112 Conversation Starters: Let’s talk Nature! Special Offer

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Get your family talking, sharing, imagining, and using their brains during dinner!

These conversation cards are full of questions, trivia, would you rather, and discussion prompts all with a nature theme in mind.

While these questions are most enjoyed with larger family gatherings, they work just as well with small family groups too!

If your family struggles with finding meaningful topics of conversation or discussions that include the children at the table too, then these conversation starters are perfect for you!

How you use the questions is up to you and your family.

We like to have everyone give an answer to each prompt given that’s appropriate.  There are a few survey questions, trivia facts, and jokes too throw in too!

Some of the conversation starters included are:

  • Would you rather live in the Arctic or the Desert?
  • How many National Parks have you all visited?
  • Who at the table has traveled the farthest south?  Share that memory.
  • What is your national bird and / or animal?
  • Would you rather have night vision or ultra super hearing?

There are 112 questions in total.  Print them out, cut, and toss the slips into a jar and place on the dinner table… and you’re all ready to start using them.



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