Quarantine Survival Pack (offer)

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No more wondering what you’ll do now that you’re all stuck close to home! Or, perhaps you’re looking for the perfect quarantine gift for kids?

Grab this downloadable and printable Kids Activities Pack full of indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts, and games to keep kids busy at home.

This 27 page ebook is your go-to for new and exciting nature family time and quiet learning time.

After purchasing you’ll receive an email with a PDF attachment.  You can read it, print it, download it…. and start making outdoor play simple and fun!

This is what you’ll get:

3 Scavenger Hunts, one for the backyard and 2 indoors scavenger hunts

3 different play prompt lists for indoor magazine hunts, DIY cherades, association games, or other ideas

2 Fortune tellers (cootie catchers) one with nature jokes, one with backyard activity ideas

A huge list of nature-themed activity ideas to make your own ‘pick an activity’ jar.

Various easy indoor nature activities and crafts that can easily be done with stuff you probably have at the house already

Kids Nature journal pages to inspire nature study, creativity, and learning outdoors.

And, a nature-y reading BINGO challenge to motivate you and your kids to read more, read about nature, and head outside to do it.

This is a digital download. You will receive a PDF file for you to read and print as you choose.



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