An honest review of the EBL 500W Portable Power Station

In this review, I’ll share my personal experiences with this 500 Watt Portable Power Station and explain why it’s been a game-changer for our camping trips and outdoor adventures.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves camping, hiking, or just spending time in nature?

It seems these days that there are two main schools of camping – those that like to digitally disconnect and step away from life’s conveniences. And those that still want (or need) to have the luxuries of electricity and digital connectivity.

For me, it’s a bit of both… sometimes I want to escape into the silent woods and sometimes I need to be able to charge my phone, run a fan, and curl up with a movie on the laptop at night. However, my camper doesn’t have electricity! So, this is when I get to rely on this nifty gadget that I’ll tell you all about below!

A note before I start: I also have the 100 Watt EBL Portable Solar Panel for re-charging my power station… more notes about the solar panels will follow at the bottom!

The portable solar panel and power station being reviewed

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Unboxing the EBL Portable Power Station and Portable Solar Panel

Before diving into the details, let’s talk about first impressions.

When it arrived at my doorstep, I was immediately impressed by its compact size. I was expecting larger boxes, but I was pleasantly surprised to see both the power station and solar panels are, in fact, portable! The power station is small enough to fit easily into most storage cupboards in my camper.

Plus, both have secure carrying handles, making them easy to move around. I particularly appreciate the pocket on the solar panel to store extra cords and adaptors.

The EBL 500W Portable Power Station

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Capacity: 519 watt-hours
  • Weight: 6.8 kg (15 lbs)
  • Recharging input Voltage: 12-26V
  • Recharging Input Power: 105W
  • AC/DC Adapter: AC 100-240V, DC 25V
  • Output Ports: AC outlet, USB-A, USB-C, and a 12V carport, wireless cellphone charger
  • Charging Options: Solar panel, 12V car Port, or standard household wall outlet
Specifications from the box of the EBL Portable Power Station
Specifications from the outside of the box

Power to Spare

The portable power station is small but packs a punch when it comes to power. During a recent camping trip, it kept my laptop charged and running smoothly. It charged my phone multiple times, powered a portable fan to beat the summer heat, and even ran my small LED camp lights for hours on end.

I did try to run my electric heater… but nope! The heater needs way too much electricity and the portable 500W unit just isn’t made for that. So, perhaps I look for a heater with a smaller wattage? Or, perhaps I consider getting a portable power station with more power? Or, perhaps I just continue camping without my heater?

How to charge the Portable Power Station

One of the standout features of the EBL Portable Power Station is its versatility in charging: 3 different ways!

You can recharge it via a wall outlet before your trip or, if you’re a true outdoorsy soul, connect it to a compatible solar panel. This solar compatibility is a game-changer for longer camping excursions where access to traditional power sources is limited.

Note: please make sure to read below about the portable solar panels if you’ll be using solar to recharge your power station.

And you can also charge it using the adaptor for a vehicle outlet. I haven’t tried charging the unit this way yet.

Quiet and Eco-Friendly

One thing I appreciate about this portable power station is how quiet it is. No noisy generators disrupting the tranquility of your camping spot!

Additionally, it’s a more eco-friendly choice than a gas-powered generator. Plus, if you’re using the solar panels to recharge your power station, you are using a completely green energy source!

Other nice features of the Portable Power Station:

The Portable Power Station has a very bright light that will come in handy during our next household power outage, but it also makes a great camp light!

There’s a wireless charging station for smartphones on the top of the power station. And, with 3 USB docks, the whole family can charge their devices without having to wait!

It has a fun orange handle.

One feature I wish the Power Station had:

I wish there was a way to attach and store all the user manual and various cables and adaptors right with the power station. I could keep them all in the box the power station arrived in, but I’m not a box-keeper. Nor do I plan to store my power station in the original box.

But, since the Solar Panels have an attached zipper pocket, I just keep all my cables in there! However, I do see how it could be easy to lose some of the cables without a planned system for storing them aside from the station.

The pocket on the outside of the portable solar panels
Handy pockets on the portable solar panels

FAQ: Your Questions Answered

How long does it take to charge the EBL Portable Power Station? It takes approximately 6-7 hours to fully charge the unit via a standard wall outlet. If you’re using a solar panel, the charging time varies depending on the panel’s size and sun conditions. On a bright, sunny day we found the unit charged at about the same rate as using the electrical outlet.

