Wild Week Workbook (Bonus Offer)


Get Set up for Success

If you’ve decided to take the Wild Week Challenge and you’re looking to make sure you get the most out of this challenge, then this workbook  is for you.

This supplemental, goal-oriented workbook will help you plan, organize, and evaluate your family’s Wild Week.

Instead of struggling with activity ideas, you’ll have an action plan full of family fun ideas and a plan for heading into future Wild Week Challenges.

You’ll be prompted to identify your family’s current attitudes around outdoor time, choose the best nature activities for you and your family, make a week’s schedule full of outdoor time, and evaluate your week afterwards.

This Workbook is 16 pages, and is minimally designed – to save on paper and ink if you choose to print it.

While it is a supplemental tool for the Wild Week Challenge, you do not have to be participating in the challenge to benefit from this workbook.  By using only the workbook, you’ll be self-guiding your family through a week of outdoor family time, instead of having the additional email and community support you would get from joining the Wild Week Challenge.



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