19 RVer & Camper Gifts all under $20 (2019 edition)

Below you’ll find some practical, fun, and affordable gift suggestions for RVers, campers, and car camping enthusiasts.

Do you have an RV owner on your shopping list this holiday season? It seems that camping lovers don’t specifically look at camping as just a summer activity. They either spend the off-season prepping for next camping season, or, they continue to camp clear through the winter (RV campers get to stay warm and dry, after all)!

Thanks to the overabundance of awesome RV camping gear out there, it is really easy to overspend when you are shopping for gifts for campers. However, in order for an item to make it onto this list, the price had to be below $20… but, prices do change from time to time… for your convenience, you’ll find the images link directly to the product itself.

An RV parked at a campsite under a dark starry night

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Holiday Gift Ideas for RVers & Campers (all under $20)

1. The RV Coffee Mug!

From RiverSideBridal77 on Etys

What RVer doesn’t need a new cute mug? This one above can be personalized to any name, or nickname.

And camping mugs are great for more than just coffee. They can use their mug for all their drinking needs, for their morning oatmeal, or for a freshly picket bouquet of flowers! Make the gift a little more special by throwing in a package of hot chocolate and mini jar of Baileys before wrapping it up;)

Here is a whole list of camping mugs – something for everyone!

2. The Personal Coffee Press Travel Mug

How can anyone be a happy camper without a fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning? So, go ahead and give the gift of caffeine in the morning with this handy and convenient coffee press trael mug.

3. A personalized RV Pint Glass

A personalized RV Pint Glass full of beer
from ShadyGlassware on Etsy

If cold beverages are more their style, wouldn’t these personalized pint glasses be great? They’re custom made in the United States and available on Etsy.

4. The Meat Thermometer

Grilling over a campfire can be a bit of a guessing game. Having a cooking thermometer on hand will help take the guess work out of meat gilling. This particular thermometer is a high-rated best seller.

5. Telescoping Roasting Sticks

These marshmallow roasting sticks are perfect for RV campers because they are telescoping and will go down to a small size, perfect for storing in the RV. Make this gift extra special by including some home made flavored marshmallows too!

6. The Portable Charcoal Grill

Not all RV campers like to cook inside of their RV. That’s why all RV campers should have a portable BBQ to keep in their camp kitchen. A large BBQ is not feasible to keep on hand all the time, but beautiful little this charcoal grill can store easily.

(Note: this particular Cuisinart variety happens to currently be on sale… making it less than $20… with no indication of how long that deal will last!)

7. The Super Cute Welcome Mat

An RV full of dirt and sand is not a pleasant thing. And, the best way to keep the inside of the RV clean is to have a good quality door mat to encourage visitors to clean their feet and take off their shoes. A personalized door mat would be nice, but so is a cheeky welcome one like above.

8. The Camping Hamock

Sure, hanging out in the camper is fun, but really, the whole point of camping is to get out and enjoy a little bit of relaxation and a little bit of nature. And what’s better to achieve both, than a hammock? This hammock is a nice one that is rated up to 500 lbs and comes with tree straps too.

9. A Road Trip Journal

For adventurers who’ve been on the road long enough, trips can start to blend together. With a camping or road tripping journal / log book, they’ll be able to track their adventures, jot down memories and highlights, while also keeping track of important campground details and unit maintenance.

10. Vinyl Travel (add a sticker as we go) Map

Isn’t this a fun idea? Road trippers can proudly display their past destinations with this United States Decal Sticker Map. As states are visited, those stickers are added to the overall map. There is also one available for Canada.

11. Outdoor Party Lights

How great is this Retro Style Camper String Light Set? It can be used to decorate inside the RV, or to string around the awning outside. These will definitely be a hit!

12. Mini Travel Router

Let your RV camping loved ones stay in touch with this Mini Travel Router. This mini travel router converts a public network into a private Wi-Fi so there are no security concerns.

13. Camping Lanterns

Every camper needs a good lantern or two to keep on hand for those trips outside in the dark…. whether to the outhouse, to fix the awning in a storm, or the dreaded RV back-up into a unlit camping spot!

14. The Fold-able Step-stool

RVs are big (and even if they have a small one) there’s going to be a time when a little boost is necessary! … pulling something out of the high cupboard, helping little hands reach the tap, wiping the exploded ketchup off the ceiling, or tying up the tarp over the campfire. This folding step stool will come in handy for all sorts of things!

15. Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks

Nothing beats running around the campsite looking for something to tuck behind the wheels, right? Or, maybe gift the gift of convenience and no-more slivers with a brand new set of heavy duty chocks!

I’ll admit that my dad made me a set out of wood and I love them… but if you can’t make a set, these will also be very appreciated.

16. RV Tea Towels

from BloomsnRooms on Etsy

How about some cute camper tea towels? Useful, and gift-worthy. A search on Etsy and you’ll see all sorts of different designs and personalized options.

17. A camper gift bag (don’t forget the wine)

from the WIneBag on Etsy

The wine gift bag is a less personalized gift than some of the other gear and gadget items. It’s great for the family gift exchange or for your RV loving coworkers.

18. Road Tripper Bumper Sticker

Here’s a fun little last gift to tuck into a card, or with another gift from above. But, I’d be very happy to just receive this bumper sticker as is!

19. Bonus! The Family RV Decal!

From RVTrampStamps on Etsy

Yes, this one is above the twenty dollar mark, but I just could not include this because when I found it I hadn’t seen anything else like these personalized RV decals! The owners of this RV would be the envy of the whole campground;)

Hopefully you now have some great RVer and Camping Gift ideas for your shopping lists! If you’re into camping yourself, I bet you spied a few things that you’ve put onto your own wish list too! And if you’re still hunting for RV gift ideas, you might want to check out this great list of RV kitchen Accessories.

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