Looking for Cool Camping Gifts? Check this list out!

Are you on the hunt for the perfect camping gift to surprise your outdoorsy friends and family? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

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Camping isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle filled with adventure, exploration, and, of course, cool gear. Whether your loved one is an avid camper or just starting to embrace the great outdoors, I’ve compiled a gift guide full of cool camping gifts that’s sure to ignite their camping spirit.

You’ll also notice there are quite a few practical gifts listed here too… while perhaps not ‘unique’ or one-of-a-kind, I personally love gifting and receiving practical gifts and the perfect practical present is, indeed, a cool gift!

camper with gift graphics

Camp Kitchen Gifts

When it comes to camping, the heart of every adventure often revolves around the campfire and, of course, the food! If you’re searching for unique camping gifts for your foodie friends or outdoor chefs, here are some great ideas!

Car camping and RVing Cookware Gifts Ideas

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Do a quick Pinterest camping recipe search and you’ll see that Dutch ovens are all the rage when cooking over campfires these days!  I admit that I don’t have one, but then I’m not a big camping foodie… but, for those that are, this gift idea is gold!

Campfire Pie Irons

These are the pie irons we have. One is cast iron, one is aluminum. The kids prefer a pie iron with the longer handle and the littler ones find the cast iron pie iron quite heavy to hold over the fire, but it’s fine if there’s a grate to rest the pie iron on.

campfire pie iron cooking tools

Telescoping Roasting Sticks

  • Super handy
  • Compact for storage
  • Easy on small hands
  • There is a wide variety of telescoping roasters available, but these are top-rated sellers

Vacuum-Sealed French Press

We have an insulated French Press in our camping gear and love how it keeps our coffee warm on cool camping mornings. Plus, compared to other types of camping coffee makers, it is relatively easy to clearn.

Enamel Coffee Pot

For the nostalgic camper, these enamel coffee pots are super cool! You can even get the whole set with matching coffee cups too! We have a vintage blue enamel pot that we often use on our campfire to warm up water for dishwashing

Blue enamel kettle on a grill over a campfire

Fun & Practical Bottle Openers for Campers

Bottle openers are a fun gift for campers… who doesn’t need to open a bottle now and then? Here are a few cool options… the retractable one can be attached to a cooler!

Backpacking Kitchen Gadgets & Gifts

For campers that do a lot of backpacking, having lightweight and durable gear is a must. But, this specialty camping gear can sometimes be a bit more pricey and because of this, is the perfect gift item if you’re looking to gift something they might not purchase themselves.

Backpacking Coffee

Aeropress for Travel & Camping

The Aeropress is one of the most popular camping coffee makers!

Disposable Portable Coffee Filters

These coffee filters are great for mess-free coffee making. And, the bonus to these is that your gift receiver can easily pair them with their favourite ground coffee beans!

various flavours of backpackers pantry dehydrated meals

Backpacker’s Pantry Dehydrated Meals

Tasty meals really are wonderful in the backcountry! If you’re looking for something practical for your hiking camper, and you know their food preferences, you might want to consider gifting them a yummy backcountry meal… complete with chocolate cheesecake for dessert!

Camping Cook Books

For the camping foodie, here are some uniquely themed camping cookbooks!

Electronic Devices & Technology in the Wilderness

Who says camping means completely disconnecting from the digital world? Or, maybe they’re just a lover of all things tech?  

Staying connected to the digital world

Cell Phone Signal Booster

For campers that are frequently adventuring out in the wilderness, a cell phone signal booster could be a very practical and original gift! You’ll want to make sure you purchase one that has positive reviews working with your country’s specific cell phone providers. And, getting one for a vehicle will ensure it comes with the correct power adaptors.

Power when they’re camping off-grid

For campers that do a lot of camping without electricity, these may be some of the most useful gifts in this guide.  

Take a close look at all the various inputs on this unit! It’s easy to charge with a regular outlet or purchase these portable solar panels so the can charge it when he’s out exploring the wilderness!

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Emergency Weather Radio, Charger, and Light

Perfect for campers, especially those that venture off into no-man’s land! This has various battery charging options, including a hand crank and solar panel. It will keep someone connected via the radio and weather allerts. Plus, it can also charge a small device and has a flashlight.

