A Mini-Course to Challenge Your Family’s Nature Connections

Here it is!  Another nature challenge! Except this isn’t your typical nature challenge.  This family nature challenge was made with busy lives in mind.  Is this the challenge for you and your family?  Read on to decide.

But first, is it a challenge, or a course?  Well, you could make an argument for either term.  On one hand, you might be comfortable with having your family get outside and take notice of nature in their daily lives.  In this sense, you may see this as a challenge to bring more nature into your family’s week.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for ideas and some teaching on the hows and whys of strengthening your families’ connections with nature, then you may think of this as a course.

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Who is this Nature Challenge for?

As much as I would like to call myself an adventure mom, I am not.  Sure, I probably get my kids outside a lot more than some parents.  And yes, while we are very lucky to live within a beautiful national park, there are days that the whole family only admires it from our windows because we’re too busy to get out or too tired of trying to cajole the kids into joining us for an adventure.

Nor would I call my kids wild children.  Although, I’m sure compared to some they are quite wild.  Sure, they run around barefoot in the summer and catch snowflakes on their tongue in the winter.  They’ll climb trees and catch bugs.  Yet, they still lounge on the couch watching cartoons and do their fair share of complaining when it comes to certain outdoor pursuits.

There is always room for growth.  All of our families and children are somewhere on that wild, nature-loving continuum and here’s the little nudge to jump up a few levels.

What is the Nature Connections mini-course?

Be Challenged to Foster Excitement, Appreciation, and Curiosity about the Natural World!

If we can help our children feel a connection with nature through education, excitement, and experiences, then they’ll be more willing to get outside and enjoy it a little more often when they’re young and also as they grow.  This is so important.  Our natural world needs as many nature-lovers as it can get!

How the Family Nature Challenge Works

For 5 days you will receive an email detailing that day’s challenge.  Don’t worry, they’ll be fun and easy!  You all have busy lives, different schedules, and personal preferences.  Because of this, you will be given a few different options for each day’s challenge.  You can choose the activity which suits you and your family best.

Remember, the most important thing here is that you bring nature into your life, for just five minutes more!  Sometimes you’ll be encouraged to get out into nature, and sometimes you’ll be encouraged to bring nature into your home.

Changes to routine is often easiest when it happens slowly.  So, on day one your challenge will only be a 5 minute challenge; day two will be 10 minutes;  day three, 15 minutes and so forth.

At the end of the 5 day mini-course you will have:

  • Enjoyed the appreciation of your nearby nature
  • Gotten you and your family excited and curious about animals
  • Filled your home with more nature
  • Appreciated up close the living things nearby
  • Planned and possibly even enjoyed a bigger outdoor adventure

When the week is over you’ll have new ideas of how to incorporate nature and nature activities into your busy family days.  You’ll have enjoyed and appreciated time with nature both in the home and out.  And, hopefully you will  feel inspired to bring nature into your family life in other new ways as well.

So, are you ready for the challenge?

Sign Up for the Family Nature Challenge Here or on the image below

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Sign up for the family nature challenge

If you’re family isn’t ready for this challenge, but you are ready to learn more about bringing nature into your life, you may want to sign up for the Take Them Outside Club Notes.  You’ll get tips, activity ideas, news, and inspiration delivered right to your inbox… making getting into nature easier!

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5 thoughts on “A Mini-Course to Challenge Your Family’s Nature Connections”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’m almost ashamed to say that we live about twenty minutes from the beach and still spend more time inside the house than out. I need some ideas to get my step daughter away from YouTube and outside in the fresh sea air. I’m excited to join the challenge and get closer with my new family. Physical activity is exactly what more children need. Is your challenge geared towards teenagers as well as younger children?

    1. Hi Max,
      I hear you! We live in a national park and still do our fair share of netflix watching! I’d say the challenge is geared towards bringing nature into your current daily routines… the hopes being that if interest and excitement about nature grows, getting outside for adventure will be easier because people are more invested. I think that it could be adjusted for teenagers, but since my children are younger I did put it together with young kids in mind. Remember, change takes time and the most important thing is to have fun with it:)

  2. Such a fun and cool idea especially in our tech-heavy lives. I’ve just returned to our hurricane ravished island and want to find ways to help my daughter focus on the life that’s sprouting all around us and not on the damage still so evident. This sounds like a great fit. Thanks; we’ll be signing up!

    1. Hi Carlie, That’s exactly what the challenge is about – learning to take notice of nature and include it in our regular daily activities. I hope you enjoy the challenge and please feel free to send any comments/suggestions my way. Enjoy:)

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