Get Organized – Camping Package

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Ditch pre-camping overwhelm forever!

If you find the pre-camping prep work always gets your trips off to a bad start then grab this package, get organized, and leave home feeling confident and relaxed!

Heading out to the campsite, even for a weekend, can be stressful to plan.  These pages will help you get everything in order.  You’ll have a set meal-plan to refer to as well as a shopping and to-do list.  There’s even a page to give to your pet-sitter and family so they’re organized too!

And, after the trip fill out the campsite review page to let you remember all the details.  This way when you’re planning a future trip you can refer back and know what it was you liked and disliked from each campground you’ve visited.  It will make your future planning that much easier.

Included, you’ll find:

A camping packing checklist (just the essentials)
Packing lists for kids to pack their own clothes
Emergency contact and info forms for the house sitter, family, and pet sitter
Meal planning sheets for 8 days worth of camping
~ Matching Shopping and To Do Lists
A campsite review form for future reference

Print these out and add to your home organization binder or family planner to have on hand for all your family camping trips.


A few notes about each sheet:

The Camping Packing Sheet is set up for the basic family camping trip…. this list will ensure you remember to bring all the basics and remind you to keep your packing to a minimum .

The Happy Camper Lists will help your children manage their own packing. All you need to do is add in the quantity of each item and have them check off the items as they’re packed. See the photo of my daughter’s list from our last trip.

Give out the The Emergency Contact Sheets to anyone who may need to reach you while you’re away, such as the pet sitter, your in-laws, or the house sitter.

You’ll find 2 sheets of meal planning to think out and schedule your trip’s meals and snacks. There are 8 days worth of planning slots; however, you could always print out extra sheets for longer camping trips.

The coordinating shopping list and to-do list will help you keep track of what needs to be purchased before the trip as well as managing all the preparatory work and tasks leading up to the camping trip.

Lastly, after the camping trip use the Campsite Review sheet to record your impressions of the campground, the amenities found there, and keep track of any notes or reminders for future trips.


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