17 Best Fire Pit Accessories for your Backyard

Below you’ll find a list of great backyard campfire or firepit accessories and tools.

With today’s rising trend in upscale outdoor living spaces, having a fire pit is becoming a very popular backyard feature. With increased availability of affordable fire pit accessories, tools, and designs, setting up your own backyard campfire can be a lot of fun.

But, you’ll have even more fun using the pit, cooking all that yummy food, and enjoying all the smiles and conversation that will happen gathered around the flames.

flames from an open fire pit

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Fun fire pit accessories to make your backyard inviting

What good is an outdoor, backyard fire pit if you don’t have the right ambiance surrounding it?  …. having an inviting and comfortable spot to relax, cook, and spend time with friends and family around the fire.

These awesome bonfire accessories will help you create the perfect environment for your outdoor fire pit. 

The Classic Adirondack Chair:

Adirondack chairs are comfortable, cute, outdoorsy, and just right for sitting around your outdoor fire pit.

Choose a chair that will be strong and durable and last many years to come. I’d suggest a solid wood or sturdy composite ‘imitation wood’ product. You can order Adirondack Chairs in many different colors to match with your outdoor décor and some will fold up for easier storage.

Solar Pathway Lights :

If you have a grassy area surrounding your outdoor fire pit, these solar pathway lights will be an excellent addition to your sitting area. These particular lights are on stakes in the ground though so they can’t be used on a patio.

Solar Garden Wall Mount lights:

If you happen to have a fence or wall around your outdoor fire pit area, these wall mount solar lights will add light without cluttering up the walking space.  

Globe String Lights:

Another cute lighting option for your outdoor fire pit is to hang a string (or lots of strings) of clear globe lights. I think these are definitely my favorite addition to a backyard space.

Outdoor Side Tables:

Much of the time that we are outside enjoying time around our fire pit, we have snacks or refreshments with us. Make sure you have plenty of places for everyone to set their drinks. I love these cute, sturdy iron tables! Tables are also super handy for you to prep your outdoor food, serve, and even eat from.

The Best Fire Pit Gift!

Personalized Fie Pit Poker:

These make the perfect gift for those that love to have outdoor fires. There won’t be any debate over who’s poker is whose after getting one of these!

a handmade personalized fire poker stick being used in a campfire

Outdoor Fire Pit Tools

Now that you have the perfect ambiance for your space, be sure that you are prepared to clean your outdoor fire pit with the right tools. Also, it’s important to be sure that you keep everyone safe around the fire too!

Outdoor Fireside Firewood Holder:

No worries about tripping over stacks of wood when you have it stacked nicely in this firewood holder.

Log Grabber Fireplace Tongs:

Protect yourself from burns with these fireplace tongs. You can use this tool to add logs to the fire or to move them around if needed. This can be handy if you have younger kids that are learning how to use the fire pit but are weary of the flames.

Ash Bucket with Shovel and Lid:

Even outdoor fire pits have to be cleaned and maintained. Ash can often be hot and you need to take special care when cleaning it, which is why you should have an ash bucket like this on hand.

Butane Lighter Torch:

Unless it is a push button start on your fire pit, a long lighter is a must have for an outdoor fire pit.

Fire Poker Stick with Handle:

If you have younger kids that are interested in learning how to tend the fire (or just won’t stop playing with the burning logs), a proper fire poker will be much safer than a long stick for a whole bunch of reasons;)

Fire Pit Cooking Accessories (that are also great fire pit gift ideas!)

Half of the fun of fire pits are flame roasted food, don’t you think? Whether you prep burgers on the grill, or you roast hot dogs and marshmallows, fire cooked food is delicious! These fire pit cooking accessories will help you become a fire pit chef or they’re fun ideas to gift to friends who enjoy cooking in the backyard.

Roasting Sticks:

These roasting sticks are great for marshmallows, hot dogs and anything else you can roast over a flame on a stick! The super handy thing about these particular sticks is that they telescope for easy storage… and kids love playing with them!

Oh, and these also make great fire pit gifts!

BBQ Grill Gloves:

These BBQ Grill Gloves can keep your hands safe from burns when you are cooking on a grill. These are like oven mitts on steroids!

The Dutch Oven!

I’ll admit, I haven’t used one of these, but seems lots of people absolutely love to cook over a fire with a dutch oven. They’re versatile, very durable, and come in a variety of styles.

If you’re looking to try out your new dutch oven, check out this great collection of Dutch oven recipes.

Height-Adjustable Fire Pit Cooking Grate Grill:

This grill is perfect because it adjusts to your fire pit’s size and height or use it to raise foods out of the flames or lower closer to the heat.

Campfire Popcorn Maker:

If you’re looking to up the entertainment factor of using your backyard campfire, then, haul out one of these and you’ll be a superstar! Although, you might need to practice a bit to use them effectively and keep the kernels from burning… but burnt popcorn or not, it’ll still be fun!

11 Pc Firepit Cookout Utensil Set:

This set contains all of the campfire utensils that you will ever use, including two cast iron pie irons!

And, now that you’ve got an awesome backyard campfire, do you know what you’ll cook? Check out this cookbook:

Cooking with Fire, Cookbook

Make the journey to backyard chef quick and easy! 

Here are a few more super easy campfire recipes to try with your own fire pit at home:

Lastly, let’s chat firepits…

Maybe you’re thinking about getting a fire pit…. maybe you already have a cinder block circle buried in the weeds in the back corner of your yard… maybe you’re wondering about the safety or purpose of these fire pits…

Well, there’s a lot of reasons why families enjoy backyard campfires and cooking and here are just a few ideas for you to consider:

Outdoor family time

Oftentimes cooking inside is done by a lone parent while the rest of the family goes about their activities. But, plan to cook the meal over a fire in the backyard and all of sudden all the kids are excited and head outside with the chef to watch, play nearby, and help.

Especially if you have middle-aged children – making and tending fires is both an intriguing activity and a great learning opportunity for them.

And if you happen to have younger kids who are curious about camping, but you’re not quite ready to head to the campsite with them, using the backyard fire pit is a great addition to your backyard family camping adventures.

Fire Learning for kids

Yes, the backyard fire pit is one of the safest places to help kids learn how to make fires, how to tend them, and how to be safe about it all. In the backyard you have quick and easy access to water, to fire starting materials, and to first aid (in case of the unlikely chance an accident occurs).

If your pre-teens are like mine, then they are likely quite fascinated by fire. I’m of the belief that we should encourage exploring and learning in safe parameters… So, if they’re going to ‘play with fire’, I’d rather they do it nearby where I can control most of the other variables and supervise.

Because it’s just too hot in the house

You know those days where the house is just so hot that you can’t imagine turning the stove or oven on? Well, those are the days that backyard cooking really comes in handy!

Food tastes better over a grill

Perhaps this is a bit debatable, but I hear it time and time again… and I admit I agree! You’ll have to find out for yourself!

Spaced and outdoor social gathering

Funny how a year can change our lives! In a post-Covid world where people are looking at ways to socialize in distanced and well-ventilated locations, outdoors is the answer. And, a fire-pit provides both a heat source and a purpose for your small backyard gatherings.

Now you’re all set for backyard cooking! Really, all the fancy fire pit accessories and tools aside, at the heart of it, a fire, a grill, and some safety precautions…. and you’re ready to start enjoying all the yummy and family time benefits of the backyard fire pit!


campfire pie iron cooking tools
Using our own fire pit accessories to make some super yummy apple pies!
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