Printable Camping Scavenger Hunts for Kids and Families

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Do you and your kids love scavenger hunts?  There was a certain age where my kids adored scavenger hunts!  Just a few scribbles on some scrap paper were enough to get them out and about hunting and discovering.  We’ve done scavenger hunts around home, at the airport, in the woods, and in the backyard.  So, it seemed like it was time to create camping scavenger hunts for them.

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These camping scavenger hunts are perfect for younger kids who are old enough to venture a little ways away from the campsite.  One of these lists is for helping children and families get oriented to the features around the campsite and may help them identify their site, amenities, and safety concerns in the area around your campground.  The other is a giant family scavenger hunt, perfect for the families who love exploring around the campground and doing a little ‘campsite spying’.

How to do a scavenger hunt:

You don’t have to get fancy here.  Print out the list, grab something to check off your found items and voila!  You’re ready to go hunting.

If you’d like to get fancy, I’ve seen lists taped to bags, or laminated lists.  If you’re a family that prefers to ‘take only pictures’ these scavenger hunts will work for you as well.  In fact, sometimes the kids really enjoy the added element of taking a photo of all their finds.  This usually leads us to spend more time later that day or the following day going back through the photos and talking more about each item they photographed.

Either way, remember, the goal here is to get outside and have fun!

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Getting to know your campsite scavenger hunt

Thinking about what to put into a camping scavenger hunt, it occurred to me that there are lots of things around the campground that I usually point out to my kids for safety and orientation .  So, I thought, perhaps I could integrate that teaching into the scavenger hunt itself.

This list will be most helpful if you do it with your children.  When we get to a new campground we take our kids to find the bathrooms, the play area, take note of memorable structures, and discuss safe boundaries for their roaming.

I created this list while keeping all this in mind.

Get access to the Getting to know your campsite scavenger hunts.

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The Mega Camping Scavenger Hunt

Are you someone who loves walking around the campground and checking out everyone else’s setups?  I know I do.  I love seeing all the cool tents people have or the super huge motor homes or the decked out camping kitchens people set up.  And then there are the cute little retro units and all the sweet dogs to say hi to and all the kids running around just as eager to spy new people as I am.  Anyhow, if your family enjoys this, then this scavenger hunt will be a great fit!

This list might also work well to pair off into teams or groups of families to photograph the items with a time limit.  The team with the most items checked off wins first dibs on the marshmallow roasting sticks that night!

Get access to the Camping Scavenger Mega-Hunt.


I do hope these camping scavenger hunts bring lots of fun to your next family camping trip.  If you do end up trying the mega-hunt I’d love to hear how long it took your family to find all the items on the list!

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