Campfire Camping Pizza (easy, tasty & kids love them!)

Here it is… two favorite things smashed together:  camping and pizza!

When you’re thinking about meals for the campsite, chances are you’re looking for recipes that are quick, low prep, easy to cook, and popular with kids.  Well, these camping pizzas fit all those criteria.

Read on down below to find out how we make our camping pizzas.  It’s pretty straightforward and you can probably figure it out by the photos.  So, take a look and then make a mental note to try these the next time you’re cooking over the campfire.

camping pizza on a picnic table at the campground

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cooking pita pizzas on a grill over the campfire
Cooking our pita pizzas right over the campfire

How to make Pita Camping Pizza

  1. Gather all ingredients: pitas, pizza sauce, pizza meat, and toppings
  2. Get your campfire hot with low flames
  3. Assemble the pita pizzas and lay them on the grill over the campfire
  4. Cover the pizzas by tenting some tinfoil or using an upturned pot or baking tray
  5. Slide them off the grill when the cheese is bubbly and the edges are golden
  6. Cut and enjoy!
A campground picnic table covered with food supplies to make pita pizzas for dinner
Assembling the pita pizzas at the campsite

The finer details on how to make campfire pizzas

1. Gather your supplies:

  • Pitas (we like to use whole wheat because they’re a little healthier)
  • Pizza meats like cooked ham, cooked bacon, or peperoni
  • Pizza toppings like spinach, tomatoes, shredded cheese, olives, pineapple chunks, onions, mushrooms, and peppers
  • Heavy duty aluminum foil or cast iron fry pan or baking tray
  • BBQ tongues or flipper, (possibly) oven mitts, and a grill for the campfire

2. Get your campfire hot

You’ll want the fire to be very hot, but you don’t want the flames licking the bottom of the pitas or they’ll burn.

3. Assemble the Pita Pizzas

Set up a little pita pizza making station with all the available toppings and have everyone get their pizzas ready.  Generally, it would go tomato sauce on the bottom, then meats, then toppings, with cheese on top.  But, my kids don’t see any reason to follow convention and just pile anything on in any way they fancy!

a cooked pita pizza siting on a red checkered picnic table
Camping Pita Pizzas, ready to eat!

4. Now to cook your camping pizzas

Once your pita pizzas are ready to cook, just slide them onto the grill.  Many campers choose to cook theirs on a tray or inside a pan over the fire.  If you put your pita right onto the grill, the pita will be very crusty, less so than if you cook it on a pizza stone or cast iron pot.

Using something to reflect the heat back down onto the top of the camping pizzas helps them cook more evenly.  We tend to use an upturned pot or make a tent with aluminum foil to place over the pizzas.

After 5-8 minutes the pita pizzas should be ready to eat.  A good indication is when the cheese is melted and is starting to bubble.  The edges of the pita will be well toasted.

Slide them off the grill, cut, and serve!

A few notes about camping pizzas:

  • These pizzas will not be on the hot fire long enough to fully cook all ingredients. We tend to pre-cook our onion, mushroom, or pepper toppings. Raw meats should definitely be cooked prior to using on these pizzas.
  • These keep well for leftovers. In fact, our kids seem to enjoy them after a day as the crust usually softens up a bit.
  • If you have a lot of people to feed and a small grill, it can take a while to get everyone’s pizzas ready. But, if you’re happy with casual eating around the campfire, then these are perfect.
cooked pita camping pizza in a tinfoil pan
pita camping pizzas make great left-overs!

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Pita pizza cooking over a campfire

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