Camping in the rain hacks (being wet sucks!)

Camping in the rain is not my favorite thing, but I’ve been learning tips and hacks over the years on how to stay dry when camping, and it’s not so bad anymore.

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The tips, ideas, and suggestions in this are most helpful for car campers, RVers, and campervan travelers than for backcountry hikers.

Shelter – the most important factor in staying dry while camping

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If you’re not getting rained on, you’ll be dry. So, the more skilled you are at hanging a tarp or building shelter, the dryer your camping trip will be!

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Let’s talk tarps

There are a few standard tarp hanging techniques, but a walk around a rainy campground is probably your best way to get some good ideas.

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For ropes, I’d recommend a variety of lengths and good quality (soft and pliable) rope.

Ropes and knots

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It is very sturdy, but does need a few strong people to get it up and secured.

Pop-up canopies can be handy to have



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