The Super Guide to Family Camping Food – Special Offer

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Go from planning stress to campsite success!

This super-guide is your go-to for all your family camping answers: how should you camp? where? what do you need? how should you pack and organize your gear? what about camping with kids?

Not only will this guide book give you practical advice on family camping, but it will also give you the confidence to know your camping trips will be easier, safer, and more fun for the whole family!

After reading this guide you’ll be able to:

    • make the best decisions on which camping gear your family needs and what’s the best camping location
    • organize, pack, and plan with ease
    • arrive at the campsite with everything you need
    • feel prepared for camping in bear country
    • have a great family camping adventure!

This super guide is a 41 page pdf. After purchase you’ll receive an email with the downloadable file.



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