The Ultimate Jasper Bucket List

Here it is!  A whole one hundred things to do when you visit Jasper National Park.  Sure, this Jasper Bucket list isn’t everything you can do in the park, but it will give you a great idea of how to start planning your trip.

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Your Jasper Bucket List:

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  1. Relax and soak at the Miette Hot Springs
  2. Ride the Jasper Skytram to the top of Whistlers Mountain
  3. Charter a freighter canoe at Maligne Lake
  4. Enjoy some interpretive programming from Parks Canada
  5. Touch the toe of the Athabasca Glacier
  6. Take a paddle board trip around Lake Edith
  7. Hire outfitters to take you into the backcountry
  8. See how far you can walk out across Jasper Lake
  9. Play a round of golf at Jasper Park Lodge
  10. Lounge on the Information Center Lawn
  11. Go looking for wildlife in a motorcycle sidecar
  12. Visit the iconic Spirit Island on Maligne Lake
  13. Try fly-fishing at Snaring River
  14. Watch for eagles over the “magical” Medicine Lake
  15. Ride the Athabasca River in a guided raft
  16. Hunt out the Douglas Fir Trees at Pine Bungalows
  17. Take a paddle boat around Pyramid Island
  18. Go for a horseback trail ride
  19. Be wowed by the hanging glaciers at Edith Cavell
  20. Rent a row boat at Moab Lake
  21. Watch the sunset from the beach at Lake Annette
  22. Stroll the streets of Jasper while licking an ice cream cone
  23. Drive around the valley watching for elk
  24. Have a picnic at the top of Old Fort Point
  25. Watch for moose along the sourthern section of Maligne Lake Road
  26. Visit the Icefield’s Center
  27. Rent mountain bikes and have fun exploring trails around town
  28. Let your kids enjoy exploring the path through Whistler’s Campground
  29. Hire a tour guide to take you sightseeing
  30. Leave a special rock by the Fairy Tree
  31. Take a guided walk by Friends of Jasper National Park
  32. Roast wieners and marshmallows over a campfire at Pyramid Lake Beach
  33. Bird watch at Cottonwood Slough
  34. Take a family photograph on the picturesque Pyramid Lake Island
  35. Visit Moberly House to see the remains of a frontier homestead
  36. Join a nature photography outing
  37. Get your picture taken with Jasper the Bear on Patricia Street
  38. Browse Jasper’s shops
  39. Hunt for fossils on the rock path at the top of Maligne Canyon
  40. Spend the night camping in luxury in an O-Tentik at Whistlers Campground
  41. Stop at Goats and Glaciers to look for mountain goats and glaciers
  42. Visit the Farmer’s Market during the summer months
  43. Take a ride in a voyager canoe
  44. Let your kids ride the train by the Old Fire Hall
  45. Partake in the Canada Day Parade and Fireworks
  46. Find the wedding pavilion by the Jasper Airport
  47. Spot bighorn sheep from the parking lot at Miette Hot Springs, but don’t feed them
  48. Take a selfie on top of Whistler’s Mountain (or any mountain!)
  49. Spend the night in a rustic log cabin
  50. Pet the big stuffed bears at Fairmont’s Jasper Park Lodge
  51. Relive Jasper’s History at the Yellowhead-Jasper Museum
  52. Star Gaze in the world’s largest dark sky preserve
  53. Appreciate Jasper’s Totem Pole
  54. Lounge around on the historic Information Center lawn
  55. Catch a performance at the Jasper Legion
  56. Stay at a charming hostel
  57. Visit all the Red Chairs for great views and the best photos
  58. Take in events during the Dark Sky Festival
  59. Splash around at the public pool
  60. Watch a movie at the local theater
  61. Fly kites at the park between Lake Edith and Lake Annette
  62. Appreciate local artwork at the Artists’ Guild
  63. Feel the spray of the Athabasca Falls as you stand on the bridge overlooking the falls
  64. Find some funny bent trees by Sunwapta Falls
  65. Learn how to snowshoe at Marmot Meadows
  66. Carve some turns at Marmot Basin
  67. Try out skating on frozen Lake Mildred
  68. Go for a ride on a dog-sled
  69. Rent a fat-bike and ride some snowy trails
  70. Enjoy Jasper in January Fireworks and Street Party
  71. Strap on some crampons and take a guided tour of frozen Maligne Canyon
  72. Swim under the stars in Jasper Park Lodge’s heated outdoor pool
  73. Take a ride on a horse drawn sleigh
  74. Cross country ski at Whirlpool Winter Hub
  75. Throw some rocks in a game of old-fashioned curling on frozen Pyramid Lake
  76. Make some discoveries on the Discovery Trail
  77. Explore the trails at Old Fort Point
  78. Walk alongside the Maligne River between 6th and 5th Bridge
  79. Look down into the Maligne Canyon and follow the trail alongside
  80. Go for a walk on the paved and  wheelchair accessible path around Lake Annette
  81. Follow the Mary Schaeffer trail at Maligne Lake
  82. Take a stroll across the wooden bridge to Pyramid Lake Island
  83. Visit the original Miette Hot Spring pool and natural spring
  84. Learn about local mining history at the Pochohontas Mine Trail
  85. Visit the Jasper House lookout and imagine yourself on that river 100 years ago
  86. Bring along a flower guide as you walk the Flower Loop at 6th Bridge
  87. Explore Valley of the Five Lakes
  88. Do some boulder climbing or icy water swimming at Horseshoe Lake
  89. Hike all the way to the very top of Whistlers, after riding the tram up
  90. Walk the loop up to Old Fort Point
  91. Get the best view of the Athabasca Glacier from Wilcox’s Pass
  92. Spot marmots and pikas on the trail up into Edith Cavell Meadows
  93. Hike Jasper’s most well-known trail, the Skyline Trail
  94. Enjoy drinks and appetizers at the Downstream
  95. Grab a coffee from Snowdome, Wicked Cup, or Coco’s
  96. Try something new from one of the many yummy restaurants in town
  97. Sip hot cocoa in front of a blazing fire at Jasper Park Lodge
  98. Have a burger and beer from the Jasper Brew Pub
  99. Eat breakfast while looking out over Pyramid Lake from Pyramid Lake Resort
  100. Appreciate the animals and leave the wildlife wild (don’t approach & don’t feed animals)
The view from Wilcox Pass over the Icefields in Jasper National Park
Enjoying the view of the Columbia Glacier from Wilcox Pass in Jasper National Park.

As you can see, there is no lacking of things to do while visiting Jasper.  And, there’s a lot more to do than is on the list too!  If you need more direction on how to plan your visit, here’s a jam-packed 2 day family itinerary to get you started.

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Marmot on Whistlers Mountain in Jasper National Park
A marmot high on top of Whistlers Mountain, Jasper, Canada.

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  1. Wow, there is so much to do in the park. I know this park is particularly big and there is a lot to see. I like to dedicate several days to a National Park. I know several days are not that much time but it is better than a single day!

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