Gift Guide to Beautiful Camper Craft Kits on Etsy

Check out this collection of campervan and vintage camper crafts perfect for any lover of crafting and camping!

Below, you’ll find embroidery sets, crafting supplies, felt kits, patterns and more.  You could either purchase the kit and gift the finished product or gift the camper craft itself directly to your special someone.

various camper crafts for gifting or making

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First, a little bit about Etsy,

Etsy is an online shopping platform on which small businesses and individuals can list their handmade and vintage items.  The stuff listed on Etsy is generally more unique, often times more trendy, and sometimes much better quality than you’ll find on Amazon or Ebay.  Because of this, you might notice that the prices are higher also.

However, since many of the sellers have designed or created these items themselves purchasing through Etsy is a nice way to support small crafters and businesses instead of mass-production.

You’ll find shops from all over the world and purchasing through this platform is very safe as Etsy manages all the money and purchasing logistics.

Beautiful Camper Craft Kits, Patterns, and Gift Ideas

a handmade embroidery of a vintage camper in the mountains

Retro Camper Embroidery Pattern by WanderingThreadsArt on Etsy

Wandering Threads Art has a variety of vintage camper embroidery patterns, but I thought this one with the mountains was a particularly lovely one.

Miniature DIY Camper (Dollhouse) Kit by Craftismo on Etsy

Such a sweet little craft kit. This kit comes with all you need to make up all the miniatures seen in the photo.

a vintage camper stamp

Retro Camper Trailer Stamp by BlossomStamps on Etsy

Here are some cute little camper stamps for someone to add to their travel postcards, scrapbook, or stationary. 

boxed vintage caravan felt ornament craft kit

Vintage Caravan Sewing Kit by Puffin Patchwork on Etsy

Isn’t this a sweet little ornament?  This sewing kit comes with printed directions and all the supplies needed to sew up one of these little fabric vintage caravans.  Here’s a little project to make the drive to the campsite pass a little quicker.

a quilt with trees and a vintage camper

Tree and Camper Quilt Pattern by UndercoverQuilts on Etsy

Do you happen to have a quilter on this year’s list?  Or, maybe you’re the quilter and could sew up one of these to gift to your camping family?  The description describes this pattern as being appropriate for beginner and above level quilters.

Wouldn’t this look particularly cute with some outdoorsy themed fabrics like these?

I’d rather be glamping fabric bundle by Cindysfabricboutique on Etsy

A hand placing a tree in a paper camping set

Camping Paper Toy by Pukaca on Etsy

Here’s a very simple and fun craft for the little campers.

When it comes to family camping trips, space is usually at a premium and my kids are usually not allowed to bring along toys.  However, I always keep a few small entertaining activities tucked away for rainy days and too-early mornings.  This paper set would be perfect for that!  Couldn’t you see your kids or grandkids playing with this on the camper rug?

a knitted pink and white camper van plushie

Campervan Knitting Kit by Yarn Needles and Thread on Etsy

Doesn’t this make you wish you could knit?  Maybe you can knit?  Maybe you have a campervan lover that knits already?  Either way, this is a super cute camper craft for giving or making and giving!

a blue and white vintage camper Christmas ornament

Vintage Retro Camper Ornament Pattern by Precious Patterns on Etsy

Here’s the perfect long-drive project.  I quite enjoy making felt ornaments and enjoy the process of sitting quietly and sewing while we go on long drives.

Make up a whole bunch of these to gift out this holiday season!  They’d be sweet teacher gifts, hostess gifts, present toppers, or ‘just because’ gifts.  And, if you’re the camper lover they’ll have a special added personal meaning too.  These are just too cute!

A cutout birdhouse camper hanging in a tree

Paintable Camper Bird House by 1Man1Garage on Etsy 

Don’t you absolutely love these?  The kit comes unpainted, flat, and ready to be punched out and put together.  The seller also has the option of purchasing these kits with paint too.  This would be a fun family project for hanging outdoors or for hanging in the camper.

My son has really enjoyed putting together craft kits like this.  The listing says for kids 8+, but my kids have helped on projects similar to these as young as 4 years old.

I hope you found a few camper crafts that got your excited… something to wrap up or something to make and then wrap up.  Or, maybe a sweet cute camper gift just for yourself!

What should you do now?

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