Let’s Play Outside Guide – Offer

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Make getting outside easy!

No more stressing or scrolling Pinterest trying to find the perfect scavenger hunt.  No more standing outside wondering what to do with your preschooler.

Instead, with these printables, you’ll have activities, games, and resources right at your fingertips!


Scavenger hunts, themes include: the sky, around the neighborhood, at the beach, color matching, fall fair, shape matching, winter holidays,

Seasonal activity guides for night-time play, summer sun activities, crafting with nature, and snow play.

Fortune teller (fun interactive games) with activities and jokes, themes include: birds, the woods, animal jokes, and winter fun.

A huge list of outdoor activity ideas to make an outdoor fun jar.

Nature journaling pages to inspire nature study, creativity, and learning outdoors.

And, an outside reading challenge to motivate you and your kids to read more, read about nature, and head outside to do it.


Every item in this package has been created with family fun in mind!



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