people playing pond hockey on the frozen lake louise in banff national park

Some must read tips before ice skating outside on that frozen lake!

Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you do have the most enjoyable (and safe) time you can when skating outdoors on frozen lakes and ponds!  How do you know when frozen lakes are safe to skate on? According to the Canadian Red Cross, ice should be at least 20-25 cm thick for group skating (that’s about 8 inches). Remember, the more people the more[…]

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someone reading a book while lying in a camping tent

The most comfortable way to sleep in a tent – is it even possible?

‘The most comfortable way to sleep in a tent’ (volume 300, difficulty 2) competition for this phrase: DR 3 – 1st rank, 2nd rank: 3rd rank: DR 2 Also rank for: ‘camping sleeping’, ‘camping mattress’, ‘comfortable tent camping’, ‘how to sleep comfortably in a tent’, ‘sleeping on the ground camping’, ‘comfortable tent bedding’, ‘what to sleep on when camping’, ‘sleeping in a tent’

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a drawing of a tent at night and the text reads camping fun in the dark

Camping activities at night (playing in the dark!)

When it comes to vacations on a budget, nothing beats camping! You might think I’m crazy, preferring to sleep in a tent without air conditioning and make my food without modern kitchen conveniences, but hear me out. First of all, camping doesn’t always mean tents. I find tent camping to be a decent compromise for outdoor accommodations, especially with the sizes of tents these days as well as compact bedding[…]

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foil packages cooking on a campfire

Cooking campfire meals in foil – how, why, and all the recipes!

Foil packet foods are some of the easiest and most common camping foods out there! Have you made these before? Maybe you have a standard hobo dinner go-to? Or, maybe you’re looking to fancy up your camping meals and try something new on your next camping trip. Looking to make your first foil pack or try some new flavours, you’ll find a whole bunch of yummy recipes below. But, we’ll[…]

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a toddler wearing a pink snowsuit making snowballs in the snow

(Easy) Outdoor winter activities for toddlers and kids

It’s winter! Snow and cold and ice and the possibilities of new and different play! Below you’ll find a list of all sorts of outdoor winter activities for kids and toddlers that you can set up right in your own backyard. How I miss the days that my littles would wake up to a freshly painted white world… oh, and the excitement in those eyes when they heard the snowplow[…]

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hanging cookie cutter birdseed birdfeeders

Totally Cute & Easy Birdfeeder Ornaments (the perfect teacher gift)

Looking for a fun and easy fall or winter bird activity for your kids? Wanting to make some Christmas gifts for neighbors and teachers while you’re at it? Cookie cutter bird seed ornaments are the answer! These are super easy to make and aside from the time it takes for them to harden and dry they’re pretty quick too. Let’s skip right to the recipe because that’s what you’re here[…]

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