The Play Outside Guide – making nature play easy!

Do you ever struggle with getting your kids outside? Wonder what you’ll do when you get out there? Spend hours scrolling Pinterest looking for the perfect nature play activity that you’ll never actually do because it takes 40 minutes to set up, a designer backyard, or a degree in carpentry or chemistry?

If your hands are in the air and you’re yelling “yes, yes, that’s me!” Or, even if you’re hands are in your lap but you’re still thinking this is something you’ve struggled with, then, here’s your answer…

The Play Outside Guide!

cover image of play outside guide and inside pages of this printable activity book

This seasonally-themed printables pack will set you and your kids up with a whole year of outdoor nature play and fun.

Take the guess work and planning out of outdoor play. Instead, when the need arises, grab one of the scavenger hunts or outdoor games from this guide and now, armed with a bit of a plan, grab your kids and head out the door for a bit of family fun!

images of pages from the play outside guide printable package

What exactly is the Play Outside Guide?

The Play Outside Guide is your answer to all the “what will we do?” questions!

It is a 31 page downloadable book in PDF format. You can read it and print it’s pages as many times as you like. The Play Outside Guide was made with busy families and young kids in mind.

What printables are included?

7 Scavenger Hunts: themes include the sky, around the neighborhood, at the beach, color matching, fall fair, shape matching, and winter holidays.

4 Seasonal activity guides for night-time play, summer sun activities, crafting with nature, and snow play.

4 Fortune tellers (fun interactive games) with activities and jokes, themes include birds, the woods, animal jokes, and winter fun.

A huge list of outdoor activities to make your own ‘pick an activity’ jar. Use this all those times your kids complain “I’m bored”.

Nature journaling pages to inspire nature study, creativity, and learning outdoors.

And, an outside reading challenge to motivate you and your kids to read more, read about nature, and head outside to do it.

Great! How do I get this?

You can grab your own copy of the Outdoor Play Guide 3 different ways:

  1. Click the blue Buy Now Button below
  2. Hop over to Take Them Outside on Etsy and get it there.
  3. Or, sign up to the Take Them Outside Community Email and not only will you start getting weekly inspiration, tips, and news, but you’ll also be offered the Play Outside Guide as ‘thanks for joining the community’ bonus (at a discount!)
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