50 Fun & Unique Camping Gifts for Couples (2023 guide)

This gift guide will help you find the best camping gifts for outdoorsy couples. Some of these will make great wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, or just that special gift for any special occasion!  

So, you’re looking for the perfect gift?  Whether they’re into RVing, car camping, or backpacking, we’ve handpicked some of the best gifts that any outdoor enthusiast will be sure to love and use on all of their outdoor adventures. No worries!  Let’s find the perfect camping gift for that special couple!

A couple holding their hands in the shape of a heart while overlooking a great outdoor landscape

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Quick Top 3 Best Camping Gifts for Couples:

Looking for the quick favourites? Here they are!

Gifts for the couples that love Camping and Coffee

Whether car camping, random backcountry camping, or hanging out at home, everyone needs a good coffee to start their day, right? If this camping couple is also a caffeine loving couple, you’re going to be their new hero with this new great addition to their camping kitchen set up.  

Or, if they prefer their coffee a little simpler, like the good ‘ol days, these Stainless Steel Percolators are super popular for campfire coffee. If they’re lovers of all things vintage, and you enjoy browsing flea markets and garage sales, you might be able to find them a beautiful vintage enamel camping coffee percolator, like ours in the photo below! (You can also purchase them new, but where’s the treasure-hunting fun in that?)

Another option is the french press.  An insulated French Press is a great addition to any camping trip. It’s the perfect way to make delicious, fresh coffee right at the campsite and keep it hot for an extended morning of coffee drinking.

And, then, of course, they’ll want some fancy-dancy new coffee mugs to drink their tasty coffee out of. … or tea… or wine… or whatever their beverage of choice happens to be. A good camping mug is worth it’s weight in gold, especially if it’s a Yeti!

If you’re looking for enamel camping mugs head over to this gift guide for all whole variety!

We love our Hydroflasks! We use them all the time, year round!

We love our Hydroflasks.  Over the years, we’ve purchased 5 of these!  They’re stainless steel, and easy to clean (if you get a wide mouth version); they’re leak proof so you can throw them into your pack without worry, and they actually keep liquids hot! Or, in the summer, use them as a regular water bottle and they’ll keep the water nice and cool.

Get your favourite camping couple two, in different colours so they’ll each have one!

If this couple likes to enjoy a drink that’s a little more exciting, try this flask and steel shot glass gift set!

Stanley Stainless Steel Shots + Flask Gift Set

New Gear for Car Camping and Rving Couples

Camping gear is necessary for any outdoor adventure, and it’s always fun to upgrade and add new pieces to the essential gear collection. Plus, it’s such a bonus to be gifted a useful camping gift or practical item. These items will not only make their camping trips more comfortable and convenient but also show them that you care.

Camping gear gift ideas that should be easy to find at many random stores:

  • A brand new first aid kit
  • A pair of fancy camping chairs (like the ones Costco sells!)
  • A portable power station
  • Small solar powered phone charger
  • A Bluetooth speaker so they can enjoy their tunes at the campsite
  • A matching pair of headlamps (because matching couples are cute!)
  • Outdoor games like cornhole, or giant yard games like Yahtzee
  • A set of pie irons
  • A beautiful new cast iron pan or dutch oven
  • A fun and colourful set of roasting sticks, especially if they like entertaining at the campsite

These are the pie irons we have. One is cast iron, one is aluminum. The kids prefer a pie iron with the longer handle and the littler ones find the cast iron pie iron quite heavy to hold over the fire, but it’s fine if there’s a grate to rest the pie iron on.

Telescoping Roasting Sticks!

MalloMe Smores Sticks for Fire Pit Long - Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Smores Kit - Smore Skewers Hot Dog Fork Campfire Cooking Equipment, Camping Essentials S'mores Gear Outdoor Accessories 32' 5 Pack
  • Super handy
  • Compact for storage
  • Easy on small hands
  • There is a wide variety of telescoping roasters available, but these are top-rated sellers

Luxury Gift Items for the Backpacking Couple

These next few items are perfect for the couple that likes to escape into the woods for long hikes and backcountry camping trips.  While pricey, these are the ultimate in awesomeness. 

