Print and post it! 99+ ways to bring more nature into your life

Here it is!  No more excuses!  It’s easy to start bringing more nature into your life.  Below you’ll find 99+ ways to get outside, to appreciate nature, and to bring nature into your home.

Go ahead and read through this list, but the real benefit will come from you printing it out and taping it up to your fridge or pasting it into your journal or adding it to your family binder.

Life gets rolling and we forget to pause.  Let this poster remind you to pause and remind you how easy it is to bring some nature into your family’s day.

An image of a rainbow text poster of how to bring more nature into our life

Why do we need more nature in our lives?

The more we surround ourselves with learning about the natural world, awareness of wildlife and the environment, opportunities to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature… the more we’ll start to crave, care for, and understand the connections between us and our world.

But, more than this, we need to make sure our children have as many opportunities as possible to create this bond with their natural world.  They will be our future’s caretakers… Let’s give them the  strongest foundation possible.  And so, let’s make sure we bring nature into their lives each and every day.  It’s easy… just take a look below at all the different ways!

a colorful poster listing 99+ ways to have more nature connections in your life

Play outside around home:

  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Jacks or Marbles
  • Play Catch
  • Skip Rope
  • Bubble Play
  • Throw a Frisbee
  • Hopscotch
  • Beanbag Toss
  • Obstacle Courses
kids playing cornhole or bean bag toss outside at the campsite

In the Neighborhood:

  • Swing on the Swings
  • Visit Playgrounds
  • Play at splashparks
  • Fly a Kite
  • Try Geocaching
  • Do Scavenger Hunts
  • Walk every trail

Have a game of:

  • Basketball, Tennis,
  • Street Hockey, Soccer, Football,
  • Badminton, Cricket, Croquet,
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Enjoy water:

  • Feed Ducks at a pond
  • Raise Tadpoles
  • Splash in Puddles
  • Make a Mud kitchen
  • Run along the beach
  • Walk in the rain
a 2 year old wearing a rain jacket standing in a puddle

Try something special:

  • Canoe or Kayak
  • Rent a paddleboat
  • Go mini-putting
  • Plan a camping trip
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Have a campfire

Play in the snow:

  • Catch snowflakes
  • Go Ice Skating and
  • Tobogganing
  • Make a snowman
  • Step words into the snow
girl wearing snowsuit making a snow angel in the snow - text reads: who needs tv when you have snow?

Find nature to display:

  • Pinecones, twigs, used nests,
  • Feathers, rocks, fossils,
  • Shells, bones, leaves,
  • Flowers, bark

Start a sit spot:

  • Keep a nature journal
  • Try Leaf rubbings and
  • Flower sketches
  • Record the weather
  • Draw nature around you

Use natural décor:

  • Wood, twine, leaves, flowers, nature artwork
  • Bamboo and wicker
  • Natural wool and cotton

Learn about wildlife:

  • Bring field guides on hikes
  • Look through binoculars
  • Take a guided walk
  • Watch nature documentaries
  • Read outdoorsy books

Visit nature sites:

  • National parks, zoos,
  • gardens, farms, museums,
  • reserves, orchards, aquariums,

Be aware of:

  • Your plastic consumption
  • Your waste and recycling
  • Your attitude to nature
  • Your Water conservation

Eat outside:

  • Have picnics
  • Walk to the ice cream shop
  • Enjoy coffee on the porch

Let the fresh air in:

  • Open your curtains
  • Acquire houseplants

Ride something:

  • Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards,
  • In-line Skates, Roller Skates, Horses, Skis

Do something nice:

  • Create nature art for others to find
  • Pickup Garbage
  • Rake others’ leaves
  • Shovel others’ snow

Visit the forest:

  • Climb trees
  • Stack rocks
  • Boulder hopping
  • Balance on logs
  • Bug hunting
  • Bird watching

Bring nature to your yard:

Understand your food:

  • Visit a farmer’s market
  • Tour a farm
  • Pick berries or apples
  • Eat fresh and local
  • Grow Sprouts
  • Keep herbs in the kitchen

Look up:

  • Star gaze
  • Walk under a full moon
  • Catch a meteor shower
  • Use a sky map
  • Look through a telescope
  • Learn about clouds

Bring in bouquets of:

  • Wildflowers,
  • Blooming branches, wild grasses

an image of a rainbow text poster of ways to bring more nature into our life

What now?

Well, go sign up to join the newsletter and grab the poster from the freebie library!  Then, put it somewhere that will inspire you.

Try doing something from the list every day or every week… whatever’s manageable.  Use it to plan your family weekend activities, make some personal goals, show your kids’ teachers… anything that will get you and your kids connecting more with nature each and every day!  It’s easy to bring more nature into your life… just start!

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