17 Fire Pit Accessories (must-haves for backyard campfires)

In this story, you’ll find a list of great backyard campfire accessories and tools. These items can all be purchased conveniently online through Amazon.

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With today’s rising trend in upscale outdoor living spaces, having a fire pit is becoming a more popular backyard feature.

The Best Campfire Accessory!

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These make the perfect gift for those that love to have outdoor fires.

Personalized Fie Pit Poker

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Fire Poker Stick with Handle

If you have younger kids that are interested in learning how to tend the fire, a proper fire poker will be much safer than a long stick for a whole bunch of reasons.

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This set contains all of the campfire utensils that you will ever use, including two cast iron pie irons!

11 Pc Firepit Cookout Utensil Set



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