Jasper in 2 days, a fun-filled family itinerary

You’ve planned a trip to Jasper this summer…. but you’ll only be here for a few days. How do you decide what to do?  This can be a hard decision as there are so many great sites and activities to do in Jasper National Park.  But if you’re ready for a fun-filled two days, this is what I suggest.

This itinerary has been created with family travel in mind.  These are kid friendly activities and locations and travel time or break in activities will let everyone rest and recharge.  It was hard to narrow the suggestions down…

View of mountain tops and clouds from the top of Jasper Skytram, text reads 2 days Jasper National Park

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Day 1 of a 2-day Jasper Itinerary:

Icefields Parkway, Valley of the Five Lakes, Athabasca Falls, Athabasca Glacier

The Athabasca Glacier in Jasper National Park
The Athabasca Glacier in the summertime.

Definitely plan a drive down the Icefield’s Parkway, highway 93. Leaving Jasper after breakfast will give you time for a short walk at Valley of the 5 Lakes before stopping for lunch at Sunwapta Falls.

Valley of the Five Lakes

There are a lot of options in the Valley of the Five Lakes to shorten or lengthen your walk depending on your family’s walking pace and endurance. Toddlers and little kids might make it to the wooden bridge and back to the parking lot in about an hour’s time.

If you and your family are more enthusiastic,  follow 9a around the 5th Lake, and cut back on 9b to reconnect with 9a back to the parking lot.  This might take you about 2- 2 ½ hours.  There is a large map at the parking lot and smaller maps at every junction so it is easy to find your way around.

A family walking along wooden boardwalk over a creek at Valley of the 5 lakes in Jasper
The long wooden boardwalk bridge at Valley of the 5 Lakes

The trail to the bridge is well-traveled, wide, and relatively flat.  It’s perfect for wagons, kids’ bikes, and hardier all-terrain strollers (or a chariot).  At about the 1 km mark, the trail dips down to a marshy creek area with a large wooded bridge crossing the water.  Kids love this bridge!  There is a bench on the other side which is a nice spot to sit and watch for a few minutes.  In the springtime watch out for crocuses on the side of the hill.


Icefields Parkway

After leaving Valley of the Five Lakes, continue south along the Icefields Parkway. There are numerous scenic pull offs along the side of the road for a picnic lunch.  You’ll need to stop at Athabasca Falls, but in the summer time this can be quite busy.  You might find smaller crowds if you stop here on your return later in the day.  The only restaurant and snack stop between Jasper and the Icefields Center is at Sunwapta Resort.  Sunwapta Falls are 100 meters past the resort and have outdoor tables for a picnic lunch.

As you drive the parkway stay alert to both animals along the side of the road and to other drivers paying too much attention to the scenery instead of the highway.

Make sure to visit the Colombia Icefields when visiting Jasper National Park, Canada | #Icefields #JasperNationalPark
Spectacular views from the Icefields Parkway in Alberta Canada


Icefields Center and Athabasca Glacier

Continuing down the Icefields Parkway the views just keep getting better!  Tangle Falls are located on the side of the road and are a good place to stretch your legs.

Two kids looking through a glass bottomed walkway at the Skywalk in Jasper
Enjoying the view down through the glass floor at the Skywalk. Notice the coats and hats? This trip was taken in late May.

Arriving at the Columbia Icefields you have the option of purchasing tours onto the glacier in a snow bus and visiting the Glacier Skywalk or walk to the toe of the Athabasca Glacier for free.  Keep in mind this is a glacier… a very very large chunk of ice and snow.  It is also quite a bit higher in elevation.  So, while it could be a lovely warm day in the town of Jasper, it could actually be snowing at the glacier.  Be prepared with coats, hats, gloves, and sunglasses.

kids crawling through the snow, mountains and glaciers in the background
A cold visit to the Athabasca Glacier in October

All this probably brings you into late afternoon. Starting back up the highway towards Jasper remember to watch the sides of the road for wildlife.  Bears frequent grassy areas to eat flowers.  Mountain goats and bighorn sheep frequent the rocky slopes.


Athabasca Falls and Hwy 93a

On your way back to Jasper, stop at Athabasca Falls if you did not do so earlier.  The falls here are very impressive and you can get nice and close on the walkways to feel the spray on your face.  Your stop here could be a quick 30 minute visit or you could explore around and spend up to 1.5 hours.  You’ll find plenty of outhouses here and a few picnic table and benches.

You might be able to get down to the falls with a stroller, but this attraction can be very busy and has many stairs so exploring further with a stroller is not appropriate.

I’m sure you’ll be safe while visiting the falls… but every time I’m there I see people jump the fence and walk out onto the rocks.  Don’t do this!

Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park, Canada
Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park, Canada

From Athabasca Falls, continue back on 93a to experience some different scenery.  Meetings of the Water is an inviting pull off by the river, a good choice for some late afternoon snacks.

I assume that by the time you arrive back in Jasper, everyone will be eager for supper. So, go grab a bite to eat (here’s a top 5 family restaurant list to check out).  Refueled by pizza or souvlaki, now is the time to buy an ice cream cone and explore around town and check out some local shops and attractions.  Many of the stores will be open until 8pm (if not later).

