Gifts that any outdoorsy dad will love!

Looking for unique or handmade outdoorsy gifts for dad this year? Father’s day, birthdays, Christmas, just because… whatever the occasion, here’s a list full of great gift ideas.

And, the bonus? These are all from small business owners on Etsy… because supporting small business is, perhaps now more than ever, so very important.

various gifts for outdoorsy dads

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How about a new mug?

Nothing says “I’m a man of the woods” than a mug that says it for him!

Enamel mugs are perfect for the adventuring dad since they’re hardy, they can go directly on a campfire, they’re lightweight, and can be used for drinks and food on the trail. And, if you get a nice enough mug, they’re super trendy for the office too!

These vacuum sealed travel cups are just as great on the hiking trail as they are heading to work in the car… or for just hanging around in the backyard too!

A new outdoorsy T-shirt

If the special man in question is one that wears souvenir shirts with pride, then he’ll love a brand new camping shirt!

And, if he’s a bit more reserved in his style, check out a few of these other stylish finds.

men's t shirt with paddling and mountain artwork
A Life Outdoors by Black Lantern Studio on Etsy

Something one-of-a-kind

How about something with Super Dad or personalized with a name? Now-a-days you can pretty much personalize anything out there, but these are a few of the favorites I found on Etsy.

personalized pocket knife on a wooden counter
Personalized Pocket Knife by Everything Decorated on Etsy

Gifts for the Fishing Man

Maybe you’ve got a fisherman in mind… or a fella that’s proud of his adventures in beer or both!

fishing lures personalized for dad
Fishing Lures for Dad by Shop Dockside on Etsy

For the Gardener Guys, or the lawnmower kings

humorous black t shirt for dad
Eat Sleep Cut Grass by OTZI Shirts on Etsy

Handmade cards for dad

Sometimes there’s no need to buy anything, instead you just want to share a few smiles. Cards are great for this… they’re a little bit more effort that goes into choosing one, writing your message and sending if off in the mail.

These are some beautiful ones to be found on Etsy.

an image of a card with two mountain goads
Dad, you Rock! by Paper Wilderness Shop on Etsy

image of brown outdoorsy card for dads
Love you Pops Card by Alva Lumos on Etsy

“Love you Pops!”- the perfect way to end a lovely collection of gifts for the outdoorsy dad.

I’m sure there were at least a few things on this list that you know a man in your life would love!

If you’re looking for more small business Etsy treasures, here’s a great starting point: #StandWithSmall, read more here!

And, if you’re still in a window-shopping mood, you’ll also want to check out these gift guides:


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