Dutch Oven Recipes for Camping (that make cooking fun!)

Are you looking for some simple dutch oven recipes that will change the way that you cook outdoors? There’s nothing better than using your dutch oven over the campfire to whip up some truly delicious meals. Who knew that dutch oven cooking wasn’t actually that difficult at all?!

images of dutch oven camping recipes made at the campground

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What can you cook in a dutch oven while camping?

This is what makes dutch oven cooking so awesome. You can really cook just about anything in one of these! You can fry, bake, saute, slow cook…you name it. Chicken and meats, vegetables, soups, and breakfast foods (plus more!) are just a few of the foods that you can cook in a dutch oven. This is why, for some, the Dutch Oven is definitely a camping essential!

Scroll down below for some great dutch oven camping recipes to try!

How do you cook over a campfire in a dutch oven?

The key to cooking over the campfire with a dutch oven is to get the fire good and hot underneath. As long as you can create a great campfire, your dutch oven will cook foods perfectly.

Some people spread out the coals and have their pot sit right on top of those coals. While others actually have it hanging on a cooking hook above the flames or sitting on a grate over the fire.

Dutch Oven Camping Recipes For Supper

Dutch Oven Beef Biscuits – Artsy Fartsy Mama

When you’re camping, you can never really have too many biscuit recipes. Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Campfire Nachos – Fresh Off the Grid

If you’ve never had campfire nachos before, welcome to one of the best campfire recipes, ever. The more toppings, the better!

Dutch Oven Stew – The Typical Mom

Cozying up with this homemade stew recipe is a great way to warm the belly and bodies. Don’t forget some hearty bread or buns to go with it! …or try making these:

Bisquick Campfire Drop Biscuits – Adventures of Mel

And because you can’t eat stew without biscuits, here’s a recipe for some and super yummy looking campfire biscuits! Add on some butter or make your own homemade gravy to go along with this tasty recipe. 

Dutch Oven Stuffed Green Peppers – Monday is Meatloaf

This fun dinner recipe is unique but packed full of flavor. Who knew that the taste of green peppers could be so versatile?

BBQ Dutch Oven Chicken and Potatoes – Clark’s Condensed

Talk about a super simple way to make a one-pot dinner recipe in your dutch oven!

Dutch Oven Sausage Breakfast Pinwheels – Call Me PMC

These breakfast pinwheels are easy, fast, and fun. Have the family members jump in and help out with this recipe.

Dutch Oven Taco Soup – Consumer Queen

You’re going to love the taste and flavor of this simple taco soup. Don’t forget to bring your toppings!

Dutch Oven Roast Chicken – Hedge Combers

If you have some time to cook during your day, this roast chicken recipe is such a great one to do. Imagine smelling this one as it’s cooking away in the dutch oven!

Dutch Oven Lasagna – Clark’s Condensed

Ever wanted to make lasagna when you were camping? Now you can! This lasagna recipe is certain to impress everyone with your cooking skills.

Dutch Oven Enchiladas – Fresh Off the Grid

There’s no reason to wait for Taco Tuesday with this tasty recipe.

Old Fashioned Goulash – My Incredible Recipes

Pile on the goulash and let it fill you full. There’s more than enough for seconds!

Dutch Oven Pizza – Clark’s Condensed

Did you know that you can make pizza in your dutch oven with ease? Such a fun way to have a tasty dinner!

Camping Dessert Recipes for the Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven Apple Cake – Jill Cataldo

Who says that your dutch oven isn’t meant for dessert? This apple cake will prove otherwise.

Dutch Oven Texas Peach Cobbler – My Turn For Us

Make this delicious peach cobbler when the peaches are in season. The flavor and taste are totally out of this world!

10-minute Dutch Oven Smores Cake – Polka Dot Chair

In just 10 minutes of time, you’ll have this amazing s’mores cake that everyone is going to love.

Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls – Fav Family Recipes

Starting off your morning when camping with these delicious cinnamon rolls sounds just like the best recipe, ever.

3-Ingredient Blackberry Campfire Cobbler – Mid-Life Healthy Living

All you need are three ingredients to make this amazing campfire cobbler. Such a great and tasty way to end the day.

Gluten Free Camp Brownies – The Touring Camper

Need a simple gluten-free recipe? These camp brownies are the way to go. Packed full of taste and flavor!

See how fun cooking with your dutch oven can be? You can literally meal plan out your entire camping trip using these simple dutch oven recipes for camping!

Do you have a favorite dutch oven camping recipe that you’re excited to make?

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