Pie Iron Camping Recipes for easy campground meals!

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Are you looking for some simple (but delicious!) Pie Iron camping recipes for your next camping adventure? All of these recipes have two simple things in common…they’re crazy good and super easy to make! If you love sweets and savory treats, you’re going to love these pie iron recipes.

various camping pie iron meals made at the campground

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Pie iron, mountain pie maker, hobo pies… oh my

Just a quick note: These all refer to the same thing. You know, long handled individual sandwich sized campfire cookers.

This is the one we have. It’s a bit heavy for the little kids to use, but it’s perfect for a single serving. But, check this out… it’s a double pie iron! I so need to add this to my camping wish list!

What can you cook in a pie iron?

When it comes to cooking a mountain pie, expand your thinking to more than just pies. While that might be the most common recipes that people use a pie iron for, you can literally use them for just about anything.

The fact that it’s a pie iron just means that you can use a crust and have any type of ingredients hidden inside. Think cheese, jalapenos, meat, grilled veggies, or literally any type of fruit that you want.

A pie iron helps to cook food over the campfire in a fast and consistent manner. This means that you can cook mini pizzas, pies, sandwiches, and other great options without the worry of burning them or having the ingredients fall out into the fire.

How do you use a mountain pie maker?

Using a Mountain Pie Maker is as simple as putting your bread slices (or crust) on each side of the pie maker and adding on your ingredients to one side. Then, once you’re ready to cook it over the fire, you close the two sides together and hold over the fire to cook.

Since most are made of cast iron, it will get hot quickly and cook in a consistent manner. This means that you just might be making the best grilled cheese sandwich recipe, ever.

Not all pie irons are cast iron, however. The others will need more care with rotating and moving out of direct flames.

Pie Iron Camping Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner

Fully cooked apple cinnamon hobo pies

Campfire Apple Pies – Take Them Outside

This simple campfire pie recipe will have you craving the flavors of fall. The combination of apple and cinnamon make this simple pie recipe one that you’re going to want to make over and over again.

I imagine enjoying this sweet treat with a nice cup of decaf coffee.

Camping Stuffed French Toast – 50 Campfires

Imagine waking up and having this recipe as an option? Once you have campfire stuffed french toast, you’re going to be spoiled for life and never want french toast any other way.

Cherry Mountain Pie – Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

The classic! You won’t find an easier campfire pie recipe than this. With just a handful of simple ingredients needed, this cherry pie is a true treat!

Campfire Cinnamon Rolls – Adventures of Mel

When you’re looking for an individual serving size for cinnamon rolls, using your pie iron is a perfect choice! There’s just enough here for one to cook up and eat!

Nutella Pies – Hip2Save

There aren’t many tastes out there that can beat Nutella, so why even try? This fun twist on s’ mores is certain to be a hit.

French Breakfast Puffs – Frugal Campasaurus

This sweet treat is light and airy and the perfect way to start the day. Light the campfire early to whip up this tasty dish.

Iron Sun-Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Croissant – Twin Dragonfly Designs

If you’re looking for a fancy dish packed full of flavor, this is the camping meal for you. The combination of the tomato and goat cheese is one powerful couple!

Cheeseburger Pies – Life Sew Savory

All you need for this tasty recipe is a couple of pieces of bread and a few other simple ingredients. It’s a great way to make a tasty cheeseburger pie over the campfire!

Pie Iron Chicken Pot Pie – 50 Campfires

This Chicken Pot Pie recipe will have everyone stuffed and loving life. Add in as many veggies and meat as you can and cook up this simple dinner dish.

Pie Iron Tasty Tacos – Farmwife Cooks

Talk about a fun way to change up Taco Tuesday! These campfire tacos are a great way to eat good food with fun toppings.

Pie Iron Philly Cheese Steak Quesadilla – Beyond the Tent

Load up this pie iron with meat and cheese and have a blast chowing down. This is one hearty campfire meal!

Pie Iron Chicken Pesto Pockets – Twin Dragonfly Designs

Add in the pesto for the flavor creates such a unique taste and twist. This simple dinner idea takes minimal effort on your part.

Reuben Sandwich with a Pie Iron – Second Chance to Dream

Looking for a simple twist on your Reuben? Bet you’ve never had it cooked up this way!

Pie Iron Sloppy Joes – 50 Campfires

Sloppy joes cooked this way are meant to be messy. When you’re outside eating around the campfire, you can be as messy as you want!

Vegan Hobo Pies – Team Feed Everyone

Vegan hobo pies are the best. Check out this simple vegan campfire recipe that is tasty and easy.

Breakfast Hobo Pies – Pocket Change Gourmet

Packed full of breakfast food, your tummy will be very happy to start the day with this delicious recipe.

Pie Iron Ham and Cheese Crescents – Twin Dragonfly Designs

Craving comfort food while sitting around the campfire? Check out this spin on this classic sandwich recipe.

Pizza Mountain Pie – Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

This pizza recipe just might become your new favorite pizza night tradition. Packed full of cheese pepperoni, it’s so good!

Blueberry and Cheese Pudgy Pies – MarocMama

This is sweet and savory all at once. With just four ingredients, you’re going to love the outcome of this simple recipe.

Do you have a favorite pie iron camping recipe from the choices above? Who really says that you have to choose?

Since camping is usually several days long, pick out a couple of different recipes and make them all!

What should you do now?

Looking for other great camping recipes?

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