Get Outside this Summer, Printables Package


Getting your family outside this summer will be easier with these activity calendars giving you weekly ideas and activities.  You’ll also have some scavenger hunts and outdoor games to pull out when your family needs a little more motivation to hit the parks, sidewalks, and trails.

Included in this package:

  • Summer Activity Calendars for June, July, & August 2018
  • Weekly Play with Nature Schedule
  • Green Spaces Scavenger Hunt
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
  • Big City Scavenger Hunt
  • Go Play in Nature, Bingo Game

A few notes about these pages:

The calendars for June, July, and August are made for the 2018 calendar year.  These calendars are filled with outdoor adventure and play ideas.  Each weekend is family adventure time to remind you to get out as an entire family every week!  Every month comes with new and different suggestions.

The scavenger hunts are great for families and groups with varying ages as some items to find are more challenging than others.  Some hunts can be completed in an hour, others may take more than one outing to fully complete.  The intention of these hunts is to get your family outdoors, exploring, watching, and playing.

The Go Play in Nature Bingo is meant to be used as an activity suggestion tool.  It is not meant to be completed in a day.  Instead, try completing the activities over the course of a week or the entire summer.



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