make; winter did most of the work for us! (This post contains[…]

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a mom and boy wearing backpacks hiking in the woods

Backcountry hiking & camping with Kids: Prep for Success

No internet.  No running water.  No electricity.  Just lots and lots of fresh air.  Just yourselves and your surroundings for entertainment.  Pure adventure, right? Are you ready to bring your kids backcountry camping for some intimate wilderness and family time?  It’s okay to admit the idea of heading into nowhere with your kids in tow is a little (or a lot) bit terrifying! I was very nervous and worried the first[…]

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2 kids looking at the camera through kids binoculars

Camping Games & Toys for Kids

With the holidays coming up, you’re not going to want to miss out on these great camping toys for kids! Being able to plan ahead and figure out your shopping and gift needs before the rush of the holiday season is always a great idea. These gift ideas for kids are not only fun but are a great way to keep the kids excited about their love of camping as[…]

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small dog looking out the window of an RV

RVing and camping during a pandemic (summer 2020)

It’s the summer of 2020 and maybe you’re feeling a bit adventure-starved? Many families are starting to struggle with adapting and finding ways to adapt to living and going about as before, but within the parameters of this “new normal”. And, for many, camping and RVing is an activity they are desparate to get back to. Is this you? Hoping into your RV and hitting the road is one way[…]

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Father and son backpacking in the mountains

Top 10 Tips for Hiking with Kids

Have you ever been out in the woods, enjoying a lovely family hike when all of a sudden someone stops and refuses to walk one more step?  If you’ve done much hiking with kids, chances are you’ve experienced the stone footed child!  But really, can you blame those little people for their complaints?  Hiking can be hard sometimes.  Heck, I’ve been on hikes when I’m the one who starts crying[…]

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an indoor camping blanket fort tent

Indoor Camping fun when you’re stuck at home!

Are you one of those families that counts down the days to camping season? Maybe you’ve had your reservations and plans all laid out? And, given the current state of affairs (you know, life as we know it basically being put on hold), have your camping plans been put on hold? And, if so, are you and the kids feeling pretty disappointing about this? If so, this article will give[…]

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