Local’s tip: Being that you’re on vacation and are lucky enough to be travelling with teenagers, you can send them off to catch an evening movie at the local Chaba theater (on Connaught) while you stop in to one of the many inviting restaurants or bars for an hour or so of much appreciated adult time!

images of Jasper National Park, glaciers, mountain sheep, picnic tables
What you might expect to see on a 2 day visit to Jasper National Park


Day 2 of a 2-Day Jasper Trip:

Skytram, Maligne Canyon, Edith Cavell, Mountain Biking, Beaches and Lodges

You many options closer to town. I suggest dividing your day in half and choosing 2 of these activities: one for the morning, and one for the afternoon.

Marmot sitting on a rock, looking towards the camera
Marmots frequent the boulders atop Whistlers Mountain, at the Skytram, in Jasper National Park


Jasper Skytram

You will want to book your ‘flight’ (buy your tickets) online so that you are not waiting too long at the station to get a ride to the top.  In the summer months it will be busy and ticket do sell out.  Once at the top there are trails to explore, rocks to sit on for great family photos, awesome views, and a little restaurant for snacks.

A word of caution:  It can sometimes be amazingly windy up there.  You may want to bring along a hair tie or headband.  It is also higher and can be cooler than Jasper townsite.

Please respect the alpine fauna up here and don’t leave the trails.  With younger kids you will want to stick closer to the upper tram station.  With older kids you can explore the peak and ridge of Whistlers mountain.

At the top of Whistler's mountain, Jasper Skytram
A hazy, windy day at the top of Whistlers, riding the Jasper Skytram

To get to the Jasper Skytram head south from town on Highway 93 and turn right on Whistlers Road.  The Skytram parking lot is only a 10-15 minute drive from town.


Rent bikes in town and go exploring

You can rent bikes at a few different shops in town (Vicious Cycle and Jasper Source for Sports).  Some even rent out chariots for pulling your baby or young child in.  Biking skills and fitness level will determine your choice of trail.  For an easier experience, you can head out to Old Fort Point on relatively flat tails.  If you are more adventuresome, you can head up towards Pyramid Lake onto what is known as ‘the bench’.

The bike rental shop will provide you with the best up-to-date recommendations on which trails to hit and why.  You can find current bike trail or hiking trail maps at the information center.


Maligne Canyon

This is a free and super cool option!  Either start at the top (1st bridge) for a quick look down into the canyon and exploring as far as the family wants.  Or, start at the bottom (5th bridge) and walk up to the top and back down again.  Here’s an earlier post on what to expect for the walk along Maligne River down to the 5th bridge.

Exploring around the 1st bridge is stroller friendly, but continuing further down along the canyon is not.  There is a shop and cafeteria as well as picnic tables and outhouses by the main parking lot at the top of the canyon.

To get to Maligne Canyon head west from town on Highway 16, turn right onto Maligne Road.  Watch for signs.  The parking lots for 5th bridge and 1st bridge are on the left.  It is about a 15 minute drive from town.


Edith Cavell

Get up close and personal with geology here.  From the parking lot take the steep and paved trail up towards the hanging glaciers.  You’ll end up overlooking a tarn (small body of glacial meltwater).  Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to see some huge chunks of ice floating in the water or spot some delicate alpine flowers.

Angel Glacier and the blue Glacial Lake at Edith Cavell in Jasper National Park
Views at Edith Cavell

Do make sure to spend some time watching the rocks for small furry pikas (about the size of a guinea pig) running and gathering grass.  As much as I love the scenery here, the pikas are my favourite attraction.

Do be aware that if you plan to visit Edith Cavell on a busy summer day, the parking will be limited.  Also, the road up to Edith Cavell is long and windy with many switchbacks.  I have know both kids and adults to feel nauseous after the drive.

View of Edith Cavel, (Jasper National Park, Canada) as you approach the glacial lake.
The hiking trail at Edith Cavell

To get to Edith Cavell, head south from town on 93.  Turn right on 93a after the park gate.  Turn right again when you see the sign for Edith Cavell Road.


For supper on this night, I have two suggestions, depending on both the weather and your family’s preferences.


Picnic at the beach

Grab some food-to-go from town.  Try wraps from Patricia Street Deli, take-out from Lou Lou’s, or stop by the grocery store for hotdogs and marshmallows.  Then, head out to Lake Annette or Pyramid Lake.  You’ll find numerous picnic tables for eating and fire pits for cooking at either location.  Spend your evening watching the sun go down while the kids play in the sand and shallow (but cold) waters.  Lake Annette is surrounded by a paved trail, has a playground, outhouses, and covered shelters.  It also has a large grassy field perfect for flying kites… everything you need for an enjoyable family evening.

Jasper Park Lodge

If an indoor venue is more your style, go check out the main floor of Jasper Park Lodge.  The lodge has huge picture windows looking out onto the lake, and many comfy couches where they will even serve you dinner.  The lodge has a pricier menu but kids 5 and under eat for free.

Locals Tip: For older kids, you may want to bring along a board game, cards, or books to enjoy after eating. You could even bring swimsuits and play in the heated outdoor pool after supper or send your teenagers to do that while you continue to enjoy the cozy lodge and views (with or without a drink in hand!).


Looking back over this, seeing all of Jasper in 2 days sure will be fun-filled.  But if your family is one which finds ‘filled’ less than fun, then you’ll just need to plan a longer visit!  I know, unfortunately, that may not be possible, so just take it easy, pick your favourite suggestions above and make the most of your Jasper in 2 days.


What to do next?

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Deep canyon waterfall of Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park

Edith Cavell in Jasper National Park

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Glaciers and Mountains, Skytram car over Jasper, text reads 2 day itinerary Jasper National Park

The deep canyon waterfall of Athabasca Falls, text reads 2 days in Jasper National Park

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