Gifts for campers that have everything!

Are you trying to buy a gift for that person that seems to have everything?

One good place to start is to think about their hobbies and interests. Does this person like camping?

It’s likely that if they seem to have everything, they probably have all the things associated with their hobbies, right? Nope, it just means you have to get creative!

And, to help you on this quest, I’ve compiled a list of unique, fun, or even practical gifts for campers that have everything so that maybe your shopping time can be a little less stressful and a bit more enjoyable. These gifts for campers that have everything are going to change lives!

various gift ideas for campers that have everything, a camper decal, a personalized fire pit, and a personalized rug

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1. Personalized Camper Decal

If they have a camper, then they really could use a personalized camper decal! It can be customized with a family name or a fun phrase, the type of RV for the picture, as well as the color. It’s a perfect time to either be sentimental or silly, depending on the recipient. They’ll be the envy of the campground!

a custom made decal for an RV
By Jade Decals, available on Etsy
a personalized custom made decal on a camper door
By Vinyl Decal Shop Online, available on Etsy

2. Custom Camping Door Mat

Along the same vein, a custom door mat is a fun way to spruce up the campsite! This particular option can be personalized with a few lines, so feel free to make it standard or take the opportunity to be creative.

a personalized door mat with a picture of mountains and a camper
by Wood by Stu, available on Etsy
Custom made rubberized door mat with an image of a camper
by Happy Camper Gift Store, available on Etsy

3. Scratch-off National Parks Bucket List

For the explorer, a National Parks scratch-off bucket list is a really fun way to document their travels. With beautiful pictures for the scratch off that are colored in when removed plus personalization at the top, this is a gift that could hang in the camper while on the go or on the wall in their home to remind them to get out and explore!

scratch-off national parks bucket list framed on the wall
by Pop Chart, available on Etsy

4. Camping Lantern and Phone Charger

A more practical gift, a collapsible, solar-powered camping lantern and phone charger is super handy when you’re out camping! Especially if they love dry camping or boondocking (camping in the wilderness without hookups for the RV). Solar power is almost always available, so it makes this handy tool extremely helpful in just about any outdoor situation!

5. Camping Chair with Footrest

Sure, they probably have a camping chair. But does theirs have a footrest and reclining option? Can you truly relax if you can’t lay back and put your feet up? Help them out with a camping chair that does both! As a bonus, the footrest is detachable, so they can use this chair for every occasion.

6. Great Books

50 States, 5,000 Ideas Book: For the person who not only has everything but appears to have been everywhere, the 50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do book is the perfect gift. The travel gurus at National Geographic have compiled this book of both obvious and hidden gems of places to see and things to do in the United States and Canada too so they will truly never run out of things to do!

Or, if that one doesn’t seem like perfect fit, there are all sorts of other travel bucket lists, guides, and fun reads out there!

7. S’mores Gift Sets

You can never go wrong with s’mores. A gourmet s’mores gift set is a unique and delicious gift! This set comes with handmade, gourmet marshmallows (if you haven’t had a gourmet marshmallow before, be sure to buy a second one of these for yourself!) along with everything else they need to create the most delectable s’more ever!

8. BBQ Sauce & Dry Rub Sampler

For the barbeque enthusiast, try a BBQ sauce and dry rub sampler! It will allow them to branch out from their normal delicious meat marinades and sample some new flavors, which is always a win.

gift box with various BBQ sauces and rubs
BBQ Sauce & Rubs by Bull City BBQ Co on Etsy

Or, if they really really like BBQ you might want to consider getting them a 1, 3 or whole year subscription to this great Grill Masters Box!

9. Beautiful Wool Blanket

Perfect for every occasion from camping to picnicking, a wool blanket offers superior warmth, but none of the heavy bulk. Plus, this one is itch-less, soft, and washable!

Or, I wonder if you could find yourself an old Hudson’s Bay Blanket to gift? That would be a lovely vintage find and gift!

10. Compression Packing Cubes

Everyone who camps knows that packing space is at a premium. if you’re buying for an RVer, they might already have packing cubs. But, do their cubes simply organize or do they also compress up, saving space? Save them from packing woes with these zippered compression cubes!

11. A Poncho!

This waterproof poncho (below) is perfect for when inclement weather busts up a perfectly lovely camping trip, a waterproof rain poncho will provide the ability to stay dry, but still keep going with their day.

For someone who’s always cold at the campsite, how about cozy fleece poncho?

Or, looking for a luxury gift item? Well, here it is: a Yakima Camp Poncho is rain and wind resistant and handmade of soft wool – meaning it will be warm and cozy too. These are perfect for camping, but will also come in handy in tons of other situations, plus, they are just beautiful.

12. Campfire Skillet

Present a new and fun challenge with a campfire skillet. This particular skillet is made for use directly over a campfire. It heats quickly, heats evenly, and even retains heat for a perfectly made meal. The legs and handles are also removable for easy storage.

13. Camper Bird House

Add another dimension of fun to either their home or their campsite with a retro camper bird house. It comes with pop out pieces that fit together and can be glued for longevity. You can also purchase it with paints to fully customize it! They can set it on a shelf to enjoy indoors or hang it outside for a family of birds to nest in.

a yellow wooden handmade camper birdhouse hanging in a tree
Camper Birdhouse by 1 Man 1 Garage on Etsy

14. Personalized Portable Fire Pit

Such a cool gift idea! These customized fire pits don’t need tools for assembly and they fold down flat for easy storage and transportation. They’re the perfect gift that those campers of your likely don’t already have!

15. Camping Subscription Boxes!

When you’re looking for gits for the camper that has everything, you might just want to consider getting them a whole bunch of great things… cool gadgets, specialty foods, themed décor, and novelty items. Fun!

Buying gifts for campers who have everything can be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully, you found the perfect gift on this list, or at the very least something here that sparked some new ideas for you!

But, if not, here are a few more fantastic camping gift guides that you need to check out:

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