Top 10 Must-Have Enamel Camping Mugs for Your Next Adventure & FAQs

If enamel camping mugs are your thing, then you’ll enjoy this collection! Vintage or brand new, enamel mugs look fabulous and are super versatile. Use them for camping, adventuring, or even at the office!

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Until reading up on enamelware (and seeing their use on the trail), I didn’t fully appreciate the qualities of a good enamel camping mug.  But, I do now!

Why are enamel mugs good for camping?

Enamel mugs are a great choice for camping because they are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. They are made of steel coated in enamel, which makes them resistant to dents and scratches. Plus, the enamel coating is non-porous, preventing bacteria buildup. Lastly, not only can they be used for hot and cold beverages, but you can actually use them to cook directly over the flame!

Did you know enamelware can go right onto flame?  I had no idea until I watched a hiker do this at the campsite. She added water, sat it right onto her stove, then dumped the tea bag in…. Skipped the kettle all together!

Enamelware is very durable (that’s why we see so much of it at garage sales).  That stuff can take a beating.  Plus, it’s lightweight, which is definitely why enameled mugs are considered an essential piece of camping equipment.

And here’s one last special use for the enamel mug that I am only now learning to appreciate:  Have you been told to wear bear bells when hiking?  Well, go ahead and wear your new enamel camping mug instead!  That clanking of your tin cup on a metal carabiner, well, that’s a sound to let any bear know there’s a hiker on the trail!

An enamel camping mug for every camper

vintage styled colorful enamel camping mug
Get Lost enamel camping mug available by Toucan Tango Design on Etsy

Get Lost, Vintage inspired enamel mug by Toucan Tango Design on Etsy

Isn’t this mug just the perfect enamel camping mug?

The vintage feel and design to this mug fits perfectly with the nostalgic feel of stepping away from your busy life and slowing down by the campfire.

An enamel camp mug which reads let's explore nature's wonders
Let’s Explore Nature’s Wonders by Take Them Outside on Etsy

Let’s Explore Nature’s Wonders by Take Them Outside

These sweet mugs have been designed by me! And, yes, I’ll admit that while I do have some mugs on this list that I really really love, these are ultimately my favorite (it’s too bad my photo’s not really that great… but I’m working on that!)

Anyhow, these are the perfect sized mug for small hands and campfire hot chocolate. The designs are whimsical and fun in a classic black and white style. Kids will love them but they’ll also look great on your office desk with a morning tea, or by your sink holding some fresh cut flowers.

If you jump over to the Take Them Outside Shop on Etsy you’ll find a few other mug designs I’ve been working on.

a man with a green plaid shirt holding a personalized enamel mug with mountains and forests

Personalized Mountain Enamel mug by ODYSEA on Etsy

Get one for each member of your family to guarantee no fighting over your new handy (and sweet) enamel mugs!

Wouldn’t this also make a nice graduation gift for a young man venturing off into the world?  Or maybe just one for dad because dads are great and deserve special things every now and then!

Adventure Camping Enamel Mugs

Here’s a fun pair of mugs perfect for a couple or for someone who prefers to have friends around the campfire.

Night Design, Folklore Enamel Camping Mug, on Amazon

This mug is petty enough for around the campfire and the dinner table.  The mug holds 14oz which happens to be a little larger than the average enamel mug you’ll see on this list.

There is also a Folklore complimentary day design in white which is just as lovely if you’d prefer a pair of mugs.

Personalized Mug by HENDOGDesignsGB on Etys

Here is a sweet personalized mug for some littles on your list or in your family. This particular shop has a variety of personalized mugs and designs.

Two white enamel camping mugs on a wooden table. One mug reads take me to the woods. The other is an illustration of a bear.

Enameled Camping Bear Mug by Woodland Factory on Etsy

These are so sweet.  Handmade in Poland, the simple and cute hand-drawn designs on these mugs will definitely bring a smile to any lover of the woods.

Notice the little tree just inside the lip of the cup?  Woodland Factory also has a few other enameled mug designs in this same cute style.

Personally, I had a hard time choosing between this Highland Cow mug and the Bear pictured above.

enamel mugs with scenes of outdoor activity printed on them

Outdoor Life Camping Mug by Rolf and Wills Design on Etsy

Aren’t these fun?  Camping stuff doesn’t always need to be camping themed.  And, maybe you camp by the beach or you’re a skiing family.

Also, take notice of the handy lids for these cups.  Don’t you hate when your coffee gets cold too fast or, when those bugs fly into your iced tea?

When you’re not camping, these mugs are beautiful enough to sit on your counter and store teabags, loose change, and sugar.

Woodland themed enamel mugs stacked on a tabletop.

Botanical Campfire Mugs by ceridwenDESIGN on Etsy

You could get just one or a whole lovely set of these botanical styled mugs by Ceridwen.

My daughter particularly likes the stegosaurus!  Which is your favorite?

A variety of enamel mugs all printed with different plants and animals.

the Enamel Mug Collection by Alice Draws the Line on Etsy

The mugs available in this collection will vary over time, but they all have the same clean sciency feel to them.  They’re simple, but each one makes a statement of its own.

Enamel Camping Mug FAQs

Can I put my enamel camping mug in the dishwasher?

Apparently, enamel mugs can go into the dishwasher. I always hand wash mine. When hand washing I suggest to avoid scrubbing with abrasive cleaners and only use scratch-free scrubbies.

Can I use my enamel camping mug on a camping stove?

Yes, you sure can! Enamel mugs are suitable for use on camping stoves and on grills over the campfire. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and can be used for both boiling water or cooking food.

How durable are enamel camping mugs?

Enamel camping mugs are very durable and can handle the wear and tear of camping and hiking. They are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be long-lasting. However, it’s important to note that enamel mugs can chip if dropped on sharp rocks.

Can I put my enamel mug in the microwave?

Absolutely not. Enamel camping mugs are not safe for use in the microwave.

Source: Read More about Microwaving Enamelware here.

Is it safe to drink hot liquids from an enamel camping mug?

Yes, it is safe to drink hot liquids from an enamel mug. However, being metal, enamel mugs do transfer heat well and the cup may be quite hot for the first sips.

Have you found a favorite?  Can you picture your family gathered around the campfire, their hands curled around one of these lovely enamel camping mugs?

Enamel camping mugs really do make practical outdoor life gifts… durable, lightweight, for use over flames, and cute too!

images of enamel mugs for camping gifts


Blueberries overflowing from an enameled mug with a big red heart on it


Enameled coffee mugs sitting in on a dimly lit table


enameled coffee mugs on a table, text reads enamel camping mugs gift guide




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