Cool Tech Gadgets

Night Vision Goggles

Okay, the idea of night-vision both interests and worries me! … all the exciting nocturnal creatures I could spot and maybe the nocturnal creatures I don’t want to spot? Either way, they’re a pretty cool gift!

Rechargeable Camping Fan with Light

How about a fan to help cool off at the campsite. There’s a handy hanging hook to put it up in the tent, or a sturdy support to set it up on any surface. The light is also helpful!

Cool Camping Games & Adventure Activities

For the adventure junkies, families, and young kids on your gift list, here’s the perfect present to help them be active and adventurous when camping in the great outdoors. 

Fun and Games

Classic Beanbag Toss (Cornhole)

Nothing is more ‘RV camping game’ than the beanbag toss! The first time I went camping with my RV-loving extended family I was amazed to watch every single RV haul out one of these games. It was such fun for all age groups to play one game all together!

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Apparently Spikeball is all the rage these days and all the cool kids are playing it;)

A few months ago, while camping, I sat watching a group of young guys jumping and dancing around and hollering and have a great ol’ time. I had no idea what was going on until my daughter spoke up and informed me that I was spying on a game of Spikeball. It did look like a lot of fun!

Toddler Camping Play Set

We can’t forget the little ones when we’re camping… and what do little ones love? They love to do what the big people are doing!

This camping set allows for kids to play and pretend and do all the camping things, complete with their own tent! It’s a perfect camping toy for at home, but I think it’s even better at the campground!

My littles didn’t have this exact set, but their did have some similar pieces. My girls particularly liked playing in the tent and pretending to cook (rocks and twigs) over the fire.

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Nature and Outdoor Lovers

Gskyer Telescope

For many of us, we don’t ever get a really good look at the stary sky, unless we’re out camping. And, those dark camping nights are the perfect spot to bring out the telescope and truly get a good look at the sky! This telescope is one of the most popular ones out there. We’ve used an earlier version of this one and appreciated how easy it was for the kids to set up and use on their own.

Do be aware that this isn’t the telescope for adults that want to take up stargazing as a hobby though… this is the easy-to-travel-with, durable-for-kids, but still decent quality telescope.

Kid’s Binoculars

We have these exact GeoSafari kid’s binoculars and not only are they actually pretty decent binoculars, they’re also super durable and have lived for much of their life in the toy box being thrown around and jostled with all the other toys! These have travelled far, and have had many falls and bumps, and they still work!

More extreme and bigger fun

We bought our slack line about 5 years ago and it’s still as popular with the kids (and adults) as it was when we first starting bringing it camping. This set below is very similar to ours.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This would be such a cool camping gift for the adventuresome, water-loving camper! You can use these on lakes, ponds, slower moving rivers, and the ocean too! This particular paddleboard is inflatable, meaning it is easier to transport and takes up less storage space.

Gifting Experiences and Opportunities

When it comes to gifts, sometimes the best gifts are those that create lasting memories.  A gift card is the perfect gift for minimalists, gifts for families, and gifts to encourage spending time together.  

Here are some cool gift certificate ideas for frequent campers:

  • rafting,
  • horseback riding,
  • gondolas,
  • zip lines & ropes courses,
  • mini putt & golf courses,
  • guided hikes or wilderness tours 

These above suggestions would work best for those campers that tend to camp in the same locations. You could also tuck entry passes to a specific adventure experience into a National Parks or location specific guide book or give a gift cards for a favourite cafe or restaurant in the nearby town where they camp frequently.

Gift Giving Tip: Most outdoor adventurers love a good Nalgene water bottle!  Maybe you could put the gift certificate into a new Nalgene and wrap that up as the gift! 

Cool Campsite Accessories

Finding cool camping gifts could be as simple as taking a walk around a large outdoorsy department store like MEC or REI.  Spend some time browsing the isles to see what new gadgets and accessories catch your interest.  