Double Sleeping Bags & Lightweight Tents

The Amazing Lightweight, Down-filled, Double Sleeping Bag from REI

The newlywed couple will love the coziness and intimacy of a double sleeping bag!

These sleeping bags really are amazing! This particular bag is intended for cold nights (rated to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, -9 degrees Celsius), is made from down, is compact, and will keep two people happy, cozy, and content!

The Big Agnes Lightweight 2 Person Tent from REI

Or how about a super fancy lightweight 2 person backpacking tent. This is the one we use and we love it! (Although, do know it is an ultrathin fabric that should have a ground sheet for gravel and rocky surfaces.)

This is our tent! We love it! It’s super lightweight, compact, easy to set up, and the perfect size for 2!

Couples Gifts for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts

For couples who love outdoor activities, there’s no better gift than something that enhances their connection to nature. If you’re looking for a thoughtful outdoor gifts for a couple that loves spending time in the wilderness, here are our top suggestions:

  • Binoculars: Useful for birdwatching and wildlife spotting
  • Nature guides and location specific field guides
  • Beautiful handmade leatherbound journal: perfect to record their adventures and nature findings

Passes for National Parks and Wilderness Preserves

These are a great way to help your favorite camping couple get out adventuring together.  Take a look at the local parks and reserves and you’ll likely find that many provide gift card options. 

Personalized Camping Items: Great wedding gifts!

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and unique wedding gift for a couple who loves camping, personalized camping items are a great choice.  These days you can personalize almost anything!  

Here are some popular personalized camping items that you might want to consider:

  • Welcome mat with the newlywed’s family name(s)
  • Mugs / Coffee thermos / Glasses
  • Cozy camp blankets
  • Name decal for the side of the camper

Personalized Camping Couples Gift Ideas From Etsy

Camping Rug

a brown camping mat personalized with names

Fire Poker

Someone using a personalized fire poker in a fire pit

Camping Mugs

2 white enamel mugs with a married couple in the woods

Unique Gifts to encourage quality time

Quality time is precious.  Help the couple capitalize on the intimacy camping can offer with these gifts to encourage closeness! 

Cuddle-encouraging Gifts!

A Hammock: Any true outdoor-loving couple will want to have a hammock for their time in nature. A double hammock like this one will make a perfect gift for a camping couple. You can even find these with covers in case the couple is needing a little hammock privacy;)

Camping Loveseat: And, the love seat, two chairs in one! This Camping Chair Loveseat is a great gift for a couple that loves camping. This one below is available on Amazon, but if you have a specialty outdoors store nearby, I suggest you go check there for a fancier cushioned version of this.

Inflatable Lounger: The loveseat chair is sweet and all, but let’s face it. Camping chairs are often uncomfortable. What every couple that likes to camp really needs is this Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa. I mean, who doesn’t want to relax on air all day?

The Camping Couple Gift Basket!  

Want to put together a small gift basket with all sorts of smaller size gifts?  Because you can really personalize gifts like these, they can be a lot of fun to put together if you have enough time to hunt out the perfect theme and matching items.  

First, you’ll need some sort of gift basket, bag, container.  For a camping theme you could choose one of these ideas:

  • A new dutch oven
  • Pretty wicker basket or picnic basket
  • Car Camping trunk organizer
  • Camping dish washing bucket
  • Cute Camping themed reusable shopping bag

Next, you’ll need a collection of small items to go into your chosen container:

  • Warm wool camping socks and a cozy personalized camping blanket, big enough for two to cuddle underneath!
  • Matching personalized Camping Mugs, with a new bag of artisan coffee beans
  • A cute set of telescoping roasting sticks, some gourmet marshmallows and high quality chocolate wafers
  • A set of waterproof playing cards, a bluetooth speaker, and a few bottles of the couple’s favourite beverages
  • A set of string lights to set the mood, a bottle of wine, and a double hammock
  • Jiffy Pop, some diy fire starters, a pack of fire colours to throw in the flames, and a star guide

Are you ready to make some couples’ next trip even more epic with these awesome camping gift ideas? Whether they love car camping, backpacking, or RVing, we’ve got you covered. From the practical gift to personalized items and romantic touches, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to any nature-loving couple’s faces. So don’t wait, start shopping now and become their favorite gift-giver! Happy camping!


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