Camping gifts for Couples (for weddings or the holidays)

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This gift guide will give you camping gift ideas for couples. Some of these will make great wedding gifts, birthday, Christmas, and anniversary gifts. And, if in doubt, remember to throw the gift receipt into the package;) …but, really, these ideas are good!

Do you know a couple who loves spending their time outdoors? Does this couple happen to be on your shopping list this holiday season? Or, perhaps you’re looking for a unique and practical wedding gift?

No need to stress this shopping trip, you’ll find some great camping gifts for couples that love RVing, car camping, and even backpacking. You are going to be the camping fan’s favorite gift gifter after getting them a gift that they will be sure to enjoy using on all of their outdoor adventures.

A couple holding their hands in the shape of a heart while overlooking a great outdoor landscape

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For the couple that enjoys a good coffee or something a little stronger:

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker

Whether camping or hanging out at home, everyone needs a good cup of coffee to start their day, right? If this camping couple is also a caffeine loving couple, you’re going to be their new hero with that fancy propane maker above.

Or, if they prefer their coffee a little simpler, like the good ‘ol days, these Coleman Stainless Steel Percolators are super popular for campfire coffee:

And, then, of course, they’ll want some fancy-dancy new coffee mugs to drink their tasty coffee out of. … or tea… or wine… or whatever their beverage of choice happens to be. A good camping mug is worth it’s weight in gold, especially if it’s a Yeti!

If you’re looking for enamel camping mugs head over to this gift guide for all whole variety!

Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs with Lid

The Yeti 20oz Vacuum Sealed Rambler

If this couple likes to enjoy a drink that’s a little more exciting, try this flask and steel shot glass gift set!

Stanley Stainless Steel Shots + Flask Gift Set

Gear suggestions for the camping couple

Help your favorite camping couple keep their regular cookware in good shape and get them a set just for their camping adventures! This mess kit has everything they need.

Camping Cookware Mess Kit

Being prepared for emergencies is always a good practice. This may not be a typically “fun” gift for couples that love to camp, but they will definitely appreciate it!

Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System

Do you want to surprise your favorite camping couple with the absolute best camping gift there is? How about a new tent? This Coleman 2-person pop up tent is a perfect gift for a couple that loves to camp.

The Coleman 2 person Sundome Tent or the Coleman 2 person Popup Tent

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a camping couple, how about the gift of a good night’s sleep. Of course, there is the novelty factor of sleeping on the ground, but none of us are getting any younger. Even the most hard core camping fans wake up with some aches and pains after sleeping on the hard ground… not to mention a good mattress also keeps you much warmer.

Double Sleeping Pad

This car inflatable mattress makes sleeping in your car a little more comfortable. If you know an adventuresome couple that loves to camp in their car, this is the ultimate gift for them!

Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

And, then, of course don’t forget the double sleeping bag! This will be the ultimate gift for the couple that loves to camp. It does split into two though, in case your camping couple likes their own sleeping space. So really, it is two gifts in one!

This bag below is rated to about 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Double Sleeping Bag

Luxury Gift Items for the Backpacking Couple

For the couple that loves to pack up and head into the woods, this would be the ultimate in awesomeness…. although, quite pricey, these sleeping bags really are amazing! This particular bag is rated to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, is made from down, is compact, and will keep them happy, cozy, and content.

The Amazing Lightweight, Down-filled, Double Sleeping Bag from REI

Or how about a super fancy lightweight 2 person backpacking tent. This is the one we use and we love it! (Although, do know it is an ultrathin fabric that should have a ground sheet for gravel and rocky surfaces.)

The Big Agnes Lightweight 2 Person Tent from REI

Lightweight MSR Apline Pot set from REI

A few fun camping accessories and items for the couple

Any true outdoor-loving couple will want to have a hammock for their time in nature. A double hammock like this one will make a perfect gift for a camping couple. You can even find these with covers in case the couple is needing a little hammock privacy;)

Double Hammock

And, the love seat, two chairs in one! This Camping Chair Loveseat is a great gift for a couple that loves camping.

Loveseat Style Camping Chairs

The loveseat chair is sweet and all, but let’s face it. Camping chairs are often uncomfortable. What every couple that likes to camp really needs is this Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa. I mean, who doesn’t want to relax on air all day?

Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

Even the most hardcore camping couple likes to get cleaned up sometimes. This portable shower lets them do just that anywhere.

Solar Camping Shower

Help the happy camping couple stay in touch with a solar powered charger. This are so helpful for the times when electricity isn’t an option.

Solar Powered Charger

Many people who love to camp, also love to have their camping gear organized and ready to go. Help them out with this heavy duty trunk organizer.

Collapsible Portable Heavy Duty Trunk Organizer

By now you should be well on your way to finding the perfect wedding, holiday, or anniversary gift for the camping couple!

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