One epic guide to camping with toddlers  (and a checklist)

Are you thinking about heading out the campground with your toddler in tow? Or, does this idea make you cringe? Camping with toddlers is totally doable.

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So, read on for your complete guide on how to bring your toddlers camping, make it a success, and have fun along the way!

Getting prepared to camp with a 2 year old

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For your kids, any type of camping will be an adventure! So, go ahead and decide what you’re comfortable with and start there.

1. What’s your camping set up?

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2. Practice at home

– Sleeping in their sleeping bag on the floor or camping mattress in their bedroom. – Eating outside while sitting in their camp chair.

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Think about the safety of the surroundings. Is your campsite close to a busy road, a body of water, or surrounded by dense forest?

3. Finding the perfect campground for kids

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Make sure you have lots of easy to eat food, lots of snacks, and plenty of fluids.

What will your toddler eat at the campground?



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