Camper Christmas Decorations: tips & ideas to bring joy!

When the holidays come around, it is always really fun to get into the spirit of things by decorating your home. Nothing makes you feel more ready for a special occasion like putting visual reminders all around you. Christmas is especially fun to prepare for.

Your camper should be no exception! If you plan to camp throughout the holiday season, you may need to get creative in how you decorate a smaller space. Whether decorating inside or outside your camper, lots of options are available.

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Top 3 Camper Christmas Decorations

Want to skip the scolling? Here are my favourite 3 ideas right here!

If you don’t plan to camp during the Christmas season, you can decorate your home with visual reminders of your beloved camper! From your Christmas tree to your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and even outside, you can celebrate your love of camping through the holiday.

3 Quick & Simple Tips for your Camper’s Christmas Decorations:

1. Start with what you have:

  • Perhaps you’re not going to put up a Christmas tree, but you can still hang your favourite ornaments from a garland you’ve pinned to the wall or from hooks above the windows.
  • Take your favourite ornaments and decorations and put them into a large glass bowl with some pinecones and a bit of glittery garland for a centerpiece that still brings memories and a festive feel

2. Storage and Weight:

  • Consider where you’ll need to store these decorations after the holiday season. Do they take up needed space in storage?
  • If weight is a consideration in your camper, choose lighter weight decorations.

3. Memories and Joy

  • Assuming you’re looking to decorate your camper for Christmas means you are likely limited on space. I’d suggest you use items that only bring joy or hold special memories instead of aiming for the magazine picture perfect holiday.

Camper Ornaments

A fun way to commemorate your love for your camper, ornaments for your Christmas tree are available all over the place. Tons of options are out there including Christmas themed ornaments, teardrop trailers, pop up campers, motor homes, different materials, and lots of personalized options.

Simple Christmas Camper Ornaments

Here’s a great collection of different camper and RV ornaments. I admit, my favourite is the camper from National Lampoons!

Personalized RV Christmas Ornaments

For more of personalized touch, all these can be individualized with names, years, or both! But, isn’t this one the cutest? I just love these! Available through Family Ornaments on Etsy.

Camper Home Decor

Pillow Covers

Pillow covers allow you to change your decor needing minimal storage space when not in use (especially helpful in RVs). Because of this, they’re a super simple way to celebrate the changing seasons in your home and camper.

If you happen to be crafty you could probably sew up your own festive pillow covers. You may want to check out this post full of various camper craft kits like cross-stitch and quilting… which you could use on your pillows.


Who doesn’t have mugs in their camper already? Why not switch out your regular enamel camping mugs for some fun, Christmas mugs? It’s an easy way to bring more holiday decor into your camper without taking up more space. Mugs are also a great way to bring your love of camping into your home for the winter!

Christmas Lights

Whether you want lights that remind you of your camper or lights to decorate your camper, you will not be short on festivity! Just be sure to check and make sure the lights you choose are appropriate for the location where you want to use them.

Adding a Christmas Tree as a night light is a simple way to add holiday cheer to your camper without taking up much space.

And don’t forget that your standard coloured lights will quickly bring some festive feeling to wherever you hang them! These particular lights are great for indoor or outdoor use, have multiple different modes to try out, and they have an on/off timer that is perfect for low maintenance campers. The best part is, you won’t have to locate a power source!


Switching out your hand towels with the seasons is a fun way to bring the holiday spirit into your camper or your camper into your home! Towels are another simple way to decorate without having to spend a lot of time rearranging nor do they take a lot of storage space. Whether you use them in the bathroom or the kitchen (or both!), you and your guests are sure to enjoy the festivity.

Garlands and Wreaths

Fun garlands are great for adding visual interest without taking up floor space. With so many different options for adding color and holiday spirit, decorating with garlands might be the perfect accent for your camper. 

You could go simple and rustic and spear cranberries and popcorn onto a string (or hang that outside your camper so the birds can enjoy your decorations too). Or, here is a wooden garland bead string to mimic cranberries if you’d like to have one to reuse yearly.

A simple addition to a grapevine wreath, this adorable camper bow will add Christmas cheer to your door and keep your camper theme in mind.

Camper Christmas Tree Ideas

It can be difficult to figure out how to have a festive Christmas tree while making it fit in your camper without taking up all the extra floor space you have. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box! Here are some ideas if you don’t want to remove your table just to get that holiday feeling.

A Pencil Tree

A pencil tree (tall, but with a narrow base) is an obvious choice, as it doesn’t usually take up a lot of space. But, you will need to have somewhere to store these when not in use and their boxes are usually almost as big as the tree itself.

A few alternative Camper Christmas Tree Ideas

The Half Tree

Believe it or not, this actually exists! Part of the reason Christmas trees can take up a lot of space is that they can’t sit close to the wall. This one can! With only half of the tree, you can place it directly against the wall and take up a lot less space!

And, if you’re wanting the real tree experience, maybe you could find yourself a smaller tree but cut all the branches off of one side? But, if you do this, you’ll need to secure it well!

Wall Trees

If you have wall space, but not enough floor space, consider hanging your “tree” on the wall! You can bring some Christmas cheer into your RV without using any floor space at all. The only downside is that it will be difficult to hang ornaments, but I personally love the look of ornaments hanging in the windows!

Or, if you have little ones at Christmas you might want to consider one of these felt Christmas Trees for your camper. They’re super fun because we all know how much kids love taking off and putting on Christmas ornaments! But, there’s no worries of anything breaking and it is so easy to store!

And, if you’re a bit handy you could even paint your own wall hanging tree. I really do love how this one looks and I think it could fit into a rustic camper decor so well!

Table Top Christmas Trees

Lastly, just a few different table top tree ideas that might look quick nice in a cute vintage camper or your family RV.

Christmas Camper Inflatables

If holiday inflatables are your thing, never fear! Whether you’re looking for an inflatable to commemorate your love of your camper, celebrate fun camping activities, or be small enough to inflate near your camper, there’s an inflatable out there for everyone!

These are two that I thought were particularly cute for camping!

Lastly, how to Hang Christmas Decorations in your RV?

Since it’s not a great idea to put holes in your walls with nails or screws, you’ll have to get a little more creative in the way you hang decorations in your RV. Command brand items are great for temporary ways to hang holiday decor!

Mini hooks: These are great for hanging lights or lightweight garlands.

Large Outdoor Hook: Great for hanging a wreath on your door or any other large holiday decor.

Picture Hanging Strips: For almost any hanging need, these strips are great for flat items such as pictures, battery packs, or Christmas cards.

Clear Door Hooks: A great option for hanging a wreath on a door or even stockings!

Nano Tape: This product is reusable, which is great, and will help stick things to the wall or even just keep things in place while you travel.

Hopefully you’ll found some fun ideas to decorate your camper this holiday season or maybe you’ve found some Camper Christmas decorations to bring that summer camping feeling into the winter season. Either way, thanks for checking out this list!

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