Can the EBL Portable Power Station power a mini-fridge or a small TV? Yes, according to the user manual this power station will charge a mini fridge for about 11 hours and a 32″ television for 7 hours. I didn’t try running either of these items with my unit.

Is the EBL Portable Power Station waterproof? A: No, the EBL Portable Power Station is not waterproof, so be sure to protect it from rain and moisture. When I was charging the unit at home using the solar panel I made sure the station was sheltered in case of unexpected rain.

Can the EBL Portable Power Station run a small portable heater? Nope. Unless you happen to have a heater with less than 500Watt output… mine, however, needs over 1500Watts of power… and so, unfortunately, I can not run my heater with this portable power station.

How many times can the portable power station charge a cell phone? Well, I’m guessing different cell phones may have varying power needs, but it charged my phone using only about 2% of the battery’s power. So, I guess I could charge my phone maybe 40-50 times!

How many times can the portable power station charge a laptop? Again, I assume laptop batteries will differ slightly. But, for my newer Dell laptop, it used about 5% of the power station’s reserves to fully charge and it only took a few hours… about the same time it takes to charge the laptop using a wall outlet.

The EBL 500W Portable Power Station

The EBL 100W Portable Solar Panel Review

I just love the idea of generating and using green energy! I’m still trying to figure out how to convince my family to use this system for all their at-home device charging, but I’m hoping I can get a convenient system set up at home soon!

Using this Portable Solar Panel System was surprisingly easy! The panels are easy to carry around and set up. There are these handy attached supports to set your panels up at an angle to catch the sun’s rays. And I love the little pocket to hold all the cables and user manuals.

The supports for the solar panels

For optimal charging, do play around with the angles of the panels and adjust them as the sun moves. I found that just a very slight adjustment could have a big impact on what sort of wattage the panels were outputting to the power station.

How well did the solar panels charge the power station? On a bright sunny day, I found the solar panels charged at almost the same speed as the electrical wall outlet. However, it should be noted that the solar panels really only work well at charging on clear sunny days.

While I write this I thought I’d try the panels out on a dreary, cloudy day to see what would happen. They’ve been set up for a few hours now and I’ve only gotten a 2% battery power increase. But, like I mentioned above, on a bright and sunny day, those panels are fantastic!

Can the panels get wet? Well, I read through the user manual and I didn’t see a warning to not get them wet… and I assume that since they are intended for outdoor use, they can get wet. However, the user manual does say to keep the connectors dry. So, given that a rainy day would likely be a cloudy day and that they don’t really charge well on a cloudy day, I’m going to avoid using them on rainy days.

The EBL 100W Portable Solar Panels

A few notes about emergency and home use

I live in a rural community that has recently experienced a handful of environmental events causing our community power systems to fail. We contemplated getting a generator and we contemplated getting installing a fireplace.

However, now that we have this power station we plan to instal an electrical switch to turn our gas-powered boiler on. So, getting this unit should mean we can now have heat in the home when the power goes out… and that’ll be a huge relief in the winter.

We also look forward to having an easy way to charge our phones and radio in longer power outages.

I realize this system won’t run our fridge or freezer, but it will ensure we have our basics covered: getting heat going in the house and being able to stay connected to new sources… so for emergency preparedness, we’re very happy with keeping this power station on-hand.

I am also considering re-configuring our current home charging station to include a spot for this power bank. I really love the idea of only using green energy to charge our phones, tablets, and laptops. If I can’t figure out a good routine for keeping the power bank charged up and getting the family to use it I think that I will set it up by my indoor growing shelves and use solar power to power my indoor grow lights.

Conclusion: A Must-Have for Outdoor Enthusiasts & Emergency Preparedness

In my experience, the EBL 500W Portable Power Station and accompanying portable solar panels are a fantastic addition to any camping gear arsenal. They’re easy to pack, store, and carry. Plus they provide reliable power when you need it most. Whether you’re charging your gadgets, running small appliances, or simply enjoying a quiet evening under the stars with some low-key lighting, this portable power station has you covered.

I also think it’s a simple way to ensure you can stay connected and have a bit of power for small appliances in the event of a major power outage.

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