I don’t tend to buy myself special camping gear gifts.  But, if I had to name a cool camping gift I’d like to receive, these might make the list:

Cool Camping Chairs

Directors Camping Chair in Beach Pattern

Add some pizzaz with this fun pattern! Plus, this chair has super convenient pockets and a table.

Rocker Camping Chair

This particular chair is on my own wish list! Comfort, rocking, lightweight, plus it has so many great reviews!

Easy-to-hang Camping Hammock

Here’s our hammock! This is our second one because kids just love to use them as swings and eventually, if they rub on the ground enough, they will wear out! But, if you’re using it just for reading and relaxing, these will last a very long time.

custom campsite sign in front of an rv at the campground

Custom Campsite Sign

For Rvers who spend a lot of time at the campground, these custom welcome signs are a cute way to identify your site and welcome visitors. This particular seller is on Etsy and there are a variety of different sellers and versions of the custom camping sign on Etsy.

eco-aware gifts for outdoor lovers

If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect gift, perhaps you’ll find that great gift you’re looking for below.

Reduce and Reuse

For anyone new to outdoor adventures, helping them ensure they’re following leave-no-trace principles would be a very thoughtful and cool gift.  

Reusable Silver-Infused Pee Cloth

For women who go on longer hikes, eventually, peeing in the woods is inevitable. We can carry around tissues and a baggie for used wipes, or we can try out one of these re-usable pee cloths! This particular one is silver-infused to provide anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties.

roll of unpaper cloth wipes on a paper towel role

Reusable Un-Paper Towels

If you’re looking for a camping gift for an RVer that you know loves their paper towels, you might want to consider gifting them a roll of un-paper towels… basically, a set of cloth wipes about the size of paper towels that can be rolled up on a paper towel holder. They work too… I have some of these and have been using them for years!

Gifts that Give Back

Sometimes the most meaningful gifts are the ones that have a positive impact beyond the recipient. 

You may want to consider making a donation to an environmental or wilderness restoration organization on your family member’s behalf. This gift not only shows your thoughtfulness but also contributes to the preservation of our precious natural resources for future generations to enjoy. 

Some ideas to get you started on the quest for an appropriate organization:

  • local wildlife rehabilitation centers
  • trail maintenance groups
  • reforestation efforts
  • climate action initiatives 
  • wildlife conservation funds

Unique or Unusual Camping Gifts

A Clean Camper?

This is the ideal gift for a camper that takes pride in their camping unit! Give them the gift of a sparkling clean home on wheels with a professional interior and exterior cleaning service.

After countless road trips and adventures, these vehicles deserve some TLC. Interior cleaning services can include thorough sanitization, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and kitchen and bathroom deep-cleans. On the outside, a professional wash and wax will not only make the RV shine but also protect it from the elements. 

This gift is a practical and thoughtful way to show your appreciation for their love of outdoor living, leaving them with a camper or RV that’s not only spotless but also ready for their next camping trip.

I’d suggest a google search for vehicle detailing and mobile car washing services in your area as a starting point for researching this great camping gift idea.  

Themed Camping Opportunities

Sometimes, camping isn’t just about being one with nature; it’s about embracing your inner adventurer or explorer. Enter the world of “Camping with a Twist,” where ordinary camping trips become extraordinary escapades!

How about planning a wild-west cowboy campout, complete with cowboy hats, cowboy coffee, horse riding, and campfire cookouts? Or immerse yourself in medieval times with re-enactments and historical costuming. 

For those with a flair for the dramatic, themed camping is a chance to step into another era. Gifting a camping adventure like these truly would be an awesome camping gift!

Again, you’d need to do a bit of googling to see what sort of camping experiences you could gift in any particular area.  

Or, if you’re super ambitious and also into camping, perhaps you could organize the entire camping themed weekend as the gift!

Concluding the Cool Camping Gift Guide:

With these cool camping gifts, you’re all set to help turn outdoor adventures into cherished memories. Whether it’s cozy nights by the campfire, tech-savvy gadgets, eco-friendly gear, or gifting the ultimate outdoorsy experience, there’s something here to bring a smile to everyone. So, go ahead, pick the perfect present, and let the camping fun begin! Happy gifting and happy camping!

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