Pyramid Lake Island, easy and quick fun for little ones

We just love this little island!  Pyramid Island is quick to get to, an easy walk, and offers beautiful views.  Going to Pyramid Lake Island is a favourite activity for our family.  We especially love to go here with a bag of goodies from the Bear Paw Bakery or Snow Dome Café, and the intention to sit and relax while the kids run, play, and explore.

A few weeks ago, after dropping the oldest child off as school, I decided to head up with the younger two girls.  We arrived quite early and were lucky enough to have the island to ourselves for a few minutes.  It was a particularly foggy day which gave a muted and serene feeling to our outing.

The girls didn’t mind the fog.  They were happy to explore the trails, watch the squirrels, and try their luck at balancing on logs stretching out over the water.  Finding the path from the parking lot is easy.  It starts with a large wooden ramp and stairway, then continues on very hard packed dirt and gravel.  Shortly you come to a long wooden bridge crossing over to the island.  This is the highlight for my kids.  They love to run along it, throw pebbles over, and watch for fish.  Once on the island the path makes a full loop with benches, tables, a gazebo, and viewpoints along the way.

Pyramid Lake was quite calm this particular morning.  It is lovely to catch the reflected mountains on the surface of the water, but on this morning the low clouds were obscuring all the mountain views.  One interested thing we did see on the water were some people out exploring the lake in a covered boat.  These boats, along with paddle boats, and canoes can be rented for use from Pyramid Lake Lodge.

Pyramid Lake Island in Jasper National Park, Canada

Many times we have brought visiting family to Pyramid Lake Resort for a picturesque breakfast (really, the resort’s restaurant has a beautiful view) followed by a short stroll around the Island.  It makes for a nice relaxing morning.

Pyramid Lake lies north of the town of Jasper.  Diving up, along Pyramid Lake Road, takes about 15 minutes.  The road is windy and passes Cottonwood Slough and Patricia Lake along the way.  In the summer seasons it is common to find vehicles stopped along the side of the road watching elk in the trees, so do take caution around the many turns.  I feel like Cottonwood Slough would be the perfect place to spot a moose; although, I have never seen one here.  We did see migrating swans one day which was quite special.

Pyramid Lake and Island are so beautiful that wedding ceremonies and photography sessions are a regular occurrence.  What a beautiful back drop to such a beautiful occasion.

This is one of the few walks in Jasper which is advertised as wheelchair accessible.  I have not visited with anyone using a wheelchair, but I have frequently pushed my small-wheeled stroller here without difficulty.  The ramp leading down from the parking lot (which does contain a handicap space) is smooth and wide.   The path is hard packed dirt and gravel, and remains relatively flat all the way to the island.  There is also a picnic table with the bench removed so a chair could easily be pushed up to the table.  Because of the trail’s condition, it is appropriate for strollers and people of all skill levels.

Wheelchair accessible ramp at Pyramid Lake Island in Jasper National Park
Wheelchair accessible ramp at Pyramid Lake Island

Pyramid Lake Island, Jasper National Park, Canada

Distance: 600 meter loop

Time with young children: 30 minutes leisurely walk

Trailhead: Follow Pyramid Lake Road almost to the end.  The parking lot is the next road side stop after passing Pyramid Lake Resort.  On busy days you may have to park at the lot at the end of the road (about 100 meters further).

Description: Other than the wooden bridge and concrete ramp/stairs, the path is hard packed dirt and gravel.  It is identified by Parks Canada as being wheelchair accessible.

Amenities:  There are outhouses at the parking lot.  There are picnic tables, a gazebo, and benches throughout the island.

For more information, visit Jasper National Park website or the visitor center in town and keep safe on the trails.



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